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"In this mind-bending mystery, puzzles hide in every corner. As rumors of a cursed artifact circulate, the professor's mentor is found dead in mysterious circumstances, and the only apparent clue is a ticket for the Molentary Express... Test your wits in this engrossing, mind-bending adventure!"

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, known as Professor Layton and Pandora's Box in Europe and Australia, is the second game in the Professor Layton series. It is preceded by Professor Layton and the Curious Village and followed by Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

HD remake[edit | edit source]

In November 2018, an HD remake of the game was announced called Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box EXHD for Smartphone[n 1][1], following the remake of the previous game. It was released on December 5th, 2018 in Japan and on June 20th, 2019 in North America and Europe.

Gameplay Changes[edit | edit source]

  • The red exclamation point is now only used when there is a puzzle to solve. If there is no puzzle, 4 white lines appear instead.
  • You can now use the Memo feature on all puzzles.
  • The puzzle index no longer unlocks all hints for a puzzle once you have solved it.
  • You can now go back to the title screen from the trunk.

Chapters[edit | edit source]

Mysteries[edit | edit source]

1. The Elysian Box

The Elysian Box is an antique said to bring death upon any who dare open its lid. According to rumors, the box has already claimed many lives and is feared in many parts of the world. Could this strange item truly exist?

Mystery Solved
It turns out that the Elysian Box was crafted 50 years ago to carry a letter from Anton to his love, Sophia. A gas present in the material used to make the box causes hallucinations in those who open it. These visions are how the rumors of a curse began.

2. A Ticket with No Destination

A single ticket with no visible destination was discovered in Dr. Schrader's home. It appears to be for the Molentary Express, but where exactly is it supposed to take its owner?

Mystery Solved
The ticket was for those headed to Folsense, a destination accessible only to those riding in a particular car on the Molentary Express. It would seem that Dr. Schrader must have visited Folsense sometime before his death.

3. The Torn Photograph

Torn fragments of a photograph were found in the late doctor's hand. In its current state, it's impossible to make out the contents of the photo.

What could it be depicting?

Mystery Solved
When reconstructed, the photograph depicted the Elysian Box. On the lid of the box is an ominous-looking goat, which seems appropriate, given the box's sinister reputation.

4. The Box's Disappearance

Somebody managed to steal the Elysian Box from Dr. Schrader's home without leaving behind a single implicating clue.

Who could have made off with the box?

Mystery Solved
The villain who made off with the Elysian Box was none other than Don Polo, brilliant scientist and self-proclaimed nemesis to Professor Layton. To find riches associated with the antique, he disguised himself as Flora and tailed Layton and Luke.

5. Tom's Disappearance

While riding on the Molentary Express, Babette's little boy, Tom, manages to disappear.

If the shoe he left behind is any indication, Tom must be a very young child. Where could a child that small have wandered off to on his own?

Mystery Solved
It turns out that Tom isn't a child, as was thought originally, but rather Babette's pet dog. It would seem that Babette's affection for Tom is so deep that she considers him to be much more than just a pet.

6. Katia

Katia is the daughter of Dropstone's most influential man, Mr. Anderson, and has boarded the Molentary Express. Several villagers came to see her off, yet she travels alone. Where is Katia headed, and why is she making the journey there by herself?

Mystery Solved
Katia is the granddaughter of Sophia and Anton. Katia set out for Folsense to make sure that Anton understood Sophia's true feelings and reasons for leaving.

7. The Dilapidated Station

Minutes after Professor Layton, Luke, and Flora's arrival in Folsense, the run-down train station transforms into a gleaming, ornately decorated building right before their eyes. What caused the sudden change to the station's appearance?

Mystery Solved
The hallucinogenic gas present in Folsense's air caused Layton and the others to imagine the station as it was in the many photographs lining the corridor leading out of the building.

8. Beluga's Seach

Beluga seems to be working Sammy like a dog, sending him all over town in a frantic search for some unknown item. It's unclear why Beluga would set up a secret train connected to Folsense, but it's clear this item is very important to him. What could it be?

Mystery Solved
Beluga was searching for the Elysian Box, which he believed would clue him in on the location of the Herzen family fortune. As a member of the Herzen family, he felt entitled to any family riches, though some people in Folsense disagree strongly.

9. The Vampire in the Castle

Rumors have surfaced regarding a vampire said to live in the castle at the edge of town. Terrified by such talk, not a soul in Folsense dares to draw near the castle. Could a vampire actually be living up in Herzen Castle?

Mystery Solved
Anton invented the whole vampire scheme to scare off those who would try to loot the Herzen fortune. He did this by whisking away all those who came too close to the castle and setting them free to run away once properly scared.

10. The Goat Emblem

A large, omnious symbol in the shape of a goat's head decorates the top of the Elysian Box. This same symbol can be spotted in some parts of Folsense. What connection exists between the box and the town?

Mystery Solved
The symbol is actually a crest belonging to the family who once ruled Folsense, the Herzens.

It's clear that the Herzen family and the Elysian Box are deeply connected to each other.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Only read this section after finishing the game! Click to skip spoilers.

Prologue: The Elysian Box[edit | edit source]

Layton and Luke entering Schrader's home.

Layton receives a letter about the Elysian Box from his mentor Dr. Andrew Schrader, telling him that he had been researching the box for quite some time and had finally decided to open it. Dr. Schrader tells Layton that if

The train ticket.

the box kills him like it was rumored to do so, that he wanted Layton to continue his research. Layton and Luke travel to London to go and see Dr. Schrader after receiving his letter, only to find out that Layton's mentor is dead and the box is not in the apartment. Upon investigating at the crime scene (without any help from Inspector Chelmey), they discover a train ticket for the well known Molentary Express but they find it odd when the ticket doesn't seem to have a destination on it. They also discover a strange photo that's been torn into multiple fragments, but Chelmey confiscates it and throws them out. Layton decides their best course of action is to board the Molentary Express.

Chapter One: The Legendary Molentary Express[edit | edit source]

The Molentary Express leaving London.

Deciding to take a trip on the train in hopes to find something out about the box, Layton and Luke meet up with Inspector Chelmey (who is apparently following the same lead) and aid him in trying to locate another passenger's missing 'boy', Tom. During their search, they meet up with the founder of the Molentary Express, Mr. Beluga and his rocker nephew (and train conductor) Sammy Thunder. After a while of searching, they discover that Tom is really a dog and some other passengers said they saw a young woman with a dog on the train. When they find the young woman, they discover that it was Flora and they agree to let her come with them on their journey if she promises to be careful. They take Tom back to his owner and return to their cabin, so they can wait until they get to the first stop, a farming village called Dropstone. Before they could get there, the train stops. They find out that there's another train blocking their way.

Layton and Luke leaving the train.

After Layton assists Sammy and the mechanic, the train finally reaches Dropstone.

Chapter Two: The Country Village Of Dropstone[edit | edit source]

The trio set out to explore the town in the hope of discovering some more leads while the train is being repaired. Upon their arrival, they discover that the village is celebrating its 50th anniversary. As they explore the village, they find out that the daughter of the village's wealthiest man and mayor, Katia, is planning to leave home in hopes to fulfill her late grandmother's last wish (Much to the dismay of her father). During the festival, Flora loses Layton and Luke in the crowd and gets pulled away by a shadowy figure. When Layton and Luke find her again, to them she seems more reclusive, but shrugs it off deciding that the length of the journey must be

Dropstone's Plaza

taking its toll on her. They go to board the train again, and meet a man named Romie who tells them of a phantom town that doesn't appear on any map. Apparently, the only way to get to this town is on the Molentary Express. The trio are about to board when they notice that there is a large crowd gathered there. They discover that the crowd are saying their goodbyes to a young woman with short purple hair; they deduce that the young woman must be Katia. They reboard the train, wondering where Katia is going, and why so many people decided to see her off.

Chapter Three: A Diverging Path[edit | edit source]

Back on the train, Layton, Luke and Flora decide to explore the off-limits deluxe car in front of the train. As they are exploring the room, they are overcome with exhaustion and fall asleep as the train enters a long tunnel. In the darkness, the deluxe car splits off from the rest of the train and joins a different train headed for another town. Layton realizes that the ticket found in Schrader's home actually did have a destination written on it-it was just in code. The ticket is for the town of Folsense, which Schrader must have visited before his death. The three finally arrive in town, noting that it has gotten very dark in the short time they had been out. The abandoned station, they notice, is lined with ancient pictures of the town (which Layton judges to be about 50 years old). Upon entering, they are overcome with a wave of nausea and are shocked to see that Folsense hasn't changed a bit in 50 years. What's going on here?

Layton and Luke getting back on the train.

Chapter Four: The Phantom Town Of Folsense[edit | edit source]

Layton and crew in the station.

As the trio search for leads, Flora says that she feels tired. They leave her behind in a hotel, as they search for more leads. As they talk to the locals, they discover a rumor that there is a vampire living in the late Duke's castle. They also discover that the town itself is believed to be cursed.

Layton running into Folsense.

Layton and Luke decide to visit the Herzen Museum, only to find that it's closed and Sammy and Beluga are inside having a fight. Layton spots a strange goat emblem on the ground and has a revelation. He asks Chelmey to show him the torn photo found at Schrader's flat, only to find that Chelmey has a hole in his pocket and the pieces were scattered about town. Layton and Luke decide to find the pieces and figure out what the photo is showing.

Chapter Five: Shadows On The Street Corner[edit | edit source]

Layton and Luke track down all the pieces and reconstruct the photo, which depicts the Elysian Box. On the top of the box is a goat emblem just like the one spotted in various locations around Folsense. Before they can paste the fragments together, the piece with the goat's eyes is blown away, and they hastily paste the remaining pieces together. Soon after, Barton (Inspector Chelmey's partner) asks them to return to the hotel because Chelmey had figured out who killed Dr. Schrader. They return to the hotel to find who is responsible for Schrader's murder.

Chapter Six: The Road To Herzen Castle[edit | edit source]

Layton and Luke return to the hotel to find that Chelmey has rounded up all of the suspects (Flora, Katia, Beluga, Sammy, Luke, and Layton). Upon reading some notes in Dr. Schrader's apartment, Chelmey learned that he spent time in Folsense for his research. Since he died shortly after returning home, Chelmey deduces that the culprit followed him from Folsense to kill him and get the Elysium box. So a person in the room would have to have been to Folsense before now and they'd have to be afflicted with the Molentary Express. Beluga would fit that description but he was busy elsewhere in London at the time. So Chelmey accuses Sammy Thunder of murdering Schrader deciding to beat his uncle to the box. As a denying Sammy is being taken away, Layton studies the photo and Flora comments on the "cute goat emblem" decorating the box. Layton has a revelation and stops Chelmey, pointing out that the only person who could know what the Elysian Box looks like is the guilty suspect. Thus, the murderer could only be Flora - the missing scrap of the photo, which Layton and Luke lost around the outskirts of town, makes the emblem look nothing like a goat, more like a frog. Since Flora commented on the "cute goat emblem", she must have seen the Elysian Box before. Layton is shocked to find out that Flora is none other than Don Paolo, who stole

Layton accusing Flora of having the Elysian Box.

the box from Schrader and has it in his possession. Don Paolo escapes, but drops the Elysian Box when being pursued by Chelmey and Barton. Luke spots it and picks it up.

Mr. Beluga demands that the box be given to him after explaining that it is a Herzen family heirloom and it is also the key to unlocking the family's fortune and that he is the son of the late Duke Herzen. But before Layton hands him the box, the hotel's bellhop says that he doesn't have any claim over the

Layton about to open the box.

box as he abandoned the town over fifty years ago and cut all ties to his family after a dispute between him and his father. Layton takes the box back to his room and opens it, only to find out that it is empty. The two take to the street again to find some answers. They go to the Herzen Museum where they learn that Mr. Beluga was the founder of the museum and that he has an older brother called Anton, who apparently still lives in the family castle. They are led to an abandoned mine where they discover that the Herzen family became rich from mining gold and that the miners found another precious metal in the mine. But they were weary of it because after they unearthed the metal, the workers and some residents became ill and died, leading to the closing of the mine.

Anton's welcoming.

Chapter Seven: An Encounter At The End Of The Line[edit | edit source]

They decide to go to the castle, where they meet Anton, but are wary of the fact that he looks exactly the same as he did in a portrait painted 50 years ago. Anton invites them to stay the night at the castle. When they go to bed, Layton and Luke see a vision of themselves at a ball being held in the castle and they see a woman that bares a striking resemblance to Katia, dancing with Anton. All of a sudden, the dancers stop and stare at Layton and Luke. When they awake, they find themselves tied up in a storage room, as Anton explains that he must make preparations for dinner and that the two should enjoy their last moments they have in each other's company, before he leaves.

Anton explaining the Elysian Box's story.

During this time, Layton and Luke manage to escape and find Katia. As the three of them head for the exit, Anton shows up. When he sees Katia, he is shocked and calls to Katia, calling her Sophia instead, to come to him. She shakes her head and hides behind Layton. In fury, believing that his beloved 'Sophia' has fallen for the other man, he points a sword at Layton. Layton grabs a sword from some armor and they begin to fight, only stopping when Anton becomes short of

Anton and Sophia's dance.

breath. Katia yells for them to stop, saying that her grandfather's body can't take the strain. At this point, she explains that she is Anton's granddaughter. When he says he is too young to be anyone's grandfather. Katia begins to explain that his youth is just an illusion, only to be cut off by Layton. He explains that 50 years ago, the miners accidentally uncovered a vein of hallucinogenic gas, and because they are all breathing it in, they are seeing the town and residents as they were 50 years ago.

The sword fight with Anton.

He also explains that the metal the box is made out of is infused with the gas, and the people who opened it, expecting it to kill them, fulfilled their own grim predictions. Unable to accept this, Anton swings his sword around, accidentally severing one of the cables that held the chandelier up, causing it to fall down and causing the castle to collapse. All four of them make out unharmed, but Anton is shocked to see the town is an abandoned desolate place and that his youth is gone. Anton goes on to explain that he fell in love with Sophia over 50 years ago, but she abandoned him, saying that there was someone else who needed her love more than him. Katia explains that she didn't fall in love with

Anton's true self.

someone else, but she was referring to her pregnancy, and that the only reason she left was because she thought the town was too dangerous to raise their child in. Anton then went on to explain that the Elysian box contains a letter he wrote to Sophia, but because of its value, it kept getting stolen. When Luke says the box is empty, Anton explains that there is a second way to open it and tells them what he used to tell Sophia; "The sun rises when you and I meet, and when the wind blows, you will know my heart."

After solving the puzzle, they discover a letter which they hand to Anton. He is shocked to discover that it isn't his handwriting but Sophia's, meaning that she did receive his letter. The letter she wrote explains that she never told him that she was carrying their baby, because she knew he couldn't leave Folsense because he was next in line to rule over the town. She also wishes to meet up with him again in the next life because she doesn't have much longer. Anton smiles at the letter saying, "I hope you can forgive me, my dear, but our reunion on the other side will have to wait a little longer, because I have someone here that I need to get to know first" as he puts his arm around Katia.

End[edit | edit source]

As they go home, Layton shows Flora and Luke an article in the paper saying that Dr. Schrader is alive, and that he was actually in a coma which copied the symptoms of death.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The front screen.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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Puzzles[edit | edit source]

See Diabolical Box Puzzle Index.

[edit | edit source]

Media[edit | edit source]

Main article: Gallery:Diabolical Box
Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box OST
Release date: Dec 24, 2008 DBSoundtrack.jpg
Publisher: FRAME (distributed by King Records)
Composer: Tomohito Nishiura, Layton Grand Caravan Orchestra, Ryoki Matsumoto
Format: CD
No. Title Length
1 Theme of the Elysian Box 2:09
2 In London 2:28
3 Puzzles Remixed 3:33
4 The Molentary Express 3:24
5 Suspense 3:54
6 The Village of Dropstone 3:32
7 An Uneasy Atmosphere 2:45
8 Folsense 3:12
9 The Town's Past 3:25
10 Time for a Break 2:34
11 The Dark Forest 3:06
12 Into the Depths of the Dark 2:38
13 Unspoken Feelings 3:07
14 The Somber Castle 2:26
15 The Ball 1:51
16 The True Folsense 0:36
17 Iris (Music Box Version) 3:09
18 Theme of the Elysian Box (Live Version) 3:34
19 Folsense (Live Version) 5:23
20 Don Paolo's Theme (Live Version) 4:05
21 Time for a Break (Live Version) 4:24
22 The Town's Past (High Quality) 3:25
23 The Dark Forest (High Quality) 3:06
24 The Somber Castle (High Quality) 2:28
Total time: 74:14

Main Theme[edit | edit source]


Elysian Box Theme
Length: 3m34s

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Starting from this game, Layton faces at the character he's talking to during character conversations rather than facing at the screen in Curious Village .
  • Like the previous and future games, if the player has Curious Village and Unwound Future, they can unlock the hidden door for both the Secrets of the Elysian Box and the Ticket to Time Travel.
  • "Iris~Shiawase no Hako", a song by Salyu, was completely re-composed without the vocals as a music box version and an instrumental version for non-Japanese versions of the game.
  • Strangely enough, the "Pandora's Box" references and nickname were omitted from Diabolical Box, unlike Pandora's Box.
  • The first time Inspector Chelmey appears in person, as opposed to as a disguise is in this game.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ レイトン教授と悪魔の箱 EXHD for スマートフォン
    Reiton kyōju to akuma no bako EXHD for sumāto fon

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