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Don't upload images with a name like this.

You may have noticed the thousands of files on the Professor Layton Wiki. These files are uploaded by our staff and users. However, licensing files isn't the only thing to worry about when uploading them. Be aware that some files have little purpose due to other files having a similar purpose. Also, when uploading a file, make sure it meets our naming criteria.


Character-Specific Images[]

Primarily, images of characters are going to be from cutscenes or animated segments. When uploading these images, please make sure there aren't any images that are the same or depict a similar image. To see what images of characters we already have look at that character's image Category (Category:(Character's name here) Images).

If you cannot find the gallery of their images see Category:Character Images and find a subcategory for the character. The name of these articles should be specific and NEVER just a group of numbers. Most images of characters should also have the name of the central character in it.

Character Profiles[]

When uploading a character profile image, make sure the name of the image follows this simple process:

PL(# of Game)Profile(# of profile)





Puzzle Images[]

Puzzle images are the images that are used in the puzzle pages here, on the Professor Layton Wiki. When naming an image for the puzzle page, name it, following the code below. However, there's a variety of image types for puzzles. When inserting an image into a puzzle page, please follow the correct manual of style.

For a regular image
(Game Code of the game the puzzle is in)(Puzzle #[Include 0's])
For a solution image
(Game Code of the game the puzzle is in)(Puzzle #[Include 0's]) then an "S" at the end.
For a puzzle with a step-by-step solution
Same as a solution image, but put the number of step at the end.
For a weekly puzzle image
Follow the steps for regular and solution images, but after the Game Code, put a "W". It is accepted to use two ("CVW01") or three ("CVW001") digits, but two digits (the official notation) is preferred.
For a daily puzzle image
Follow the steps for regular and solution images, but after the Game Code, put a "D".




CV126S1.gif (1st Step)


Video files[]

When you upload a video, make sure it's relevant and necessary. If you wish to upload a video for a song, please contact a local administrator first.

Videos should be used from the Wikia Licenced Video library whenever possible. If the video is not available on the Licenced Video library, a video can be embedded instead through use of the <youtube> tag.

Audio files[]

.ogg files can easily be uploaded just like a regular file can, but when you do, make sure that the song or sound being uploaded is relevant toward the page you are placing it on.

When categorizing .ogg files that are songs, categorize them under [[Category:(Game Name) Songs]]. For example: the song "Mobile Fortress Live" is categorized under Category:Unwound Future Songs.