Nabby is a character in Professor Layton and the Last Specter.



Nabby wore a brown shirt and pants with a light blue belt. On his head he had a light blue bonnet.


The Black Ravens' second-in-command, Nabby is a grumpy street urchin who is forced to earn money in place of his father. Despite his grumbling, he is punctual and reliable, and he always gets the job done.

Nabby constantly says that things are a pain.



Professor Layton and the Last SpecterEdit

When Professor Layton, Luke, and Emmy ask about the black market, Nabby claims to not know anything about it. Later on, he takes part as one of the Black Ravens when Emmy chases them. He turned out to be second-in-command of the black market.

He is also one of the Ravens who helps find parts for and build Layton's catapult in order to stop Descole's machine attacking Misthallery.

In the post-credits cutscene, he is seen along with the other Ravens with Arianna, now being a friend of hers.

Puzzles Edit

Nabby gives Professor Layton and co. multiple puzzles while exploring Misthallery. The puzzles he gives are "Raven Medals," "Family Tides," and "Puzzle:Market Shortcut."

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