"Discover the legacy of a lost civilization! Professor Layton and his companions take to the skies aboard the airship Bostonius and embark on an adventure of epic proportions. Can the professor uncover the secrets of the ancient Azran civilization and solve the greatest puzzle of them all?"

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy is a Professor Layton series game for the Nintendo 3DS. The game was confirmed in a Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation on August 29, 2012[4]. According to LEVEL-5 CEO, Akihiro Hino, it will be the last game in the series to star Professor Layton himself as the main protagonist. The game was confirmed for localization in both the European and North American Nintendo Direct events of April 17, 2013. It was released on November 8th in Europe[3], and was released in North America on February 28, 2014.[2]

The game happens chronologically one year after the events from Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. It concludes the prequel trilogy of the series.

At Tokyo Game Show 2012, a full three-minute trailer was revealed. The trailer featured Professor Layton, Luke, and Emmy, with two new characters, Desmond Sycamore, a fellow archaeologist from London, and Aurora, the living mummy who is somehow connected to the legacy of the Azran civilization. The game was released in Japan on February 28, 2013.[1]

The ending theme of this installment is "Surely Someday" by Fukuhara Miho.[5]

In order to promote the game further in Japan, two sets of Professor Layton themed chocolate were sold. Each box contains a special card containing a puzzle, as well as a code to unlock it in the game[6]. The chocolate comes in 2 flavors ("gateau chocolat" and "black tea chiffon cake") and were available from January 15th to the end of March.[7]

The game received its first playable English demo at the Hyper Japan 2013 event in the United Kingdom[8].



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Prologue: Setting OffEdit

"Professor, do you really think it's possible that it's found a living mummy?" -Luke to Layton


In the Bostonius

Layton, Luke and Emmy are preparing to board the airship Bostonius. As they ascend the stairs, they briefly discuss the letter they received from Professor Sycamore, an eminent archaeologist. In the letter, Sycamore told Professor Layton that he had found a so-called "living mummy".

Once on board the ship, Layton, Luke and Emmy are greeted by Raymond, who makes Professor Layton solve a quick puzzle in order to confirm his identity. After solving the puzzle, the airship takes off to Froenborg.

Chapter 1: Frozen in TimeEdit

"Professor Layton, it's quite an honor" - Sycamore to Layton

Targent appears

Targent appears

Upon arriving at Froenborg, Layton, Luke and Emmy disembark from the Bostonius and set out in search of Professor Sycamore. After exploring the town and talking to some of the locals they find the entrance to a cave where Professor Sycamore is said to be, along with a lone snowman standing outside. However, a giant wall of ice blocks the way into the cave. With no way in, Layton decides to head back to town. After talking to some more of the locals, the Professor, Emmy, and Luke find a glove and put it on the snowman outside the cave. Upon doing so, a hidden mechanism is activated, and the wall of ice slides away, revealing an entrance to the cave. Inside, Layton, Luke and Emmy find Professor Sycamore, and a girl trapped within a giant block of ice. And according to Professor Sycamore, still alive.

The pursuit

The pursuit

After solving a puzzle that frees the girl from the ice, the girl is captured by a criminal organization known as Targent. Targent escapes with the girl onboard their giant airship, and Layton, Luke, Emmy, and Sycamore go after them in the Bostonius. After a high speed chase the Bostonius manages to latch onto the airship and Layton and Luke board it. They soon arrive at the control room, where Leon Bronev, the leader of Targent, is waiting with the girl. The girl creates a shock wave, causing her to pass out. During the confusion, the Professor and Luke manage to escape with the girl down a rope. However the girl awakes during this and falls from the rope as the ship is flying over a forest woodland. Raymond and Sycamore manages to land the Bostonius in a lake, near a town
4-Escaping from Targent's airship

Escaping from Targent's aircraft

Chapter 2: The Mysterious GirlEdit

"I am the emissary of the Azran people, Aurora" -Aurora to the group

After Layton and Luke were eventually found in the forest by Emmy and Sycamore, they go to the nearby village, Kodh. Then starts the search of Aurora, but the situation begins to get complicated, because Targent's aircraft is damaged, so that some soldiers are in the town. After talking with several people and investigating the place avoiding Targent, they manage to find  Aurora, mysteriously walking in the waters of the lake. This mystery is revealed after solving a puzzle: she was walking on some plates that can be used to arrive at the center of the lake, where Aurora pronounces a few words and gets to some ruins emerge from the lake's bottom. Thus, it is confirmed that they were the cause of some electrical appliances used to fail. 

5- Aurora in the dom

Giving the instructions

Once inside the ruins (a dome) , Aurora begins to say more words in an strange language, so that the dome walls starts to shine, showing a lot of extrange engravings. Aurora identifies herself as the emissary of the azran people and explains that to find their legacy, is necessary to find the five aura stones, which are distributed worldwide. The dome shows their the coordinates, so they decide to go in search of the artifacts. Once she have finish to give the instructions, faints, but returns to regain consciousness later, and thus begins to come in contact with the group and the world.

Chapter 3: A Day Out in LondonEdit

"This is... this is your world?" -Aurora to the group

6-Choosing the clothes

Choosing the clothes

Before embarking on the adventure, Sycamore decides to return to London to prepare everything and buy supplies. Once there, walking down the street Aurora feels the presence of an Azran artifact and goes to the museum. When they arrive, they discover that there has been a robbery, so they decide to go to the police station to investigate. Before that, Emmy suggests buy new clothes to Aurora in order to avoid Targent. After that, she discovers Grosky in troubles, and saves his life confronting a few Targent's agents.

7-The fight

The fight

Having researched the archives of the police station and talked with Clark Triton at the museum, Layton and company return to the police station to solve the mystery. The group gathers with the inspector Leonard Bloom.

8-In the comissariat

In the comissariat

But this time Layton accuses him of being the culprit of the theft, besides belonging to Targent. Bloom is arrested, and now Layton and company can begin their journey around the world aboard the Bostonius.

Chapter 4: The Hunt for the EggsEdit

"When life's essence flows the ancient bird will rise"- Layton in Mossinia

Phong giEdit

10-In Phong Gi

Preparing the joke

When they arrive to Phon Gi they begin to investigate where the egg could be. After asking in the village square, they discover that the head of the tribe wears it as a pendant. To get the egg, they should make him laugh, because since long ago the boss does not laugh. After failing with the jokes, Layton and the group discover that the boss has bad sight, so they decide to collect materials and manufacturing glasses for him. Once the boss has the glasses he can see well again, and then he gives away the egg for them.

San GrioEdit

In San Grio the group was being shocked after seeing that the whole town was full of eggs. They were called popoños, and were mimics of an ancient relic. After the confusion, Layton and company known Bud, the owner of a restaurant. As a reward for solving a puzzle, Bud tells the true egg is passed by the people of San Grio according to a rules.

9-In San Grio

In San Grio's market

Once they know this, they reinvestigate the town. The heroes talked to many people and slowly discovered what those rules were. At the end, Layton discovers that Bud is who actually owns the egg, so they talk to him again. Bud recognizes that they have discovered the mystery and gives them the egg.






Logo & BoxartEdit


Main ThemeEdit


Azran Legacy Theme
AL-Azran Legacies Theme
Length: 2m44s


Professor Layton and the Legacies of the Superb Civilisation A

Professor Layton and the Legacies of the Superb Civilisation A

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies TGS Trailer Subbed

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies TGS Trailer Subbed






  • The Japanese boxart seems to be inspired by the previous European boxarts throughout the series. As a result, the European boxart for the game is mostly a recolored version of the Japanese one.
    • The American boxart is virtually identical to the European one, other than a few minor changes, such as the ESRB icon and the text on the bottom.
  • This is one of two games in the series to receive an USK rating of 6, the other game being Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. Both of these games are the last game of their respective trilogy.
  • This is the third game in the Layton series where the US, UK and AU versions all hold the same name. The other two being Curious Village and Miracle Mask.
  • Azran Legacy takes place a year after Miracle Mask and sometime before Curious Village.
  • Azran Legacy completes the story-arc that began in Professor Layton and the Last Specter, continued in the film release, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, followed by Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. It also leads directly into Professor Layton and the Curious Village, taking place some time later.
  • This game has the least chapters of any Professor Layton game. This is due to Chapter 4 being divided into five parts, meaning the game, technically has the equivalent of ten chapters.
  • This game is, currently, the final installment in the prequel trilogy, and Layton series overall. It should be noted that although Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was released after Azran Legacy, it is not considered part of either trilogy.

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