Nut Roller (or Nutty Roller) is a minigame in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. The goal is to guide the Hazel the Squirrel to his walnut by moving the obstacles on the field. This game is unlocked when Layton and his crew crash in Kodh, and get help from Hazel. It is the third game unlocked.

In this game, it is done by rolling rocks, acorns, and a walnut in order to get the walnut into the goal (represented by a house). There are several obstacles on each course, such as water, bridges, trees, pitfalls, and other rocks and acorns. When encountering a pitfall, a rock will simply fill the space while an acorn will sprout a tree and block the path.


In this minigame, there are 10 courses with varying degrees of difficulty.

# Name Description Given By
1 Floating Island Let's start off nice and easy. I hope you've read the rules! Hazel the Squirrel
2 Roly-Poly Bridges This is one mighty river! Sadly, the brides across it are pretty weak.
3 Winding Way Only the winding walnut may reach the goal!
4 Tumble Forest Don't be put off by the trees. They only get in the way if you let them.
5 Teetering Tower It's a long way down, but at least the goal is easy to spot!
6 Staggered Hills Who knew one squirrel could cause a landslide? Let it rain boulders!
7 Rocky Arena You've got free reign of the ledge, but don't think this'll be easy...
8 Twisty Beach There's a twist at every turn and a bend at every corner. Yikes!
9 Hollow Forest This place has its ups and downs. Make use of them!
10 Swirling Castle Nice castle! Shame the goal's on the wrong side of the moat...


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