The minigame wikiproject aims to create full comprehensive pages about the various minigames in the games of the Professor Layton series.

Goals Edit

  • Create pages for all minigames. Each page should contain at least the following:
    • Name of the game it is in
    • Info of when and where it is found
    • How to play
    • All requests and solutions
    • Name of the house that is unlocked in Layton's Challenges.

Progress Edit

Curious Village Edit

Diabolical Box Edit

  • Camera - Misses Puzzle list for parts, misses photos and solutions
  • Hamster - Missing
  • Tea Set - Needs images of ingredients, needs puzzle list of how to obtain ingredients

Unwound Future Edit

  • Toy Car - Needs to list puzzles on where to obtain the tracks, possible images of collectibles
  • Parrot - Needs to list puzzles of how to obtain
  • Picture Book - Needs to list puzzles on how to obtain stickers, needs images of stickers

Last Specter Edit

Miracle Mask Edit

  • One-Stop Shop - Needs list of puzzles of where to obtain stages, needs solution images, needs images of catalog items
  • Toy Robot - Needs solutions, needs puzzles, needs images, hidden mazes incomplete
  • Rabbit Show - Needs solutions, needs puzzles, needs images

Azran Legacy Edit

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