Professor Layton Royale is a Professor Layton series spin-off game for the Japanese mobile distribution system Mobage.

The game is a cross-over between the Professor Layton and the Kaito Royale series, one of the popular series on Mobage.

The player has the choice to be either a detective, a criminal, or a normal citizen. The detectives and citizens need to work together to find out who the criminals are. The criminals, in turn, have to create obstacles to prevent them from being caught.

The game was discontinued on November 30, 2012, in favor of the newer game Professor Layton and the Phantom Thieves.


Layton Royale Poster

The promotional poster.

As seen on the promotional poster, the features many major characters from the entire Professor Layton series.

Following characters can be seen on the poster (top to bottom, left to right):




Japanese Commercial #1 Japanese Commercial #2 (How to Play)
Professor Layton Royale

Professor Layton Royale

Professor Layton Royale (How To Play)

Professor Layton Royale (How To Play)

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