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Pearce 'Blood' Boyle was a strongman belonging to the mafia family, the Agonnis. Boyle was found murdered along with three other gangsters at a warehouse on the Merseyshore docks.



Boyle was a sturdy man of 32 years. He had a scarred face, curly brown hair and a short curly beard. He wore a black suit with a violet shirt and grey tie, as well as a black hat.


Boyle's violent temper was so well known that he was called "Blood" Boyle. He was convicted several times for assault and was a veteran member of the Agonni crime family.


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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room[]

Pearce Boyle worked for the Agonni crime family, which was lead by Severino Agonni. Agonni had become paranoid and feared that there would soon be an assassination attempt against him. Agonni hid in a warehouse on Merseyshore docks along with three of his men. They were Boyle, Barbarossa Sassina, and Angelo Fassi.

In the warehouse, the gangsters enjoyed a lunch they had ordered from Dale Herl's Deli, served with bottled wine. After opening the bottle, Sassina secretly drugged the wine with a soporific. Boyle and Fassi soon fell unconscious. Sassina killed each of the three other gangsters in the warehouse.

Boyle was strangled to death. His killer then dropped a television set on his body where it lay on the floor, and finally left a puzzle piece on top of the broken television. This was done to imitate the second of the Jigsaw killings from four years before, committed by Keelan Makepeace.

Sassina also met his end when his partner-in-crime Diane Makepeace came to the warehouse and embraced him before stabbing him in the back with a poisoned knife. Sassina managed to lock Makepeace out of the warehouse but quickly succumbed to the poison in his blood.

The bodies of the four men were discovered by a group of sailors just before dawn, leading to an investigation by Inspector Alfendi Layton and Lucy Baker of Scotland Yard. This would ultimately lead to their confrontation with Makepeace at Forbodium Castle.

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  • His name and nickname might be a play on the phrase “blood boiling“, which means intense anger.