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Otaki - san is a minor character in Professor Layton and the Last Specter.



Otaki - san wore a red jacket over a white t-shirt with light blue pants. He also wore sunglasses over his eyes. His hair is blue.


A shady tourist from a far-off Eastern land, Otaki - san is a rational man who regards the specter with scepticism.

His views are a little different from the world at large, which makes him seem quite contrary at times.

Otaki-san has watched too many movies and his judgement is based off what he sees in a movie. For example, if he saw a movie where people went on a boat and got eaten by a shark, he would not go on boats.


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Otaki - san gives a couple of puzzles to Professor Layton and co., and these puzzles are "Angle Time" and "Puzzle:Seven Towers."

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