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The Nintendo DS (also known as NDS, or simply DS) is a handheld gaming console created by Nintendo. It was released in late 2004 as the successor of the Game Boy series. The console had an enormous success, selling over 150 million units[1], and is currently the most popular handheld console of all time. The console is backward compatible with the Game Boy Advance titles.

Over the years, several redesigns of the console were introduced. The first redesign was the Nintendo DS Lite, featuring a sleeker design and improved screens. Another redesign, the Nintendo DSi, featured bigger screens, newer system software, and two cameras, but dropped the GBA support. A bigger version of the latter, the Nintendo DSi XL, was released a year later.

The successor of the Nintendo DS series is the Nintendo 3DS series.


Professor Layton series games for this console:


The games in the Professor Layton series were specifically designed to make use of the Nintendo DS's features. The touch screen serves as the main method to control each game. The player uses the touch screen to walk around and navigate through the menus. The touch screen is also needed to solve the many puzzles in the games.

Some of the buttons can be used to advance in text dialogs, and pressing the start button in the later games allows the player to skip cutscenes.


In the United Kingdom, a special Curious Village bundle was released. The bundle contains a normal black DS Lite and the Professor Layton and the Curious Village game. It was priced at £120 (around $190)[2].