Parcelle is a character appearing in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. Parcelle is a noble postman who delivers letters from all over west of London.


His route takes him from London to Dropstone and other country villages to the west. Later in his route he goes into Folsense, somehow, and delivers letters there too. He is first seen on the road Layton and Luke take to Mr. Anderson's house on a hill north of Dropstone. He is seen again, much later in the game, in Folsense at the far northwest end of town, north of Garland's Grocery Store. Here, Parcelle talks to them and Layton becomes amazed as to just how he can deliver so many letters in such short time. Parcelle, after the conversation, leaves the area and game for a while. Someone in town yells out that someone was taken to the castle. Layton and Luke go to Herzen Castle to investigate the matter only to find Parcelle scared out of his mind, running away from the castle. Parcelle was one of the many people over the years Anton captured to protect the Herzen Fortune. Layton and Luke then go off into the castle unaware of the dangers they are about to face...


During their time investigating Dropstone; Layton, Luke, and Flora meet a mail carrier named Parcelle. He gives them the puzzle: "Which House Where?".


  • His name is French for 'parcel'; his name being a pun to refer to the fact he delivers them.



This bold mail carrier is based in Dropstone but fearlessly delivers letters as far away as Folsense. Parcelle is known for his positive attitude and dedication to the job. His motto is "Delivering smiles, one letter at a time."

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