Prima is a character in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. She lives in Froenborg. Her dream is to visit a place where it never snows, maybe together with Donna.



After Layton, Luke and Emmy arrive in Froenborg they met Prima who was having trouble with a gift sent to her by a friend. Layton helped her with the problem, and afterwards he asked her if she knew anything about Desmond Sycamore. She told them that she didn't but that they should probably head towards the snow coach stop.

A little later on they ran into her again, this time her friend Donna being with her. Prima told Donna that Layton helped her previously, and Layton asked the two if they know anything about the ice that blocks the entrance to the cave. Although they don't, Donna told him that he should speak to Mascha, although Prima gave them a fashion puzzle to solve first.

After they have solved the puzzle, Prima gives them the Dress Up game.


  • Her name is a reference to "prima donna", a term for a leading female singer in the opera.


Prima is usually a sweet little girl, but she has been known to be pushy at times. She is obsessed with fashion and traipses around the shops in search of the latest trends in thermals. She dreams of one day visiting a tropical island, but for now she spends her days building snowmen.

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