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The One-Stop Shop is a minigame item in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. It is given to Professor Layton, Luke and Emmy by Madame Lapushka.


The One-Stop Shop minigame is found in Professor Layton's trunk alongside the other minigames. The object of the game is to arrange the aisle shelves in such a way that the customer buys everything available.


There are ten Aisles to complete in the One-Stop Shop minigame. New aisles are given to Layton and Luke after completing certain tasks for people.

# Name Given By
1 Fresh Fruits Madame Lapushka
2 Crockery Esther
3 Explorer's Needs Madelaine
4 Instruments Hanna
5 Baked Goods Madame Lapushka
6 Green Thumb Lucille Layton
7 Apparel Michelle
8 Plush Toys Sterling
9 Hobby Colette
10 Antiques Yuming


As the player sells out more aisles, the items are unlocked in the catalog.

01 - Fresh FruitsEdit

Item Color Type Details
Misthallery Pippin  Red Apple This sweet and juicy apple is so shiny you can see your face in it.
Granny Jones  Green Apple This tart apple is surprisingly soft in texture. Perfect if you don't want to chew!
Stately Pineapple  Green Pineapple This variety has been cultivated since ancient times for its perfect flavor.
Paradise Pineapple  Yellow Pineapple One bite of this succulent fruit teleports you to the island paradise it grew in.
King Cavendish  Yellow Banana This popular regal banana has unrivaled sweetness and a velvety texture.
Queen Plantain  Green Banana This starchy banana is more tart than King Cavendish and is perfect for cooking.

02 - CrockeryEdit

Item Color Type Details
Moon Mug  Yellow Cup Crescent moon turns to full when this novel mug is filled with tea.
Gulp Cup  Red Cup It may look like a standard cup, but it can only hold a single swig of tea!
Chirpy Pot  Yellow Teapot This cheerful teapot chirps like a songbird when it's poured.
Wobbly Pot  Red Teapot This teapot wobbles if you push it, but it always rights itself again.
Slippery Saucer  Yellow Saucer This saucer doesn't just look slippery. It slides all over the table too.
Hot Saucer  Red Saucer This handy saucer heats any cup to your preferred temperature.

03 - Explorer's NeedsEdit

Item Color Type Details
Anti-Compass  Blue Compass This compass always points south. How it works is a trade secret...
Whirly Compass  Red Compass The spinning needle of this compass is sure to confuse whoever tries to use it.
Cool Glow  Blue Lantern This lamp gives off a cooling blue light that's perfect for sweaty explorers.
Extreme Blaze  Red Lantern The energy this lamp exudes is enough to heat a room, but it really guzzles fuel.
Ocean Camera  Blue Camera This camera adds an underwater effect to every snap you take.
Five-Star Camera  Green Camera A top-of-the-range model designed for experienced photographers.

04 - InstrumentsEdit

Item Color Type Details
Witch's Song  Purple Ocarina Its eerie tone enchants and opens the mind, instilling a sense of mental clarity and wisdom.
Fairy's Breath  Yellow Ocarina The uplifting sound of this ocarina blows away worry, granting those who hear it courage.
Goblin's Bellow  Red Ocarina The roaring blast of this ocarina invokes feelings of rage and power.
Magic Fiddle  Purple Violin This violin makes your fingers move faster, but can the dancers keep up?
Electric Canary  Yellow Violin This violin makes anybody sound like a pro. Just read the instructions first!
Dusky Stradivarius  Red Violin A beautifully crafted violin with a rich timber that conjures images of sunset.
Booming Snare  Red Drum The power of this drum reverberates through the player's body with every beat.

05 - Baked GoodsEdit

Item Color Type Details
Cinocoberry Ring  Red Doughnut Words cannot describe all of the flavors packed into this circular slice of joy.
Lime Glaze  Green Doughnut This delectably moist and tangy doughnut contains rather more sugar than lime.
Fiery Baguette  Red Loaf This loaf is coated in chilli for those who like it spicy.
Tasty Bloomer  Yellow Loaf This fluffy, light loaf is best served in thick slices with a big chunk of Cheddar.
Floured Farmhouse  White Loaf This floured loaf is perfect with a warming bowl of Scotch broth.
Pistachio Baguette  Green Loaf The crust of this loaf is so tough, it's hard to get at the nutty goodness within.
Citrus Sponge  Yellow Cake A sweet, tangy sponge flavored with a whole grove of citrus fruit.
Snowball Sponge  White Cake There's plenty of strawberries in this cake but even more coconut and cream!

06 - Green ThumbEdit

Item Color Type Details
Whistling Dracaena  Green Leafy Plant With the slightest breeze, this plant's long leaves make an annoying whistling noise.
Flaming Philodendron  Red Leafy Plant The red leaves look like they are on fire. It even feels a little hot to the touch.
Starry Schefflera  Yellow Leafy Plant The leaves may look like stars, but it's not much good for finding your way.
Superspineous  Green Cactus This sharp-spined cactus will survive just about anything. It's invincible!
Floraspineous  Purple Cactus This charming cactus brightens and refreshes even the dullest room.
Rodeospineous  Yellow Cactus At night this catcus moves its arms around as if it were throwing a lasso.
Heartfelt Bouquet  Red Flowers Show your love for that special someone with these delicate roses.
Celebration Bouquet  Purple Flowers Nothing says "Congratulations!" better than these elegant flowers.

07 - ApparelEdit

Item Color Type Details
Trendy Cap  Blue Hat The stylish shape and color is sure to make you stand out in the crowd.
Top Hat  Black Hat This hat brims with class. An essential purchase for any aspiring gentleman.
Ladies' Bowler  Green Hat This garish hat is actually all the rage among fashionable ladies.
Retro Tie  Blue Tie Be at the forefront of fashion with a tie that's just like your dad's.
Sleek Tie  Black Tie This tie will complement any outfit perfectly, whatever the occasion.
Crisp Cravat  Green Tie The crisp diamond pattern is bound to catch the eye of every passer-by.
Smart Boots  Blue Shoes The high-cut design of these boots lend a touch of dignity to any outfit.
Classic Shoes  Black Shoes These shoes take the hassle out of formal dessing - perfect style, perfect comfort.
Fashionista Boots  Green Shoes You'd have to be brave to wear these, but at least they'd protect your toes!

08 - Soft ToysEdit

Item Color Type Details
Podgikins  Red Bunny This bunny has cute podgy cheeks that you can't resist pinching.
Mr B  Yellow Bunny Never seen without his shades, this is one cool bunny. But he's still a big softy.
Nibbles  White Bunny He may look a little plain, but Nibbles's stomach rumbles when you play with him.
Gruffer  Red Teddy Why should all toys be sweet? Gruffer's in a huff and he wants you to know it!
Fluffy  Yellow Teddy Hugging this fluffy bear is like wrapping your arms around a giant marshmallow.
Snowflake  White Teddy This bear hails from the coldest region on earth, but he has a warm heart.
Skitty Cat  Red Kitty This scaredy-cat is permanently terrified and never loses its wide-eyed stare.
Sleepy Whiskers  Yellow Kitty Who could resist such a contented cat? You can almost hear her purring.
Dandelion  White Kitty Gently stroking this kitty's fur is like touching a fluffy dandelion head.

09 - HobbyEdit

Item Color Type Details
Safari 4x4  Yellow Car A toy car that looks ready to take on any tough trail it can get its tires into.
Safety 4x4  Blue Car This toy car promotes safety by only going slowly and stopping before turning.
Cherished Classic  Red Car A toy car with a vintage design that you rarely see in real life nowadays.
Skiddy Banger  White Car The wheels are worn and it makes a dreadful racket. Great fun to play with!
Shining Hornet  Yellow Helicopter When the sun catches the fantastic paint job on this toy, the effect is blinding!
Kingfisher  Blue Helicopter A chopper painted the bright blue of the skies. Try not to lose sight of it in the air.
Soaring Falcon  Red Helicopter This toy dives with the speed and agility of a falcon. No wonder it's a top seller!
Elite Chopper  White Helicopter A deluxe toy helicopter packed with more features than a space-station computer.
Sightseeing Yacht  Blue Ship Built for the lengthy voyages, you'll be playing with this for whole afternoons.
Pirate Brig  White Ship This ship was built for cutting through the waves at high speed. Ready the cannons!

10 - AntiquesEdit

Item Color Type Details
Stylish Milk Jug  White China This stylish piece is subtle but attractive enough to complete any collection.
Elegant Coffee Pot  Yellow China This exquisite piece overflows with elegance in ever aspect of its design.
Genteel Sugar Bowl  Red China The fastidious attention to detail would probably be missed by laymen.
Demanding Clock  Yellow Clock This high-maintenance clock only tells the time if you admire it sufficiently.
Creaky Clock  Red Clock This ancient clock squeaks loudly with every movement.
Graceful Clock  Purple Clock Each and every part moves silently and smoothly. A true masterpiece.
Dusty Tome  Red Book This old book is both dusty and musty, but it's still a valuable antique.
Heavy Manuscript  Purple Book This work weighs a ton, but the story is pretty light and trashy.
Le Désir  Red Painting A painting of passion expressed in fevered brush strokes
Irissen in de Sneeuw  Purple Painting These wilting flowers, doomed by winter's chill, echo the painter's desolate soul.

Not for saleEdit

Item Color Type Details
Medal of Completion  Gold Award A reward for clearing every aisle of the shop. Be sure to show it off!


  • The three ocarinas available in the Instruments Aisle are a reference to the Triforce in the Nintendo 64 game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, with the Witch's Song representing the Triforce of Wisdom, the Fairy's Breath representing the Triforce of Courage and the Goblin's Bellow representing the Triforce of Power.
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