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This is the Puzzle Index for Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. It lists all puzzles that are in the game.

You can also browse the puzzles by category.

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Story Puzzles[]

001Airship's DestinationFind RoutePrologueBostonius20
002A Glacial GiftWrite AnswerChapter 1Slippery Street20
003Lighten UpArrangeChapter 1Slippery Street40
004Similar SnowflakesMultiple ChoiceChapter 1Snow Coach Stop20
005Embroidery EnigmaArrangeChapter 1Snow Coach Stop40
006Frozen in TimeDivideChapter 1Ice Cave30
007Mutiny!SolitaireChapter 1Slippery Street30
008Reggie's Slidy RideSlideChapter 1Keat's Cusion30
009Dial TrialCalculateChapter 1Cargo Hold30
010Funky HooksSequenceChapter 1Midship30
011A Laborious LitreCalculateChapter 1Midship35
012Squirrel SnacksCalculateChapter 2Lakeside Forest30
013Pretty Paper PetalsSelectChapter 2Kodh Station40
014Blooming FlowersArrangeChapter 2Fish Market40
015Something FishySlideChapter 2Fish Market40
016Give Me a Sign!ArrangeChapter 2Hilltop Lookout40
017Walking on WaterFind RouteChapter 2Level Crossing30
018The Celestial KingDraw LineChapter 2Azran Dome40
019A Dog of TilesTileChapter 2Lake Kodh Waterfront40
020Boat to BoatFind RouteChapter 2Lake Kodh Waterfront40
021Fishing FriendsMultiple ChoiceChapter 2Lake Kodh Pier20
022Hose Help?Multiple ChoiceChapter 3Layton's Office20
023Choc-FullDivideChapter 3Gressenheller University30
024Mutual Meeting PlaceSelectChapter 3Kensington High Street30
025Cracking CombinationsWrite AnswerChapter 3Museum Grounds30
026Copy CatsFind RouteChapter 3Raven's Way40
027A Heart of TilesTileChapter 3London Aerodome30
028Directing a DeliveryArrangeChapter 3Layton's Office40
029Carriages of JusticeSelectChapter 3Raven's Way30
030Airship's Destination 2Find RouteChapter 3The Bostonius40
031For the Heart!SelectChapter 3Scotland Yard40
032BibliofilingArrangeChapter 3Archives30
033Shopping SpreeCalculateChapter 3Gressenheller University40
034The Future AwaitsWrite AnswerChapter 3Kensington High Street30
035Fake FragmentsSelectChapter 3Museum30
036Fuel's ErrandArrangeChapter 4The Bostonius40
037Fuel's Errand 2ArrangeChapter 4The Bostonius50
038A Royal BurdenWrite AnswerChapter 4Froenborg South Gate20
039Strawberry SharerArrangeChapter 4Snow Coach Shop30
040Acorn AllocationSelectChapter 4Lakeside Forest30
041Shunting into SidingsArrangeChapter 4Kodh Station30
042A Boatload of HassleDivideChapter 4Fish Market45
043A String of JewelsRopeChapter 4Reception40
044Staged SilhouettesMultiple ChoiceChapter 4Bloom's Office30
045Piglet RacingArrangeChapter 4Village Square30
046Blooming Flowers 2ArrangeChapter 4Village Square60
047Fowl FoodArrangeChapter 4Village Path40
048Acorn Allocation 2SelectChapter 4Chief's House40
049Fussy Fruit EatersArrangeChapter 4Tree Trunk Bridge30
050Forest FriendsArrangeChapter 4Grand Stage30
051Baby Boar RacingArrangeChapter 4Village Square45
052An Epic QuestSlideChapter 4Jungle Waterfall60
053The Domino EffectCircle AnswerChapter 4Jungle Waterfall20
054A Trio of TroubleSelectChapter 4Floating Market30
055Very Specific ScoopsArrangeChapter 4Beachside Walkway30
056Give Me a Sign! 2ArrangeChapter 4Beachside Walkway50
057A Boatload of TroubleDivideChapter 4Floating Market40
058Nose to Nose ArrangeChapter 4San Grio Lighthouse30
059Lovely PairsSelectChapter 4Hiltop Hotel Lounge30
060Boat to Boat 2Find RouteChapter 4San Grio Lighthouse50
061Be My GuestWrite AnswerChapter 4Hiltop Hotel Lounge30
062Nose to Nose 2ArrangeChapter 4Coconut Beach35
063Horsing AroundMultiple ChoiceChapter 4Torrido Outskirts20
064Thick As ThievesArrangeChapter 4Main Street35
065Cards on the TableSelectChapter 4Saloon30
066Flying the CoopSelectChapter 4Parched Creek30
067A Feathered AppleSlideChapter 4Torrido Outskirts30
068Burger BuildingSolitaireChapter 4Saloon30
069Bibliofiling 2ArrangeChapter 4Ruby's House40
070A Knightly TrialWrite AnswerChapter 4Ruby's House30
071Burger Building 2SolitaireChapter 4Ruby's House40
072Bemused BunniesArrangeChapter 4Watering Trough20
073Counting SheepWrite AnswerChapter 4Windy Way40
074Pampering Your PetsArrangeChapter 4Windy Way40
075Golden ButterflySelectChapter 4Miller's Square35
076Troubled WatersArrangeChapter 4Julien's Windmill30
077Fruits and FungiSequenceChapter 4Miller's Square40
078All Under ControlSelectChapter 4The Dragonlord's Altar35
079Snake Squeezing x10ArrangeChapter 4Phoenix Square40
080Golden Butterfly 2SelectChapter 4Mosinnia Forest45
081Moonlight, StarlightSelectChapter 4Preesha's Hill30
082Walking on Water 2Find RouteChapter 4Preesha's Hill40
083Snake Squeezing x11ArrangeChapter 4Mosinnia City Gate50
084Potion PlacementArrangeChapter 4Mosinnia Temple30
085The Phoenix WakesArrangeChapter 4Phoenix's Rest30
086Reggie's Slidy Ride 2SlideChapter 4Frossen Bridge40
087A Shamefaced ClockWrite AnswerChapter 4Larisa's Café30
088Bibliofiling 3ArrangeChapter 4Research Lab B50
089Jewellery JumbleSlideChapter 4Stalactite Cave45
090Very Specific Scoops 2ArrangeChapter 4Floating Market40
091A Ship of TilesTileChapter 4Beachside Walkway60
092Tank GoodnessCalculateChapter 4San Grio Lighthouse30
093Stacks of StockArrangeChapter 4Torrido Outskirts30
094Tethered TedCircle AnswerChapter 4Saloon20
095Troubled Waters 2ArrangeChapter 4Parched Creek40
096Perplexing PatternsArrangeChapter 4Windy Way40
097Pumpkin PurveyorsArrangeChapter 4Windy Way30
098A Troublesome TentArrangeChapter 4Chapel Knoll30
099Brownie PointsArrangeChapter 4Miller's Square30
100Directing a Delivery 2ArrangeChapter 4The Dragonlord's Altar50
101In the BalanceArrangeChapter 4Phoenix's Rest40
102Troubled Waters 3ArrangeChapter 3Scotland Yard50
103Poster PredatorSlideChapter 4Village Path50
104Finding AmbrosiaSelectChapter 4Museum30
105Slicing Things UpDivideChapter 4Larisa's Café50
106Tethered Ted 2Circle AnswerChapter 4Hiltop Hotel Lounge30
107Lighten Up 2ArrangeChapter 4Lake Kodh Waterfront50
108The Path of True LoveSelectChapter 4Main Street30
109A Slippery SurfaceFind RouteChapter 4Frossen Bridge30
110Pesky PatternsArrangeChapter 4Chapel Knoll30
111Stacks of Stock 2ArrangeChapter 4The Melted Snowflake40
112A Puzzling PyramidArrangeChapter 4Mossinnia Forest40
113Shunting into Sidings 2ArrangeChapter 5Wylie Street40
114Copy Cats 2Find RouteChapter 5Wylie Street50
115Dial Trial 2CalculateChapter 5Cargo Hold35
116Funky Hooks 2SequenceChapter 5Midship40
117A Laborious 9 LitresCalculateChapter 5Midship40
118Mutiny! 2SolitaireChapter 5Wylie Street40
119Jumbled JunctionsSelectChapter 5Waste Disposal Plant30
120Snoozysnore's Plan!SelectChapter 5Lower Obsidian Tower40
121Touch Ten ButtonsSelectChapter 5Upper Obsidian Tower40
122Snoozysnore Returns!SelectChapter 5Lower Obsidian Tower50
123Nose to Nose 3ArrangeChapter 5Froenborg South Gate40
124A Slippery Surface 2Find RouteChapter 5Slippery Street40
125Stacks of Stock 3ArrangeChapter 5Snow Coach Stop50
126Thirst for AnswersArrangeChapter 5Lake Kodh Pier30
127Bemused Bunnies 2ArrangeChapter 5Lakeside Forest30
128Shunting into Sidings 3ArrangeChapter 5Level Crossing50
129Tough-to-Reach TeaSlideChapter 5London Aerodome40
130Mixed Swine RacingArrangeChapter 5Kensington High Street50
131Forest Friends 2ArrangeChapter 5Village Square40
132An Epic Quest 2SlideChapter 5Tree Trunk Bridge70
133A Boatload of BotherDivideChapter 5Floating Market50
134Airship's Destination 3Find RouteChapter 5San Grio Lighthouse50
135A String of Jewels 2RopeChapter 5Main Street50
136Directing a Delivery 3ArrangeChapter 5Parched Creek60
137A Troublesome Tent 2ArrangeChapter 5Windy Way40
138In the Balance 2ArrangeChapter 5Chapel Knoll40
139A Puzzling Pyramid 2ArrangeChapter 5Mosinnia City Gate50
140Potion Placement 2ArrangeChapter 5Mossinnia Temple40
141Thick As Thieves 2ArrangeChapter 5Preesha's Hill45
142X Marks...?Circle AnswerChapter 5Bronev's Office40
143The Azran EggsAncient Azran MysteryChapter 5Obsidian Tower Rooftop30
144Medal Match-UpSequenceChapter 6Ravine40
145Riddle-Me-KeyArrangeChapter 6Sanctuary Inner Gate30
146Sprint and Switch!Find RouteChapter 6Chamber of Water50
147Room of DoomFind RouteChapter 6Chamber of Fire50
148A Groovy LeverSequenceChapter 6Round Chamber40
149Exit on the LeftFind RouteFinaleHall of Columns50
150The Azran LegacySequenceFinaleChamber of Light50
151Fuel's Errand 3ArrangeLayton's Challenges60
152Touch Ten Buttons 2SelectLayton's Challenges50
153Room of Doom 2Find RouteLayton's Challenges60
154Reggie's Slidy Ride 3SlideLayton's Challenges50
155Burger Building 3SolitaireLayton's Challenges50
156Lighten Up 3ArrangeLayton's Challenges60
157Funky Hooks 3SequenceLayton's Challenges50
158A Puzzling Pyramid 3ArrangeLayton's Challenges60
159Blooming Flowers 3ArrangeLayton's Challenges70
160Sprint and Switch! 2Find RouteLayton's Challenges60
161A Groovy Lever 2SequenceLayton's Challenges50
162Exit on the Left 2Find RouteLayton's Challenges60
163Mutiny! 3SolitaireLayton's Challenges55
164Snoozysnore Strikes!SelectLayton's Challenges60
165A Troublesome TableSlideLayton's Challenges90

Daily Puzzles[]

To be added