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The Professor Layton Wiki is an English reference site dedicated to the Professor Layton series.


The Professor Layton Wiki was founded by Killerbreadbug72 on December 29, 2008. Over the years, the site has undergone multiple adoptions and expansion, and it now contains 2,497 articles and 7,686 files.

The English Professor Layton Wiki is also partnered with the German, Spanish and a few other-language Layton wikis, providing inter-language links on pages, when available.


The wiki has been adopted 3 times since its creation. The first time was by Wiki443556, when the founder (Killerbreadbug72) became inactive. For the same reason it was later also adopted by MoltenAsh and then (technically) by Tjcool007, who is still active. All these users are bureaucrats.

After the last adoption and over time, more admins were added: Wattz2000, who later made it to bureaucrat, and the normal admins Trace Barkley, SophiaDescole13, and Banana Split.

See the user rights log for the exact dates.

Helping OutEdit

Anyone can edit articles on the Professor Layton Wiki, though it is currently required to create an account with Wikia first.

There are several areas to help on the site. Aside from general article improvement, the wiki is in need of people to help with adding puzzle pages, as explained on the project page. The wiki also has multiple article stubs that require improvement and is in need of character art. A more general to do list can be found at PLW:ToDo.

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