Olga is a minor character in Professor Layton and the Last Specter.



Olga had long blue hair and pale skin. She wore a purple dress with a stripe in the middle, pink pants and glasses.


Olga is Misthallery's resident librarian.

She's a true bookworm with fantasies of one day living in a house stacked to the roof with books.

She's normally very relaxed, but treat a book badly and she'll make you regret it!



Chapter 4: The Shadowy ManipulatorEdit

Professor Layton, Luke and Emmy went to the library and spoke with Olga.

Chapter 6:London's Hidden SecretsEdit

At the police station, Layton decided that when Emmy got back to Misthallery from London, she should meet him and Luke at the library.

When she came back (along with Inspector Grosky), they borrowed some newspapers from the library to confirm Layton's suspicions about the specter and Evan Barde's death.

Puzzles Edit

During their investigations in Misthallery, Professor Layton and co. receive the puzzles "Book Stacks" and "An Orderly Bookcase" from Olga.

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