The hotel

The Hotel

North Ely Hotel is a location in Professor Layton and the Last Specter.


On the outside of the hotel. It is very oddly shaped. They have a blue roof and have bushes, covering windows, on one side of the Hotel.

The Hotel contains a downstair reception area and two Hotel rooms. (The rest are unaccessable)

The Reception has a desk on the left side which has a small table next to it. Ontop of the desk is a bell and a vase full of flowers.  On the other side of the reception is, what looks like, a small lobby area. It has a cream sofa and a small, wooden, round table in front of it. Further in is an archway but through that is the staircase for upstairs. It also includes a small sign for billiard. 

Up the stairs is a small hallway with two rooms. The hallway has a small, light green rug. (Similar to the one in the lobby) and another small pot plant on a table. It also seems to have a small painting near the stairs.

In Room 302 there are two cream, big, double beds near the right wall. On the other side is two chairs with a small, round table in between them. Below the chairs and table is another similar light green rug. In the right corner of the room is yet another pot plant on a small table. 


Chapter 3: The Specter AppearsEdit

Professor Layton, Luke and Emmy stayed at the hotel overnight to wait in watch for the specter. When the it attacked, the room the trio were in (Room 215) was hit by the specter, splitting the wall and smashing the windows. Room 215, afterwards, remains inaccessible for the rest of the game.