Myrtle is a minor character in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.




Myrtle runs the little pet shop in Chinatown.

She and her husband Rudolph were like lovebirds for years, but relations have cooled a little recently.

Myrtle is normally a gentle animal lover, but she's quite fierce when she's angry!


She runs the Pet Shop of Chinatown. She can become very angry, especially when thinking about her husband. Her husband was Rudolph. Later on in the game when Layton and Luke explore Chinatown, they come across a pet shop. Inside is Myrtle. She makes a couple of quips with Luke about the Parrot Luke has with him.


Myrtle is found in the northeast corner of Chinatown in the Pet Shop. She gives Layton and Luke no puzzles in the game also.

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