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"You're mistaken. My name is Hershel Layton. I need no other name."
— Hershel Layton, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

Professor Layton redirects here; for the series, see Professor Layton series.

Professor Hershel Layton is the eponymous protagonist of the Professor Layton series. He is an archaeology professor at Gressenheller University in London, world renowned for his puzzle-solving skills. He travels with his self-proclaimed apprentice, Luke Triton.



Layton's primary appearance in the franchise is that of a tall, fair-skinned, brown-haired man. His face is very simplistic in design: his eyes are black dots, like those of his mother; his ears are round with no visible anatomy; and his nose is a simple bump, with its bridge being a single line. His most defining feature is his top hat, which is tall and brown with a red lint, and covers his thin eyebrows. He wears a brown coat with its collar upturned over a dark orange shirt, brown pants, and a pair of dark green shoes with white soles. Underneath his top hat, he has a somewhat messy hairstyle.

As a young child in the Azran Legacy flashbacks, Layton wore no hat, a brown and orange coat, a white shirt, a green tie and brown pants. His shoes are unseen.

In the Miracle Mask flashbacks, when he was 17, Layton wore no hat, a red waistcoat with a white shirt, and a blue tie. He wore dark green pants with brown shoes. His hair was in an afro-like style.

When he was 27, during the Unwound Future flashbacks, Layton wore a red vest and cap with a white shirt. Occasionally, he also wore a black suit jacket. Claire gave him the top hat that he wears today.


"This guy's like the biggest puzzle of them all..."
— Phoenix Wright

Layton is an English gentleman. He is incredibly brave, intelligent and athletic, as shown in all the games. He is always calm and is polite to everyone he meets. While he is friendly, he is on the quiet side and is usually reserved in his emotions. Harboring a great love for tea, and an even greater love for puzzles, he is the ideal gentleman. He has strong logical skills, which come into play on a regular basis. He is able to keep his calm, even in the worst situations (as seen in The Last Specter, when he encourages Luke to keep a clear mind after Arianna Barde gets arrested).

However so, he acts completely out of character in Cheerful Mystery. He seems to stay cool and calm, as of his usual nature, but sometimes, when talking to Luke (who is also out of character), he gets angry and fierce, to the other's disbelief.

As well as being brave and heroic, Layton also has a soft side. Most of his mysteries are based on him trying to help people. This is best seen at the end of Unwound Future.


Only read this section after finishing the game! Click to skip spoilers.

Pre-Game Life

Professor Layton was born under the name Theodore Bronev to Leon and Rachel Bronev. He lived happily together with his parents and older brother Hershel for several years. However, when he was still very young, the Targent agency came and kidnapped both his parents for their knowledge of the Azran Civilization. The two boys were left behind as orphans.

Theodore and Hershel's sad good-bye.

In search for adoptive parents, they eventually found a suitable couple: Roland and Lucille Layton. Unfortunately, they wished to only adopt one child, and decided this would be Hershel. However, they did not know which child was the one named Hershel, so in order for his younger brother to be happy, Hershel gave Theodore his name and let him be adopted in his place. From then on, Theodore was known as Hershel Layton.


Together with his new parents, Layton moved to the quiet town of Stansbury, where he lived during most of his childhood. He went to Kingsbrook Academy and made some new friends: Randall Ascot and Angela. Randall in particular was a great influence on Hershel, and made him interested in archaeology.

One day, Randall asked Hershel to accompany him to go investigate the Akbadain ruins that were found nearby. While hesitant at first, Hershel accepted and they snuck out without their parents knowing. They managed to reach the final chamber of the ruins, but Hershel accidentally activated a trap and caused the floor to collapse. Despite Hershel's best efforts, Randall fell down in the seemingly endless pit and was assumed to be dead. Hershel was so shocked by the accident that he decided to leave Stansbury.

Layton went to Gressenheller University and was taught by Dr. Andrew Schrader. He met some other students here, including Don Paolo, who was one year higher, and Clark Triton. He also met a young woman named Claire and eventually started a relationship with her. At their anniversary, and to celebrate Layton becoming a professor, Claire bought Layton a top hat. When Claire died later that same day in an explosion, Layton decided to keep the hat on at all times out of respect for her. It also inspired him to be the perfect gentleman.


A year after Claire's death, Layton saved Emmy Altava from being arrested for stealing a boy's wallet. Layton had managed to deduce that the boy had used his mother's money to buy a new pair of trainers, as his wallet was actually a woman's purse, and he had planted it in Emmy's bag to make it look as if the money had been stolen. Layton explained this to Inspector Grosky, the officer on the case, and Emmy was freed from suspicion. Layton accompanied the boy in returning the trainers. However, he would soon forget about this encounter.

Professor Layton and the Last Specter

Prologue: So We Meet Again

Layton receiving a letter.png

The professor's journey in Last Specter began while in his office at Gressenheller University. His housekeeper, Rosa was given the morning's post and she entered Layton's office to catch him sleeping on the couch. She began nagging him and handed him the letters. After reading one, he found that the letter was from Clark. Layton then rushed out of his office to his car after taking a sip of the tea Rosa had made him. On the way out of Gressenheller, Emmy saw the professor's car and immediately chased him down. The two finally met and put aside their differences, and she joined him as his assistant, aiding with the mystery of Misthallery.

Chapter 1: The Fog of Misthallery

This letter.png

Once Layton and Emmy arrived at Misthallery, they began searching for Clark's house. Once they had located the mayor's residence, Clark was delighted that Layton stopped by for a visit, but when Layton asked about the letter, Clark didn't know what he was talking about. Clark then explained that his son, Luke, had been holed up in his room and avoiding Clark as of late, so Layton decided to talk with him.

Chapter 2: The Boy Who Foretold Disaster

Layton and Emmy discovered that Clark wasn't the one who had sent the letter, but Luke. Luke explained that the reason that he had sent the letter was because he predicted the world would end soon, because of a specter destroying the town. At first, Layton was doubtful about there being a 'specter' in the town, though Luke insisted, so Layton and Emmy continued to look.

Chapter 3: The Specter Appears

While beginning their investigation of Misthallery, Layton and Emmy brought Luke to help their search for the specter and to help crack the case. Luke acted as a tour guide, showing Layton and Emmy around the town. As the group looked around, they found many eccentric characters and inhabitants of Misthallery. The trio rented a hotel room. After a small day's work of investigation, the three spent the night at the hotel, which lied on the street of where Luke predicted the specter will attack next.

"It's the specter!"

After dark and within the hotel, the three heard strange echoing music and suddenly, they found themselves face-to-face with the specter. Layton instructed Emmy and Luke to rush to the window to get a better look at the specter. As Emmy took a picture of the monster, it attacked the nearby hat shop and tore its claws into the very hotel that the trio was in. Layton began to run out the door to chase down the specter, only to be stopped by a worried Luke. After a small talk, the trio moved off into the now-soggy street that lay before them.

Chapter 4: The Shadowy Manipulator


As dawn approached, Layton, Emmy, and Luke proceeded with their investigation, searching areas on the western side of Misthallery. After some careful thought, Layton solved the riddles presented by the many children running about the marketplace. Following their search throughout the market, more and more stories and thoughts on the nature of the specter began to arise. Suddenly, as the trio were walking about the central plaza in the market, a shadowy, cloaked figure jumped from a chimney atop one of the buildings.

This figure, called the Black Raven, jumped down and dodged a kick from Emmy. A great chase ensued as Layton and Luke began chasing down the Raven around the market streets. Emmy however, followed the Raven onto the rooftops, with the Rave somehow vanishing from one place to reappear somewhere else. The Raven then confronted Layton in the plaza and the two began speaking about the black market, a place where Luke said the Specter's Flute was sold. After solving a puzzle set by the Raven, the trio were given access to the black market, and Layton entered the dark tunnel below the marketplace.

Within the black market, the trio found Crow, leader of the Black Ravens. Crow told the professor and his assistants that he had indeed sold the flute to highest bidder of the day; that highest bidder being a Mr. Evan Barde, a wealthy man at the high end of town that died the year before. With this new information, Layton began to set his sights on Barde Manor atop Highyard Hill.

Chapter 5: The Witch's Castle

Luke took Layton and Emmy to the arch that separates Misthallery from Highyard Hill, the location of the excavation sight for the legendary Golden Garden as well as that of the police station. However, Layton was more focused on Barde Manor and thus, wasted no time in getting there. The three arrived at the eerie manor only to find that the gardener, Seamus had locked the place up tight. Layton and Emmy found it odd that there was a gardener for the manor, yet the garden of the place was badly unattended. Thus, more suspicion spread and Layton, Luke, and Emmy tried to find a way into Barde Manor.

Near by, there was a tower that lead into Barde Manor which Luke found that could help the three enter the manor. With their combined intellect, the three climbed the tower and made their way into the manor. Inside, they met Arianna Barde, the supposedly cursed "witch" of Misthallery. Luke tried to calm Arianna down, but failed to do anything at the time. Seamus then entered and kicked the professor and his assistants out of the manor. Afterward, the three tried to find information around Highyard Hill as the manor had been no help.

After some thought, Layton, Luke, and Emmy confronted Arianna once more by the lake shore by Barde Manor. At the shore, Layton told the group in the area that Seamus wasn't actually the gardener of the manor at all. He was actually Tony Barde, the younger brother of Arianna. After speaking with Arianna, Layton gathered more facts on the matter and proceeded back to Highyard Hill to investigate further matters. He then tasked Emmy to go back to London to aid the investigation from there by getting some files from his office at Gressenheller, and from Scotland Yard.

Chapter 7: Third Eye Jakes

Once Emmy returned to Misthallery, Layton, Luke, and Emmy met police chief Levin Jakes. Upon the unsettling welcome of Jakes, Layton began to question Jakes's role in Barde's death and other mysteries which shroud Misthallery's recent past. With all this information regarding the new found mystery, and growing suspicious of Layton's motives, Jakes gave the professor 24 hours to leave Misthallery, or else.


After more searching across town, the three were confronted by thugs and attacked. However, the thugs did not stand a chance against Emmy's fighting skills. This lead the professor even further down a line of suspecting Jakes of being a corrupt, vicious man. As night fell over Misthallery once again, Layton began to think of a new plan of action against the specter. With the aid of the Black Ravens, Layton began to create a small trap for the specter. With Luke's brilliant deductions, the three were able to predict the next position of the specter, and hopefully reveal what it actually was.


Shrouded in mist, Emmy, Luke, and Layton started to feel the quakes of the specter, and heard the tune of the mystic Specter's Flute. Hiding in an alleyway, Layton managed to have a good look at the eyes of the so-called 'specter', and kept to himself what it actually was. As dawn approached the three were suddenly captured by Jakes's men. They were then taken to the police headquarters in Highyard Hill. Once inside, they escaped the interrogation room and left. Once outside, the group returned to their investigation and went back to Barde Manor to discuss next steps.

Chapter 8: Face to Face with the Specter

Lagushi Rises.png

Once the group returned to Barde Manor, the professor told Arianna and Tony about what had been happening within the town, and Arianna then told the group of a secret regarding what had been going on. She took the Specter's Flute, in fact an ocarina, in hand and walked down the pier. She played the melody and suddenly, out of the lake before them, a great monster rose. Loosha, one of the last of her kind, swam directly to Arianna and the professor. With Loosha uncovered, Jakes ran out of the shadows wih his men and fired net-launching guns at Loosha. Jakes's men then arrested Loosha and Arianna and fled to the central plaza at Highyard Hill, as they suspected Loosha was the specter that had been terrorizing the town.

Chapter 9: The Specter Becomes Clear

SF Point.gif

Layton, Luke, and Emmy then rushed down to southern Misthallery to clear Loosha's name and save her life. Within southern Misthallery lay the old factory which had been abandoned for years. Fending off a few thugs in the area, Layton and Emmy found themselves face-to-face with what was actually the infamous "specter". Luke then piloted the old mining device, one that was used in the hunt for the Golden Garden up north, and made his way to the grand plaza in Highyard Hill. Once at the plaza, Layton showed the people of Misthallery what had actually been the specter the entire time; one of the mining machines used for the Golden Garden. However, not only that, the professor then pointed out who was behind everything thus far. He pointed at Doland Noble, the Triton family's faithful butler. But, it would seem that he was not the real Doland at all. Layton showed the facts and told him to reveal himself. Noble

Descole Rising.png

revealed himself to actually be a scientist, the self-named Jean Descole, a calculating man who would stop at nothing to have what he wanted. Revealed, Descole activated dormant mining machines and took a ride on the one Luke had brought to the plaza. Grosky lead most of the citizens to safety and Descole began his assault on the town. The machines in the area fused together to become the 'Master Specter' and attacked Loosha. The two began dodging each other's attacks, but Professor Layton got caught in the crossfire, and Descole began focusing his strikes more on him.

Descole's Specter Attack.png

Solving plenty of difficult puzzles, Emmy broke down Descole's machine, buying Layton enough time to build a catapult from scraps and pieces of wood with help from the Black Ravens. However, even after a direct hit, Descole's machine withstood the attack and fused itself back together with ease. Loosha then ran up the hillsides and tried to break open the dam. Descole meanwhile, attempted to kill the professor with the machine, but failed as the professor retook to higher ground to give Loosha and the Black Ravens time to begin their plan.

Loosha broke down the dam's first set of flood gates and water flooded Misthallery. Drenched in water, Descole's machine short-circuited. After the machine stopped, Descole told the professor to savor the victory, as he had yet to win the war at hand. Descole then fled the area, leaving Loosha badly wounded. Layton, Arianna, Luke, Emmy, and Tony ran to the dam with Loosha to uncover the final secret of Misthallery.

Chapter 10: A Legend Revealed


Loosha started tearing down the dam's secondary flood gates, but Arianna tries to get her to stop, as it will flood the entire town. Layton and the rest take higher ground as the entire town becomes engulfed in water. Then the group follows Loosha into the lake and finds a strange sealed gate.

Epilogue: The Last Gift

Upon opening the gate, Loosha guided them through the tunnel into the Golden Garden, the sacred place Descole aimed to acquire. Once inside, however, Loosha collapses. Arianna and Tony comfort Loosha, but Loosha dies and slides into the vast lake below. With the Golden Garden open, Luke and Arianna begin to think of the good that has come out of this. Luke tells Arianna that in her last words, Loosha said "thank you" to Arianna and Tony for the many years they spent together.

Lagushi death.PNG

Arianna realized all she has done wrong and with the help of Luke, Arianna regained her composure and played the Melody of the Specter's Flute one last time in Loosha's memory. After the song, Layton and Emmy began discussing the discovery of the Golden Garden. Luke asked Layton if he could become his apprentice. The professor declined at first, but at Luke's insistence, he allowed it.

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva

In Eternal Diva, Layton received a letter from a former student of his, an opera singer named

Isn't that...?.png

Janice Quatlane. Janice wrote that she would be performing at an opera house called the Crown Petone, and that there have been many strange things happening: her deceased friend Melina Whistler appeared and has claimed to be reborn in the form of a seven year old girl. In addition to this, a child from the London area has been reporting missing, and Janice thinks it is related to what is happening at the opera house. She included two tickets with the letter. Layton and Luke attend, while Emmy decides to stay in London with Dr. Schrader in search of the missing girl.

Layton and Luke arrive at the enormous Crown Petone opera house, which was built on the Atlantic Ocean. Layton and Luke take seats in the front row, and enjoy the opera. It is a story about a lost civilization, a city called Ambrosia. The people of Ambrosia hailed their beautiful queen, who loved music above all else, but one day she grew terribly ill. The people tried everything to save her, but they did not succeed. The queen died just as a remedy was discovered, the Elixir of Eternal Life. The people decided to drink the elixir, and wait thereafter for their queen to return. When the opera finished, Layton and Luke began to clap, but the rest of the audience seemed bored. As the stage cleared, a masked man emerged and began talking about the opera's Eternal Life. He said that they would all play a game, and whomever won would receive Eternal Life. He continued to say that the losers would die. The audience broke into a panic, leaving Layton and Luke to stop the masked man, while the Crown Petone, which was actually a massive ship, broke away from the shore and set sail for places unknown.

An unseen voice told the passengers they would have to solve riddles to win the game. The first riddle was to find the oldest thing on the ship. Layton correctly deduced this to be the open portion of the ship, where the stars were visible. The losers were surrounded by masked men, then fell through a hole in the ship.

The second puzzle was to find the largest crown. Luke thought that it must have been the large crown in the entrance to the passenger portion of the ship, but Layton found the correct answer. Traveling from the ship in two lifeboats, the correct passengers saw the large frame of the ship in the shape of a crown. Afterwords, the ship exploded.

After the second puzzle, the boats revealed gasoline engines, and the passengers slept. Layton asked how Amelia Ruth, a mere college student, got tickets to the performance. Oswald Whistler hesitated, then stated that he bought the tickets for her. The boats grounded, and Layton and the others got off. They found a banquet prepared for them. Marco, an passenger who was an archeologist, recognized the seal of Ambrosia on a large stone. While resting after the meal, Luke conversed with the seven year old girl, Nina, and she disappeared. Luke discovered wolves on the island, leading them to find the third puzzle. They had to escape the wolf pack using cages. One group tried to trap the wolves, but failed. The two other groups trapped themselves in the cages and Layton's group found shelter inside a small shack. Layton, Luke and Janice had to get off the island and onto a castle in the distance. They used pieces in the shack to create a flying machine, which they flew away on.

The others had taken a boat onto the island. They found their fourth and final puzzle on a pillar with four doors that say K, H, I and G. Luke deduced that they should go to the door between K & G since the letters I & N were between K and G, showing the word “IN.” That pointed to the door between K & G. Layton went through the wrong door on purpose, and was followed by two others who thought he had found the right answer. The floor collapsed beneath them, but Layton managed to escape this fate. He found Nina's room and spoke with her. Layton explains the whole plot upon catching up with the others.

Oswald Whistler could not bear losing his daughter, so he preserved her life inside the Detragan. He had conspired with Descole to create the Detragan. He did not realize that Melina had already been "downloaded" into Janice, and tried to connect Amelia to the device. Amelia escaped, and in a fit of rage, Oswald put the downloading helmet on Luke, only to find that Janice had taken the key.

Descole uncovered his own scheme. Melina was the only girl who knew the Song of the Sea, which was half the procedure to uncover Ambrosia. Descole grabbed Janice, and the Detragan ripped away from the castle. Descole played the second half of the procedure on the Detragan, the Song of the Stars, and forced Janice to sing the Song of the Sea. When Ambrosia did not rise, Descole raged and activated a mechanical monster called the Detragigant, obliterating the castle. He declared that he would tear apart the island to make Ambrosia rise.

Layton used the flying machine to land on the Detragigant. With its drill tail, Descole tried to destroy the flying machine. Janice jumped on him, but was thrown to the edge of the Detragigant. Luke jumped off the flying contraption to land on the Detragigant and save Janice. The drill finally impaled Layton's machine, and it exploded. Layton jumped off and was saved.

Layton revealed that there was a Song of the Sun, and together with Janice, Layton raised Ambrosia. Outraged, Descole fought Layton with a sword, while Layton had a pipe. One of Descole's strikes hit the Detragigant, and it started to malfunction. The machine drilled into itself with its tail, and Descole fell off. It is not known how he survived. The Detragigant fell off the cliff, while Layton, Luke, and Janice jumped onto the cliff.

The Detragigant impaled itself on an Ambrosian building, exploded, and sank. Melina decided she could no longer inhabit Janice's life to live her own, and departed from Janice and Nina. Oswald played one last song, and was then taken to prison for the nefarious scheme.

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

(To be added).

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

Professor Layton arrived in Froenborg alongside Luke and Emmy by way of the Bostonius to investigate the appearance of a mummy. After meeting Bronev, Layton and co. traveled the world in search for clues regarding the Azran Legacy Bronev and the Targent were after. It was later revealed that Layton's birth father and mother, Leon and Rachel Bronev, were captured by Targent when Layton was a child. Jean Descole, his older brother, was really named Hershel. Descole pretended that Layton was the real Hershel when Lucille and Roland Layton came to adopt one of them. Rachel died in captivity, while Leon managed to become head of Targent. Emmy was also revealed to have been part of Targent.This was because Leon was all Emmy had. Emmy held an icicle to Luke's throat, and Layton was forced to give a sacred keystone to Leon. At the end of the adventure, the Azran Legacy was revealed to be a great land hanging in the sky. Aurora offered Layton the knowledge of the Azran, but Layton rejected it. Aurora was surrounded by fire in a sacred temple while the Legacies started to crumble, she seemingly dissolved in the fire, and they left her reluctantly. Descole stayed behind, seemingly feeling without purpose whilst Bronev, Emmy, Luke, and Layton descended to earth on a piece of land.

As Bronev was apprehended by Insector Grosky, he turned to the professor stating the name 'Theodore Bronev'. He stated that this was the professor's 'real' name, the one given to him at birth. Layton declined this, stating that Hershel Layton would always be his name and that Lucille and Roland would always be his real parents. Despite this, Hershel still expressed the possibility of them re-meeting one day; as friends and as fellow archaeologists.

Back in Layton's office, an ashamed Emmy decided to leave her role as the Professor's assistant as her mission had concluded. Layton stated that there was still room for an assistant in his office but this did not change her decision to leave. She stated that she may return eventually, but only if she felt worthy of having such a title. She embraced the professor in a goodbye before exiting Gressenheller.

Sometime later, the professor received a letter from one Lady Dahlia, asking him to help come and solve the mystery surrounding the Golden Apple.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Layton and Luke talking about their latest adventure.


Layton and Luke were driving through the countryside. Layton handed Luke a letter. After reading it, Luke asked why Layton wanted to solve an inheritance dispute. Layton said that the case was far more interesting than that, and explained that two months earlier, Baron Augustus Reinhold passed away and soon after his death, his will was disclosed.

"The Reinhold family treasure, the Golden Apple, is hidden somewhere within this village.
To whomever successfully locates this treasure, I offer the whole of my estate."

Everyone who had tried to find this treasure had failed, so the baron's widow, Lady Dahlia, had written to Layton, asking for his help.

Chapter 1: Reinhold Manor Awaits

When they arrived at St. Mystere, Layton and Luke saw that a giant drawbridge

Layton and Luke at the drawbridge to St. Mystere.

was the only way in and out of the village. Wondering what to do, they saw a man named Franco on the other side of the river. He at first refused to let them in, so Layton explained that they were invited by Lady Dahlia, so Franco lowered the bridge, but first Layton was required to solve a puzzle, due to the engine of the drawbridge being broken.

When they arrived at Reinhold Manor, Matthew greeted them and invited them upstairs to the parlor to meet Lady Dahlia. Before they did, however, Luke noticed two portraits, one of which he identified as the late baron. Matthew saw their interest, and pointed out that the portrait beside the baron's was of the baron's daughter Flora.

Luke and Layton were led upstairs by Matthew, and met Lady Dahlia, Gordon, the baron's brother, and Simon, the baron's and Gordon's nephew. Lady Dahlia entered the room holding her cat, Claudia. Just as Layton greeted her, a loud, booming, noise filled the room, shaking the ground, and causing Claudia to run away. Lady Dahlia showed her short temper which is easily triggered and Layton and Luke had found themselves doing the tedious task of catching the cat instead of discussing the case.

Chapter 2: The Fugitive Feline

Layton and Luke eventually caught Claudia with the help of St. Mystere's fortune teller, Agnes, after a failed attempt of their own, which only resulted in scratches on Luke's face.

Chapter 3: The Missing Servant

The pair returned to Reinhold Manor with Claudia, and found that while they were gone, Simon had supposedly been murdered. A police inspector, Inspector Chelmey, had come to St. Mystere in order to investigate the murder of the baron's nephew. A strange, small cog was found near the body of Simon by Matthew, which was given to Layton. When Chelmey asked if everyone was present for interviewing, Matthew said that Ramon was missing. Lady Dahlia asked Layton to find him.

Chapter 4: Night Falls

Layton and Luke chasing after the mysterious kidnapper.

When Layton and Luke were searching for Ramon, they saw a strange man stuffing an apparently dead Ramon into a bag; they gave chase but were unable to catch him, though they did find another tiny cog, identical to one they had seen previously. They later saw Ramon back at Reinhold Manor as if nothing had happened, claiming he left to do some afternoon shopping. Chelmey dismissed Layton's account of Ramon's abduction, and said that he doesn't need 'a drowsy scholar waking the whole village.' Layton was none too pleased at this comment, but pretended to be mistaken in what he and Luke saw, so they retired to their rooms at the inn.

Chapter 6: The Elusive Tower

The following day, Layton and Luke continued to explore the town, and were eventually led to the town's abandoned amusement

Being chased by the Ferris Wheel.

park by an old ticket dropped on the ground by a mysterious young girl.

Chapter 7: The Abandoned Park

As Layton and Luke examine the old Ferris Wheel, it appeared to tear itself from its moorings, rolling after them. They barely escaped as the wheel launched off a hill, landing in the lake and smashing through a locked building. Exploring the wreckage, they found a key shaped to look like the ominous tower of the village, and Layton began to develop an idea of what was going on. Layton decided to head for the tower, but they were summoned to Reinhold Manor by Ramon.

Chapter 8: The Shadowy Intruder

The two return to face Inspector Chelmey, who accused Layton of wanting the Golden Apple for himself, and of killing Simon by hitting him over the head with a vase. He tried to arrest Layton for murder, but Layton remembered being offered the same vase by the shopkeeper, who said a strange man said to give it to him. Chelmey also demanded that Layton hand over the key to the tower (something he could not possibly have known that they had unless he had tailed them) and seemingly forgot the name of his wife.

Layton blowing Paolo's cover as Chelmey.

Layton realized that Inspector Chelmey was an imposter. The man disguised as Chelmey tore off his disguise, revealing himself as Layton's self-proclaimed rival Don Paolo, who was seeking the Golden Apple and the Reinhold fortune for himself. He was the one who tried to run Layton and Luke over with the Ferris Wheel by controlling it with a remote control. Don Paolo made his escape by leaping out a window.

When Luke asked what Layton had done to become the arch-enemy of Don Paolo, Layton claimed that he had no idea and that he didn't know him.

Chapter 9: The Tower's Secret

Layton and Luke falling into the tower basement.

With Luke in tow, Layton headed for the tower, using the key in a secret lock at the dead end. Inside, they discovered the man that previously had 'kidnapped' Ramon, Bruno. With Bruno's help, Layton discovered the truth: all the residents of St. Mystere were robots, created by the baron and Bruno to challenge the wits of anyone seeking the Golden Apple, hence their shared obsession with puzzles. Bruno had collected Ramon for repairs, and he was searching for Simon. The noises from the tower were Bruno's machines at work; as the robots got older, they needed to be repaired more often. Simon had not died; he had only malfunctioned.

Having solved the puzzle of St. Mystere, Layton and Luke climbed the tower, solving

Layton cracking the case.

more puzzles and meeting characters along the way.


Eventually, the pair reached the top of the tower, and much to their surprise, found a beautifully-kept cottage there. Inside, the young girl from before introduced herself as Flora Reinhold, the only child of the baron. She was the Golden Apple that the robots were protecting because she was the "apple of her father's eye."

Layton constructing a glider.

Layton's triumph was short-lived, as Don Paolo returned in a flying machine and started demolishing the tower. Luke escaped down the stairs, but debris from above crashed into the stairs and made escape for Layton and Flora impossible. After Layton pulled Flora to safety, they ran back up to the cottage where Layton was forced to improvise a glider out of various objects found around the room. They glided off the tower with Don Paolo in pursuit. While swerving out of the way, the end of the glider smashed into Don Paolo's propeller, damaging both the glider and machine. Don Paolo's machine tilted over and a bag with Simon inside fell to the ground. The villain swore revenge and left. Layton managed to make it to the ground. The glider threw Layton and Flora off and smashed into pieces while the tower, weakened by Don Paolo's assault, crumbled. Flora fell unconscious from the fall, and everyone from the village crowded around her, waiting for her to wake. When she did, she laughed and hugged the professor. As she laughed, Layton noticed an apple-like birthmark that appeared on her neck.

As they head back to Reinhold Manor, Layton realized that there was more to the treasure than just Flora, as the birthmark pointed to the Baron's riches. Luke found a hidden switch in the shape of an apple on the portrait of Flora, which led to a secret room filled with gold.

A voice recording from the baron, intended for those who solved the mystery, congratulated Layton and talked about why he built the village. It explained that the baron had been told by his doctor that he would soon die from an unknown terminal illness, and he couldn't bear leaving his only child alone in the world. The voice told Layton to take the treasure, explaining that when it was taken, all the robots would cease functioning. Layton said it wasn't really his choice, and by right it belonged to Flora. He asked her what she wanted to do with it.

Flora opted to leave it as a way to repay the robots for their services in protecting her. Layton then asked if she would stay in her village. She did not answer, but was later seen getting in Layton's car, and leaving St. Mystere with Layton and Luke. All of the villagers waved and shouted their goodbyes to Flora. While driving across the countryside back to London, the professor told Luke that their adventure had to remain a secret in order to avoid making Flora a public spectacle.

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

Prologue: The Elysian Box

Some time after the events of Curious Village, Layton and Luke go to visit Layton's mentor Dr. Schrader, after he informs them by mail that he has come into ownership

Layton finds the train ticket.

of The Elysian Box, a legendary item rumoured to bring death to whomever opens it. Schrader wrote that he intends to open it regardless, and wishes Layton would finish the work he started if he does get killed. When they

WII41.rev 09--article image-2-.jpg

arrive at Dr. Schrader's flat, they find Schrader dead on the floor, and the box gone. The only clues they find are an expired ticket for the Molentary Express and a torn-up photograph that is confiscated by Inspector Chelmey as evidence.

Chapter 1: The Legendary Molentary Express

Following Layton's hunch, the two take a ride on the Molentary Express in search of clues. On board, they meet up with Chelmey, who is also following the case, and Flora, who has been secretly following the two and wants to go on the adventure with them. They also meet the train's owner, Mr. Beluga.

Chapter 2:The Country Village Of Dropstone

The train stops in Dropstone, a small village celebrating its 50th anniversary. As the train makes repairs, Layton, Luke and Flora explore the village and discover that there is a man in town by the name of Mr. Anderson who possesses some vital information regarding the history of Dropstone and the Elysian Box.

To find Mr. Anderson, Layton and crew head toward the livestock competition on the east side of town. Luke, using his expertise with animals, finds out the real prize-winning cow and ends

Oscar Wins.png

the competition with Oscar being the winner. It is also here, with the help of Nick, Layton talks with Mr. Anderson and finds some connection between Mr. Anderson's recently deceased elderly mother-in-law, named Sophia, who founded Dropstone, and the Elysian Box. While Layton and Luke aren't looking, Flora is kidnapped by Don Paolo. He disguises himself and takes Flora's place, leaving her in a barn to wake up long after the train has left.

As they leave, they notice a party surrounding a young woman. Layton figures that she must be Katia, Mr. Anderson's daughter and Sophia's granddaughter. They wonder where she is going, as most of the people surrounding her are tearfully saying goodbye.

Chapter 3: A Diverging Path

Layton, Luke, and the faux Flora are drugged into sleep in the train's deluxe car; as the train passes through a tunnel, the car is swapped with the car of another train and sent to a different destination, the 'phantom town' of Folsense.

Chapter 4: The Phantom Town of Folsense

When they arrive, they walk through a long corridor, the walls covered with fifty year old

Layton and co. feeling dizzy in the station.

pictures of the town in its former glory. They share a shaky, dizzying moment within the run-down and dilapidated station. As they walk out of it, the station transforms into a grand one of lights and colors. Confused, the three continue on and to find that Folsense has not changed within the fifth years, though there are few people inhabiting it.

Layton entering the glamorous Folsense.

Don Paolo, still posing as Flora, complains of feeling ill and asks to stay at the hotel while Layton and Luke explore the town. They learn it was once a successful gold mining town run by Duke Herzen, who had two sons, Anton and Fredrich. Frustrated with his father's stubborn ways, Fredrich left the town with his part of the family fortune long ago, using it to buy the Molentary Express and changing his name to Mr. Beluga. Folsense also has a strange aura about it, with Layton noticing that the town looks nearly the same as it did in the old photographs in the train station.

Chapter 6: The Road to Herzen Castle

Chelmey, who has also arrived in Folsense, believes he has identified Schrader's murderer, who he thinks is Sammy, Beluga's n

Layton foils Don Paolo's plans with the Elysian Box.

ephew. However, Layton is able to deduce that Flora is really Don Paolo, who, though he did not kill Schrader, was after the Elysian Box. Don Paolo claims that Schrader was already out cold when he arrived and flees the area, pursued by Chelmey and Barton. In his haste, Don Paolo accidently drops the box, which Layton collects, recognizing the Herzen family symbol on its lid from the torn photo and the stone tablet at the museum. Despite the apparent curse, Layton and Luke nervously open the box to find it empty. Realizing a deeper mystery, Layton decides to explore the Herzen Museum and old mine, reading in an old miner's diary that a terrible illness struck the town fifty years ago.

Chapter 7: An Encounter at the End of the Line

The two turn to Herzen Castle, claimed by the residents to be occupied by a vampire. Inside they meet Anton, the current duke of Folsense who, compared to a 50-year old portrait of himself, seems not to have aged, lending credibility to the vampire claims. Anton becomes suspicious of the two and ties them up in the castle's cellar. Layton and Luke free themselves and discover that the castle is built over one of the mine's excavation pits, which is emitting a strange fume.

They return to the castle's upper levels and find Katia, who implores them to leave the castle. The three run into Anton, who sees Katia and becomes bewildered, as she strikingly resembles his sweetheart Sophia, who left him decades ago. Katia, scared of Anton, hides behind Layton, which leads Anton to believe that Sophia left him for Layton. Anton challenges him to a sword-fight, in which Anton loses his breath extremely quickly, despite looking so young. Layton, with help from Katia, is able to solve the mystery.

Fifty years ago,

The sword fight with Anton.

while the miners dug for gold, they accidentally opened a large pocket of gas that caused the townspeople to hallucinate horrible things; they began to fall ill as a result. Most residents of the town evacuated, including Anton's fiancée Sophia. She had left because she was pregnant, but as she kept this secret from him, Anton believed she had fallen for another man.

Alone and taken by the effect of the gas, Anton continued to imagine the town as pretty and glamourous as it was before the incident. Luke and Layton also inhaled some of the gas when they arrived at the train station with the pictures, causing them to imagine the town in its former glory as well. Katia had come to Folsense to try to break the spell the gas had placed on Anton and bring him back to a normal life, as well as to pass on a message from Sophia to him.

Anton refuses to listen to Katia. Being told that Sophia was dead was too much for him, and he lunges towards Layton with his sword madly, causing the castle to crumble apart around them by slicing through a chain holding up an enormous chandelier. As they all flee the castle, the chasm below is blocked by debris and the gas becomes less potent. The illusion of the glamourous nightlife of Folsense disappears, revealing the long-abandoned, desolate town in daylight. Anton, now in his true, aged form, finally accepts reality and happily accepts Katia as his granddaughter.

Layton returns the Elysian Box to Anton, explaining that the "curse" of the box was likely due to traces of the gas in the compartment, and those that had died after opening the box were likely affected by a combination of

Old Anton, receiving the box from Layton.

the gas and their own fear. Anton acknowledges that he had the box made, but with a special compartment that only he and Sophia knew how to open. He had put a letter in the box for her after her departure from Folsense, hoping the box would have reached her, but gave up hope after it became legendary. However, when he shows Luke how to open it, Anton discovers a reply written by Sophia before her death a year previously.

In it, Sophia explains why she left, expresses her continued love for him, but says her time is drawing to a close. Her dying wish was for Katia to finally meet her grandfather, especially since their daughter could no longer meet her father. Anton vows to spend the rest of his life getting to know Katia better, before joining Sophia on the "other side."

In the credits, Layton, Luke, Anton and Katia return to Dropstone, where Anton is reunited for the first time in fifty years with his little brother Beluga, while Layton and Luke locate the real Flora, unharmed from Don Paolo's abduction. On the train trip back home, Layton discovers an article in the paper explaining that Schrader is alive and recovering well from his exposure to the gas in the Elysian Box. He decided to cancel his symposium appointment in London to visit him as soon as they return.

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Prologue: The Clock Shop On Midland Road

Reading Luke's Letter.png

The story starts off on a bus in London, with the professor and Luke on their way to a clock shop in Baldwin, following the instructions of a very strange letter that had arrived for them. What was so astonishing about this letter is that it was addressed to Layton from Luke, dated 10 years in the future. According to the letter, something terrible has happened to London. At first, Layton thinks that Luke is playing a trick on him, but after some consideration, they decide the letter is legitimate. With his brilliant intuition, Layton begins to suspect this whole affair is linked to the mysterious disappearances of London's greatest minds, as well as the presentation that had took place one week before the letter's arrival. A week earlier, Layton and Luke went to a presentation, where one Dr. Alain Stahngun had invited many of London's high society to see his newest invention, a working time machine. Layton and Luke feel a bit out of place, especially in the presence of Bill Hawks, the Prime Minister. Oddly enough, Inspector Chelmey and his

Dimitri's Presentation.png

bobby, Barton, are also there as well; even they wonder why they were invited. The presentation begins and Dr. Stahngun begins to explain how exactly the machine works. After a simple overview of the machine's abilities, Dr. Stahngun asked Prime Minister, Bill Hawks, to be the first person to demonstrate the machine and its functionality. Much to his wife's dismay, Bill agrees, and climbs into the time machine. Stahngun activates the machine, but seconds later it explodes into a cloud of ash and debris, leaving Bill, Stahngun, and his assistants nowhere to be found. Chelmey leads an investigation of the incident, and the mystery makes the front page of the London Times.

Chapter 1: Is This The Future?

Picture 19.png

Following the instructions in the letter, Layton and Luke arrive at Midland Road. They walk down the quiet and damp alleyways and make it to an odd building at the dead end. They enter and walk around in the dark, clock-filled rooms, until Luke notices the huge clock in the back room. They are welcomed by the shop owners, Spring and Cogg. Cogg explains that he was given instructions to show Layton their best timepiece: a giant clock that is over a hundred years old. There was only one small problem with the device. Cogg was going to fix it as it was missing a cog, but couldn't until Layton got here. After Layton helps Cogg repair it, the clock hands start spinning violently, and when it comes to a stop, Layton and Luke run outside to see that they are in a strange place. The door slams shut behind them. They decide to look around, and when they talk with most of the locals, they all say the same thing to the professor: 'Lose the hat'. Some of the passers-by were afraid of the hat. When they reach the bus stop, they find it in ruins, and a poster on it saying the route had been discontinued, but it was dated five years into the future.

While discussing the poster, a man dressed in black, holding a shoulder bag, appears and gives Layton another letter from the alleged future Luke, asking them to go to Room 312 of Green Hospital, located on Auckland Lane, to prove that they are in the future. They decide to go to the local Hotel Duke to ask for directions to the train station and other bits around this so-called future London. Layton and Luke pass down Southern Street and make their way into the Hotel Duke. Inside, the two reserve a room and also get some directions from the young maid, Becky. While passing through the arcade to the station on Flatstone Street, they pick up a newspaper, with the date on it from ten years into the future. This paper makes Layton and Luke begin to suspect they might actually be in the future after all.

They walk up Flatstone Street and enter the station at the plaza. After Layton purchases a subway ticket, they board the subway and take a ride to Green Hospital. Upon reaching the hospital, they talk with Natalia, the receptionist and walk up to room 312. This is where an ill and elderly Dr. Schrader now lives. Schrader and Layton have a talk about some of the unsavory rumors he has been hearing that revolve around the professor. After the talk Schrader gives them a set of keys, and tells them to go around the back of the hospital to find something special. After walking behind the hospital, they find an old and damaged Laytonmobile. After some heavy attempts, the car fails to start, but they find another letter from future Luke on the passenger seat. This third letter detailing them their meeting place, the Gilded 7 Casino. This casino is accessed by walking all of the way to the top of Flatstone Street.

Chapter 2: A Boy Named Luke

Layton and Luke go back to the hotel to ask Becky for some more directions as they still can't fully navigate through this foreign future London. She says that the Gilded 7 Casino is located on the north end of Flatstone Street, but there are Family Goons that are stationed along the way. She then tells them that these goons move from post to post on a regular basis. The two go back to Flatstone Street, and sure enough, the guard has gone.

Seems familiar?

As they walk up North Flatstone Street, Layton sees a red-haired woman walk past them. He is shocked by her presence, and he has a flashback of having dinner with someone nearly identical to her. Luke asks what the matter is, and Layton says that he's fine; apparently she reminded him of someone he knew a long time ago...

After this strange event, they arrive at the Gilded 7 Casino. As they approach the casino, Harold, the casino's bouncer, tells them to stand back while he inspects them. After the inspection, Harold allows them to walk inside. Inside they are greeted by the elusive and mysterious future Luke Triton, who challenges the professor to a Puzzle Battle to confirm his identity. Future Luke gives Layton a difficult puzzle involving cards and finding the spade among. Layton solves the puzzle, and future Luke asks him to come up with his own puzzle. Layton makes a puzzle very similar to the one Luke made. However, after some heavy thought, future Luke finds this puzzle impossible to solve. After an explanation on how Layton realized that future Luke's puzzle lacked sufficient information, but was still solvable, future Luke begins to suspect that knows that this is, in-fact, the real Professor Layton. Future Luke says that an evil genius has taken over the city. At first, Luke thinks it is Don Paolo, but future Luke reveals that the man who has taken over Future London is the professor.

Future Luke takes the two into a storage room, away from prying eyes, and goes on to explain that Dr. Stahngun survived the explosion, and had gone into hiding to avoid reprisals for causing the death of the Prime Minister; the professor was the

'Future Luke' saying that the evil genius who ordered the gunmen to shoot them was the professor.

one who helped him. In this dark hour, Layton had grown distant from Luke and apparently began consorting with criminals; and, using his masterful wits, eventually taking over the criminal underworld. With this power, he was able to rake in enough cash so Dr. Stahngun could finish his time machine. Future Luke had never found out why Layton became so obsessed with time travel.

They go to leave the casino, but Bostro, a henchman of future Layton's, spots them and tries to take them away for questioning, but future Luke shouts for them to run, and Bostro orders gunmen to search the casino for them. In all of the collateral damage, Layton finds pieces of destroyed slot machines. With the help of future Luke, Layton builds a slot machine gun. They use the machine gun and assault Bostro and his cronies. They run off, scared and Layton, Luke, and Future Luke head back to the restaurant in the arcade to discuss their next move.

Chapter 3: The Enigmatic Future

The three leave the casino, and decide to distinguish the two Lukes as 'Big Luke' and 'Little Luke'. Big Luke says that he needs to meet someone at the arcade restaurant, so they head there.

They arrive at the restaurant, where Shipley, the man in black, is waiting for them. Shipley is a good friend of Big Luke; he is the one who managed to get the letters to the professor. He had been spying in Chinatown, and found out that the Prime Minister and the missing scientists are being held up in the Towering Pagoda. Layton asks what the Towering Pagoda is, and Big Luke explains that it is the Family stronghold in Chinatown, and since the whole of Chinatown is under Family control, it would be tricky infiltrating it. Big Luke runs ahead to set up a plan, while the professor and Little Luke head off for Chinatown.

Pic 010 - Copy.png

Soon after leaving the restaurant, Layton sees the woman from before walking past them again. He chases after her around a corner, but she had vanished. Layton glimpses himself in a shop window and stares at his hat. He has another flashback. As a present, the other woman she resembles had given the hat to him, to celebrate him becoming a professor. It is the reason why he never takes it

"Very dashing, Hershel!"

off; he promised her he wouldn't. Luke asks what is wrong, and he says he's fine, but when Luke's not in earshot, he wonders if it could be her, if all the talk of time travel is real, if he had become obsessed with turning back time to that "fateful day"...

On the way, they pass a bronze statue of a man and a boy who both resemble the professor and Little Luke. The story on the plaque reads that the man used to write big complicated books, but the boy changed all that. The boy was ill, and to cheer him up, the man wrote an adventure novel for him, and it was his rise to success. The boy eventually passed away from his illness, but their friendship would last forever. Layton says it would be nice if their friendship grew to those heights, much to Luke's dismay.

They come by the Thames, where they see a lighthouse. They wonder what it is for, since it is a bit useless on a river. They meet another man in a white lab coat on the bridge, but when they introduce themselves, the man runs off, leaving a trail of wet footprints.

They reach Chinatown, only to be stopped by a huge gate and two goons, who resemble Inspector Chelmey and Barton. They wonder why the inspector was invited to the time machine presentation in the first place, and ponder if they could return to their own time to ask his opinion. Big Luke comes back, and says that they can use the time machine in the clock shop to go back, as he knows how to get them inside. The three decide to go back to the clock shop on Midland Road.

Chapter 4: Back To The Present

The professor, Little Luke, and Big Luke head back to the clock shop. They take a shortcut near the train station, but find the door locked. They manage to unlock it, but it still won't budge, so Layton and Big Luke run up and knock the door down, finding that someone had fallen asleep against it.

They arrive at the clock shop, and Big Luke uses a secret knock to get them inside. Cogg explains to the professor and Little Luke about how the Family were funding the construction of a time machine, and they used the clock in the shop to do so. The clock had become a wormhole between the two times, and Cogg was the only person who could open and close it.

Big Luke says that he will stay behind to prevent further disruption of time. Cogg sends the professor and Little Luke back to the present. When they leave the clock shop, Layton explains that before they go to see the inspector, he wants to go to his office at Gressenheller University to collect some old documents. They catch the bus to the university.

Chapter 5: The Forgotten Case

Gressenheller University

They arrive at the university, where they talk briefly with Dean Delmona, who says that there is a young lady waiting in Layton's office. It turns out to be Flora. She says that they have some nerve to leave her behind again. She goes out to fetch some tea she made earlier, and when she walks off, Layton and Luke decide to leave her behind (again). They quickly find the document Layton wanted; a leather-bound notebook with the professor's research on the explosion at the Institute of Polydimensional Research, with most of the pages torn out. They run off before Flora returns.

They catch the bus to Scotland Yard to speak with Inspector Chelmey. They discuss the explosion, when Chelmey says that when they examined the scene, they didn't find any trace of the victims at all. Layton says that he will explain his theory of how the Prime Minister and Stahngun might still be alive, if he can have access to the case files on the explosion at the Institute of Polydimensional Research. Chelmey reluctantly agrees, and they head to the archives in the basement of the police station.

Barton greets them in the archives with the case files. After reading them, Layton reveals that he is positive that Bill Hawks is still alive, and that to save him, they need to go back to Future London. Once he asks Chelmey about the scientists who caused the accident, they leave Scotland Yard and head back to the clock shop.

Chapter 6: Traveling Companions?

Upon arrival, they bump into Stachenscarfen, who warns them about "the law [being] right on [their] tail". They talk with Cogg about returning to the future. But not long afterwards, Chelmey, Barton and Flora barge in through the door, Chelmey demanding to know everything that Layton hasn't told him, and Flora very distressed at being left behind again. Before Layton can deal with the three, Cogg says "the more, the merrier", and takes them all to the future. Outside the shop, Layton offers to help the inspector with tracking down the prime minister, however Chelmey refuses, saying that it is police work and police work only. Big Luke then tells Layton that Future Layton lives somewhere in Chinatown. So they proceed to find the

Entering Chinatown.

Future Professor Layton.

To no one's surprise, Future Layton lives at the top of the Towering Pagoda. Before they enter, Layton wanders off for unknown reasons for a few minutes before returning. After solving multiple puzzles, they reach the top floor. Future Professor Layton greets Professor Layton with a puzzle battle, in order to make sure he is not talking to an imposter. After solving the puzzle, Future Layton begins talking to present Layton. Professor Layton calls Future Layton an imposter, and Future Layton removes his hat and jacket, and reveals himself to be Dr. Stahngun, or his real identity as Dimitri Allen. Dimitri explains his motives, saying that it is so he can save Claire, as he loved her too. Layton says that (even though he desires this himself) it doesn't justify kinapping the scientists. Dimitri then snaps his fingers, and the bookcase begins to move. Behind it, is a chained, unconscious Prime Minister Bill Hawks. Luke shouts, "You're a monster!" And at a nod of Dimitri's head, a massive cage made of giant spikes surrounds Layton, Luke, Flora, and Future Luke. Dimitri runs off with Bill Hawks through a secret tunnel, and the group is trapped. Then Layton removes his top hat, and reveals himself to be Don Paolo. The true Professor Layton walks in and opens the cage for them. They escape from the Towering Pagoda, and Luke demands to know why Don Paolo is on their side. Layton explains that it is because they both want answers to the same questions, and that all the questions lead back to Claire. It is here when Layton finally reveals who Claire is; she was his girlfriend from 10 years ago, and the last time he saw her, she was going to work at the lab when the explosion took place. He explains it wasn't just himself and Dimitri who loved her; Don Paolo did too.

Another flashback appears. It shows when Layton and Claire first got together, and Don Paolo was watching. Shock, sadness and anger drove him insane, and he has plotted revenge on Layton ever since.


Layton, Luke, and Flora find a poster of the Thames Arms restaurant in the tunnel, and presume there may be clues there. Don Paolo refuses to go with Layton, and walks around on his own. When they arrive there, a talking rabbit named Subject 3 tells them of a secret laboratory on the other side of the river

Layton exposing Clive.

. Layton, Luke, and Flora cross the sewers to find the laboratory.

While investigating, they come across a huge door, but when they finally figure out how to open it, the gang from the casino greets them with their guns. Being surrounded, Layton can't see a way to escape, but a mysterious woman quickly ushers them through a hidden door, and they are all saved from the gunshots anyway. Layton is shocked, as she is the Claire look-alike from earlier. He asks if she is Claire, despite knowing this is impossible. She says her name is Celeste, and that she is Claire's little sister. The group runs back to The Thames Arms, where Inspector Chelmey, Barton, Future Luke, and Don Paolo are all gathered. Layton says he knows who the culprit is here, and begins explaining. He points to the bartender, revealing Dimitri's clever disguise.

Dimitri tells Layton that the prime minister has been kidnapped from him by the gang from the casino. Layton then asks him about Claire, since the two of them were partners in a science project, the aim of which is unknown to Layton. Dimitri tells Layton that Claire, Bill Hawks, and himself were working on a time machine all those years ago. But he had discovered a massive error in their calculations, and was rushing back to the lab to stop the experiment, but he was too late. It exploded in front of him, and the fire was spreading. Dimitri ran inside to find Claire and Bill, and discovered that Claire was dead but Bill had survived. Layton heard news of the explosion and ran to the scene, finding that the entire block was impacted by the explosion.

The flashback ends, and Layton tells everyone that they are not in Future London, but an artificial city built underneath London in a massive cavern. He tells them that the clock shop is really a giant elevator, so they all were tricked into being brought to the fake city. Layton then concludes with an accusation, saying that Future Luke cannot be Future Luke since they are not in the future. 'Future Luke' at first denies it, but begins to laugh, and reveals himself to be Clive, and that he was the mastermind behind the plan. He says he tricked Dimitri into bringing the prime minister here, and that he is the boss of the gang. He claims that 'some may call it revenge, but [he] prefer[s] to think of it as justice, over single-minded scientists and corrupt politicians.' Tired of explaining himself, Clive then grabs Flora, and takes her away as hostage.

The Huge Weapon

Layton and Luke run out of the Thames Arms to see Clive is getting away. He is off in a speed-boat with Flora, heading toward the lighthouse. Then a huge weapon emerges from underneath the lighthouse in the Thames and begins shooting bombs at all the buildings in Future London. Chelmey calls for help and begins the mass evacuation of the city via the clock shop. Layton and Luke wonder how they are going to infiltrate the Fortress, when Don Paolo says that they can use the Laytonmobile he built using stolen blueprints.

Layton and Luke speed off, and drive off a cliff and safely land onto the huge weapon. Layton speeds up the slopes of the Fortress, and parks near the top. When figuring out what floor on which Flora is being held, one of the Casino gang greets them through the computer monitor, claiming that they will never be able to crack the code that controls the transport pod. They work it out, however, and the Casino cronie, in fear of Clive's wrath for giving away important information, escapes from the machine. Layton and Luke find Flora in the ventilation room, trapped in a glass cage. They unlock it, and proceed to find Clive. They head up to the surveillance room, where Clive is waiting for them. Clive says that the government will never change their ways; therefore he has no 'choice' but to completely flatten and rebuild London. He escapes via a hidden elevator, and runs off to the main control room.

The Fortress shoots grappling hooks onto the ceiling of the city. The ceiling collapses, and the ground of London falls through. The machine then pulls itself out of the underground city, and begins to destroy the real London.

Layton doesn't know what to do, but then Celeste runs in saying that she knows how to stop Clive. Using the CCTV cameras, they find the location of the generator. As they head to the transport pod, Luke asks how Celeste managed to get up into the Fortress. Celeste explains that Don Paolo let her use his flying machine.

Epilogue: The Unwound Future

They find the generator room, and unlock the generator to find Bill Hawks, unconscious and wired up to the generator of the Fortress. Clive appears on the CCTV, and says that if they move the prime minister from his seat, the Fortress will explode, taking the majority of London with it. The machine is monitoring the prime minister's heart, and they wouldn't be able to cut the leads connecting the device to the Fortress before it reacts. Celeste suggests switching Bill for a broken pocket watch that Layton had given to Claire years ago. They successfully switch the wires, but they only have 10 minutes to escape before the watch winds down and the Fortress explodes.

To try and stop the Fortress attacking, Layton reverses the movement of the gears in the generator. This is successful, but it means that the Fortress is destroying itself. They try to take the transport pod back up to the deck, but Celeste advises against it, and so they decide to use the car.

Layton and the others try to get off the Fortress via the Laytonmobile, but their path is blocked by debris. Managing to move it out the way, they continue driving. But part of the pathway collapses, and they accidently drive off the Fortress. Luckily, Layton remembers that Don Paolo had made some "adjustments" to his car, and with a push of a button, wings and a propeller extend from the Laytonmobile. Don Paolo watches from a nearby rooftop, and congratulates Layton.

On their descent to the ground, Celeste sees Clive unconscious in the control room, and, feeling compassionate for him, tells Layton she wants to rescue him too. Layton says it's too dangerous, but turns around anyway and flies back to the Fortress, where Celeste leaps out and into the machine. Layton lands and gets everyone out, and then returns to the Fortress. He manages to rescue Clive and Celeste, and brings them back down to the ground. The Fortress falls back into the cavern and explodes, completely obliterating the abandoned future London.

Once they reach the ground, the prime minister quickly instructs Chelmey to arrest Clive. Layton speaks with him before he is taken away. Clive tells Layton that the reason he has such a grudge against everyone is because 10 years ago, when the time machine experiment failed, he was the orphaned child that Layton had saved from entering the building (by slapping him - how nice!), saying it was too dangerous. Layton explains that the explosion that killed Clive's parents was the same one that killed Claire. Clive was driven to insanity by his parent's deaths and plotted revenge on all those associated with the explosion. Dimitri was the one who needed Layton, but Clive knew full well of the threat that Layton posed to his plan. He says that a part of him wanted somebody to save him from his madness, and that he intends to make amends for what he has done. Clive thanks the professor for saving his life again.

Chelmey orders Barton to escort Clive to the police station, and he is last seen walking away with four other police officers. Bill comments on how despicable he finds criminals, with Chelmey saying that 'criminals aren't the only blind ones', referring to Bill.

Layton then talks with Dimitri, who worries whether it was his love for Claire or his pride that compelled him to continue his research. He points out to Layton that he got a crucial detail wrong. Layton asks what he means, when he sees Celeste on the verge of tears. Celeste says that she doesn't have much time left, and that he took good care of the hat she gave him. Chelmey walks over and tells Layton that he completed the background check on Claire's family, and that she had no younger sisters. Layton is shocked, as Dimitri explains that the experiment 10 years ago wasn't a complete failure. Celeste reveals that she is Claire. Dimitri declares that the time machine has caused enough grief, and that his research has come to an end. Claire says that she cannot remain in the present; she must go back to the moment of the blast to restore time.

Claire says that it is time for her to return, and that she is sorry that she can’t stay. He and Claire share a last kiss,

Claire's farewell to Layton.

and she turns to walk off, but Layton shouts for her to wait. She turns back, and a faint glow surrounds her body. She talks about their past, and that she will miss him and their unwound future (hence the title of the game). Layton says that he can’t let her go again, but she says that she knows he will stay strong without her. She gives a final goodbye and walks off down an alley. Luke chases after her, only to find that she had vanished. After losing his

Layton after receiving Luke's letter.

beloved a second time, Layton looks toward the sky, takes his hat off, and weeps.

In the post-credits cutscene, Luke sends a letter to Layton about another mystery in Luke's new home. Layton smiles after reading the letter and looks up out the window afterwards.

Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy

In this game, the professor goes missing. His daughter Katrielle then begins to solve small mysteries in hopes of finding him.

At the end of the game, Katrielle mentions that she solved the puzzle her father left her, "If you're not really my child, then just who are you?", implying Katrielle herself may be adopted.

Layton Mystery Detective Agency: Kat's Mystery-Solving Files: Professor Layton and the Relics Treasure


Many years after he left Layton, Luke stays behind on a sinking ship on a stormy sea to help a woman named Kamilla give birth as everyone else runs for the lifeboats. The baby is born safely, but Kamilla can’t make it. She tells Luke to bring the baby to Hershel Layton in London so he can find her father, Kyle Azan, an archaeologist who went missing as he got too close to the relics’ puzzle.

Luke arrives back in London and fills Layton in, but he doesn’t know any Kamilla or Kyle Azan. He does take the case of the Relics and looking after the baby. For now, before they can find out who her real father is, Layton will say it’s her daughter and names her Katrielle. After a number of years with no luck finding Kyle, Layton formally adopts her.

Episode 1

Several years later, a woman by the name of Marina came to ask Layton for help on finding her husband who turns out to be non-other than Luke. He disappeared a few days ago after locking himself away to solve a mystery.

Layton visits Luke’s room and notices that Luke had left a puzzle to his whereabouts. Luke had figured that he could call for Layton’s help if he got into danger.

Three aspects of Luke’s room give his location away, a crack on the ceiling, a rug on the floor which is a section of the city, and a stopped clock on his desk. At that particular time the clock stopped at, Layton opens the window to allow sunlight in which shines through the crack onto the rug map below pointing towards the British museum.

They visit the Museum and make contact with Zachbarn, the person in charge. He invites them to his room and denies any knowledge of Luke, but Layton figures out that Luke left another message in his office to tell them that he is here. With nowhere to hide, Zachbarn sends in his men.

Layton beats them all and figures out that Zachbarn was Don Paolo all along. Layton threatens him away and rescues Luke. Layton and Luke chat about the Relic Stones mystery which Luke finally explains to Marina.

Layton accepts Luke’s help as he wants to solve this mystery for his daughter Katrielle. His first thought is that the stones are pointing at only stones, i.e. continuously lighting the way to another stone until it reaches the ‘first’ stone again in a never ending loop. As people just throw away the stones that loses their light they’ll keep going in circles. Layton wants to gather all the stones in one place and then see what happens.

Episode 2

The day comes when Layton and Luke set out on their journey to figure out the relic stones. Layton first figures out that there is no Kyle Azan, there is only Kamilla Azan, meaning that Katrielle’s real father may not be alive anymore. However, they will continue Kamilla’s wish and figure out the secret to the Relic stones.

Layton’s first clue came from the six stones that they have, when gathered together they would loop point at the next one, but rearranged in size assuming each one was a corresponding continent on a map, it would point to a specific point on the map.

They go to that specific location and find a hidden location in the Lestagiana cave. That location turns out to be the bottom of another cave. Layton deduces that Kamilla must’ve gotten to this point but had to go back to London as she already sold the stones and she needed them for the next step. Layton has the stones this time and using them, he opens a path to the relic’s door.

Episode 3

Layton and Luke climb to the top of the cave and reach the door that guards the relic’s secrets. After a spot of puzzle solving, they open the door but then are shocked to see nothing as it seems the relic’s secrets were removed over a hundred years ago.

They leave the cave and deduce that the relic’s secret had been transported to Southampton due to the huge size of the port. Then they are suddenly surrounded by a group of armed men with the intention to capture them, apparently because of their knowledge about the Relics. They escape and Layton decides to stop reporting his progresses on the investigation from then on.

Layton and Luke arrive back in London and try to figure out who could’ve taken the relic’s secret. Layton believes two people were involved, one provided the funds and the other to solve the mysteries. The latter he believes to be Rufus Aldebaran, a renowned puzzle solver. After hearing a story of Aldebaran assisting Earl Drake Dellendar, Layton is certain they’re connected. They learn that Dellendar built Cranscoll Cathedral in Southampton before he died and therefore that must be where the mystery of the relics are.

Episode 4

Layton and Luke arrive in Southampton and make their way to Cranscoll cathedral. Before they go into the Cathedral, Layton moves some of the bricks around the floor of the entrance of the cathedral to leave Katrielle a message. He confronts the priest there about the relics and is surrounded by armed men. They’ve also taken Marina hostage and Layton and Luke surrender.

Episode 5

It turns out that the Relics are actually a device that induces cryogenic sleep and can therefore be considered as a time machine. The device was used by Earl Dellendar and his son, but not so long before Layton's arrival at the cathedral an accident occurred, resulting in the Earl and his son's death. It was the priest's job to protect the Earl during his sleep, so he had to hide the accident. Layton and Luke's arrival was of perfect timing for him. After their surrender, the priest let them serve as the Earl and his son's substitutes to prevent the accident from becoming known.

Eleven years later, Layton and Luke are found inside the Relics' coffins by Katrielle, Ernest, Sherl and Inspector Britannias. It turns out Marina was investigating the Relics all the time, pretending to be one of the priest's men. Now that Britannias's men have arrested the priest, Marina is finally able to open the coffins and set Layton and Luke free. Britannias let them bring to a nearby hospital to wake up and recover.

After having recuperated, Layton and Luke travel after Katrielle, Ernest and Sherl, who have gone to Aldebaran's old residency. There, Layton finally reunites with his daughter. Together, they investigate Aldebaran's villa, which points out that Aldebaran was an astronomer, demanding a huge fee for his deductive abilities. Everything indicates Aldebaran himself was asleep in the Relics as well, together with the Earl and his son, but woke up a while before the accident. After solving a few puzzles, they discover Aldebaran wants them to go to Greenwich Observatory.

Final Episode

In a secret chamber under Greenwich observatory, which they found by solving a puzzle, they find Aldebaran. When Layton asks him why he wanted them for solving his puzzles and coming to him, he flings a wine bottle towards Layton, who barely dodges it. Then he takes a sword and tries to attack Layton. Layton also gets a sword and defends himself. He asks Aldebaran if he is to test his swordsmanship, but Aldebaran says he wants to see if Layton is someone worthy enough to take his place. Layton is not sure why he is trying to test him, but decides not being able to replace him and drops his sword. Then the scaffolding inside the chamber collapses, because Layton has cut through the frame with his sword a few second before. Aldebaran becomes buried under it.

When Aldebaran comes up again, his body has changed dramatically as his skin is now partly purple. He attacks Layton again and blames him for not believing him either. He then explains that one hundred and eleven years ago, he discovered there was to be a a comet that would crash into Earth and would endanger all of mankind. The time of that event was about hundred and ten years in the future. He thought that his research and his brilliant mind might save the world. Later, he learned about the Relics and found the Relics Room. He analyzed the device's technology in order to build a shelter to save people by putting them into cryogenic sleep, but that was difficult with the technology from the era the device came from. Therefore he decided to go to the future, along with the device, in the hope that he could build the shelter before doomsday. He wasn't brought back through proper means, however, which caused an abnormality in his body's cells.

Aldebaran moans about why nobody could understand him. In his anger, he smashes his sword against the wall, thereby destroying a part of it and transporting himself to a platform above them. He predicts that his body will not last for much longer and says to Layton that if he carries on his will, he can save mankind.

Then Emiliana Perfetti and Inspector Ercule Hastings appear. Layton reveals he went to Scotland Yard to search for files on astronomers and asked the two of them for help with the case. Layton asks Emiliana for the data he asks her for and deduces his predictions were right. He had met with astronomers at Aldebaran's estate and had them reinvestigate the predictions on the impact event. The astronomers were able to confirm that the devastation was indeed going to come, but not until another hundred twenty years. Aldebaran's telescope's accuracy was subpar and that caused a slight error in his calculations.

Realising that he is not being able to stop the future's destruction now, Aldebaran orders Layton to use the Relics room to go further into the future. Then Katrielle interrupts him, making clear to him that in the future, other people like him and Layton will appear and will try their hands at resolving the threat and that humanity will find a way to fight it off. Aldebaran then realizes that, by going into the future, he sacrificed everthing he loved for nothing, because the world has changed. Then, knowing that his time has come, he let his dying body fall into the river. Layton tributes him for planting the seed that will save the world.


After the events at the Greenwich Observatory, Layton returned to live in London and becomes a teacher at Gressenheller University again. He and Luke also join the team of Katrielle's Detective Agency.

Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

Though Mystery Room features Layton's son Alfendi, and not the Professor, he is mentioned a few times. He is an old friend of Scotland Yard's Commissioner, who contacts him to discuss Alfendi in the game's epilogue.

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  • Layton is 34 in Last Specter and around 28 (in Emmy's memory), officially 17 (as a student at Stansbury) and around 35 in Miracle Mask, 36 in Azran Legacy (also shown as 6 years old child in flashback) and around 37 in Curious Village, Diabolical Box and Unwound Future (if including around 27 years old in the past). He became a professor at 27 years old, so this would make him around the age of 37 in Unwound Future. However, his official age in the main trilogy remains unconfirmed/unknown.
    • Despite being adopted at the apparent age of 6, he hasn't remebered it until being told the whole story by Descole. Most likely his memories were repressed.
  • The anime's timeline adds around 23 years to his age, as Katrielle herself is officially 21, and Layton takes her in when she is a baby.
  • In Diabolical Box, Layton's hat leaves his head for a split second, although the top of his head is not visible due to him ducking.
  • His height (including hat) is 5'9"/176 cm, according to official guidebooks.
  • In Diabolical Box, Layton's choice of tea is Belle Classic, since he prefers his tea to be bitter.
    • According to Miracle Mask, he also prefers his tea with milk, and also enjoys Earl Grey and cucumber sandwiches.
  • Unwound Future is, so far, the only game in which the professor takes off his hat. This does not count the flashbacks of Miracle Mask and Azran Legacy where he does not have it.
  • In Unwound Future, when you click on the hat on the crate in Layton's office, Layton responds that "a gentleman always keeps an extra spare".
  • In Eternal Diva, Layton is shown being able to play the piano at a high skill level.
    • For some reason in the English version of Eternal Diva, he is shown to play it only with one hand while the sound is distinctly played with two. This does not appear in the Japanese version.
    • This was most likely a last-minute visual correction to the English dub since the song he's playing is meant to be one hand of a two-handed piece, despite not correcting the sound. In addition, Layton realistically glances up to the sheet music multiple times, which he does not do in the Japanese version.
  • Layton, along with Randall, was a member of the fencing club in his youth. He was the less skilled of the two.
  • Professor Layton, Jean Descole, Anton Herzen, Randall Ascot and Rufus Aldebaran are currently the only characters who are known to be able to sword-fight/fence.
  • Professor Layton also drinks red wine, though he seems to prefer tea.
  • Professor Layton is also capable of riding a horse, as seen in Miracle Mask.
  • In Last Specter, it is mentioned that he dislikes coffee, as it "makes [him] rush to hints"
    • In Miracle Mask, young Hershel claims he is okay with the scent of coffee but prefers the aroma of tea.
  • Professor Layton appears on another game called Inazuma Eleven (another game franchise of LEVEL-5) and appears on a team called the Layton Team, but it is only a brief appearance and his team may not be even challenged. This team includes Professor Hershel Layton, Luke Triton, Flora Reinhold, Don Paolo, Inspector Chelmey and Anthony "Anton" Herzen.
  • In Inazuma Eleven Go Chrono Stones Wildfire and Thunderflash and the following game Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy Big Bang and Supernova, Professor Hershel Layton returns via a password and QR Code respectively alongside returning Luke Triton and newcomer Emmy Altava.
  • The Gentleman range in London Life is based around his attire.
  • In Last Specter, it is shown that the officers of Scotland Yard hold Layton in high esteem, as Grosky tells Emmy in a flashback, "Don't let the hat fool you. That is a man of powerful intellect."
    • He is also often called to help with their "tougher cases".
  • In the London Science Museum (in real London) there is an archaeological collection of stones, fossils and shells called the "Layton Collection".
  • Layton's beloved hat was given to him by his sweetheart Claire.
    • Before Layton's top hat, he had a small, red cap.
  • Layton has a son, whose name is Alfendi Layton. He is the protagonist of Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. The two have yet to appear in a game together, and the mother remains unclear.
    • He also has a daughter, Katrielle Layton. She appears in Layton's Mystery Journey, where she solves mysteries in London in search of her father.
    • Flora may also technically count since she "follows" him after Curious Village. However, she is referred to as his "protegee" in her English Unwound Future profile, and Flora still refers to him as "professor," never calling him "papa" like she called her birth father, Baron Reinhold. (This is also the case in the Japanese version, where she never refers to Layton as a "father" or similar. Her last name also remains the same in both versions.) Despite this, she is still often seen with or near Layton.
  • During the final trial in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Layton's sprite animations are very similar to those performed by Miles Edgeworth in the Ace Attorney games, such as shrugging while shaking his head and slamming the desk with one palm. This may be intentional on the developer's part, as Layton was acting the role of a friend turned rival, which is a major part of Edgeworth's character.
  • Layton and his daughter Katrielle appear in Yo-Kai Watch: Wibble Wobble as Yo-Kai, with Layton being a Mysterious Tribe Yo-Kai.

Name Origin

  • "Hershel" may come from the German surname "Herschel", which in turn possibly comes from "hirsch", meaning deer. It was normally given to hunters or those "nimble like a deer", perhaps referencing Layton's hunt for puzzles or his nimble mind. It may have been chosen in reference to John Herschel, an English astronomer who wrote to William Lassell after Neptune's discovery to suggest that he would search for possible moons. Lassell did so and discovered Triton.
  • Layton is a surname derived from various place names in England, possibly coming from "settlement by the watercourse", from Old English "lād" ("watercourse") + "tūn" ("enclosure"). Presumably, it was chosen for its British origin. It could also possibly be a play on "Latin", as a reference to his intellectualism.