Olivia is a character appearing in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. She is a witness and the victim of the first trial in the game.

Appearance Edit

Olivia has olive green hair with green eyes and has dark skin. She wears a chef's outfit with sleeves rolled up along with her pant legs. Her shirt is also tied at the bottom. She does this because she says it gets hot in the kitchen. She also wears a flower on her chef hat. Olivia also has a pink scarf tied around her neck and wears white gloves.

In court, she is holding an usuba knife and will often produce food such as potatoes, fish, and vegetables.


Olivia is the second witness called to the stand and the victim in the trial of Espella Cantabella, who is accused of stealing and assault after stowing away in the freighter and attacking Olivia with a pipe.

Olivia starts her testimony that she was heading to the cargo and claimed to have seen Espella trying to steal PC Badger, which was in the cargo hold sealed away in crates. Having being caught, Olivia says that Espella grabbed a pipe and hit her head, leaving Olivia unsconcious. Johnny Smiles, who was guarding the frieghter that night, heard noises and came into the cargo hold and caught Espella Cantabella.

As the trial continues, it is revealed that the PC Badger Espella had contained a jewel in it and that Olivia was trying to stop Espella from taking it, as it's revealed also that Olivia is a jewel thief. Phoenix Wright also proved that Olivia tried to assualt Espella, and not the other way around, with the help of Espella's defense testimony. Espella is found innocent as she was also not the one to hit Olivia with the pipe, being that there was someone else in the cargo hold. This remained a mystery and the trial was closed.

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