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This is the Puzzle Index for Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. It lists all puzzles that are in the game.

You can also browse the puzzles by category.

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Story Puzzles[]

001Dr Schrader's MapArrangePrologueStudy Hallway10
002The Doctor's HomeCircle AnswerPrologueSchrader's Home15
003The Right KeyUS: The Right Key
UK: Which Key?
Rotate and ArrangePrologueThe Doctor's Hall20
004A Secure RoomCircle AnswerChapter 1The Doctor's Flat30
005Luke's TrunkArrangeChapter 1Layton's Room30
006Pancake Stacks 1US: Pancake Stacks 1
UK: Piles of Pancakes 1
MoveChapter 1Car 615
007Dining CouplesUS: Dining Couples
UK: Four Couples
Circle AnswerChapter 1Car 5 20
008Luke's Big DinnerMark AnswerChapter 1Car 5 25
009Stacked GlassesMultiple ChoiceChapter 1Car 5 10
010A Work of ArtWrite AnswerChapter 1Car 5 15
011Trees in the ForestDraw LineChapter 1Observation Deck20
012Clouds and SkyWrite AnswerChapter 1Car 630
013On Your PlateWrite AnswerChapter 1Car 5 15
014Red CapsWrite AnswerChapter 1Car 5 25
015Who Is Tom Really?US: Who Is Tom Really?
UK: Tom's True Identity
SlidingChapter 1Car 330
016Crazy DaisiesMultiple ChoiceChapter 1Babette's Room15
017The Worker AntUS: The Worker Ant
UK: The Ant's Journey
Draw LineChapter 1Layton's Room25
018The Shoe MazeSelect AreaChapter 1Car 320
019The Train RideUS: The Train Ride
UK: The Train Journey
Write AnswerChapter 1Car 320
020The Shoe Store ThiefUS: The Shoe Store Thief
UK: The Shoe Shop Thief
Write AnswerChapter 1Car 425
021Pass It On!Write AnswerChapter 1Car 4 Room20
022Taking Out the TrashUS: Taking Out the Trash
UK: Cleaning Up 1
SlidingChapter 1Observation Deck45
023Pitchers and PoisonUS: Pitchers and Poison
UK: A Sour Defeat
Multiple ChoiceChapter 1Car 4 Room15
024A Strip of PaperWrite AnswerChapter 1Car 310
025Surviving in the WildMark AnswerChapter 1Observation Deck20
026Train SwapSlidingChapter 1Broken Train25
027A Dramatic FarewellCircle AnswerChapter 2Station Platform20
028The Warped WheelWrite AnswerChapter 2Hill To Town Hall20
029The Winning ArrowUS: The Winning Arrow
UK: Which Arrow?
PlacementChapter 2Hill to Town Hall20
030The Secret MessageUS: The Secret Message
UK: The Wrong Date
PlacementChapter 2Town Hall Plaza30
031Pass the ApplesPlacementChapter 2General Store20
032It's a WrapPlacementChapter 2Tree-Lined Path20
033Fishing NetWrite AnswerChapter 2Dropstone Pond20
034Trees on an Old RoadWrite AnswerChapter 2Tree-Lined Road20
035Which House Where?PlacementChapter 2Wheat Field30
036The Trapped BirdTap AnswerChapter 2Tree-Lined Road35
037World's Best GolferWrite AnswerChapter 2Wheat Field25
038Moving Day (DB)US: Moving Day
UK: Four Horses
Write AnswerChapter 2Farm Entrance35
039A Change of ClothesWrite AnswerChapter 2Competition Field30
040The Tiled BoxUS: The Tiled Box
UK: The Patterned Box
Rotate and ArrangeChapter 2Road to Dropstone30
041Cube HalvesWrite AnswerChapter 2Road to Dropstone25
042Board Splitter 1US: Board Splitter 1
UK: Board Cutter 1
Draw LineChapter 2Path to Farm25
043Board Splitter 2US: Board Splitter 2
UK: Board Cutter 2
Draw LineChapter 2Path to Farm30
044Tangled RopesCircle AnswerChapter 2Mansion Road25
045Baggage ClaimSlidingChapter 2Farm Entrance30
046Odd Shape OutCircle AnswerChapter 2Hill to Town Hall20
047The Mayoral ElectionWrite AnswerChapter 2Town Hall Plaza25
048Who's Mr Anderson?Circle AnswerChapter 2Competition Field25
049A Royal Show-offCircle AnswerChapter 2Road to Dropstone20
050MisinformootionTap AnswerChapter 2Competition Field30
051Flipped CatsUS: Flipped Cats
UK: Crazy Cats
Tap AnswerChapter 2General Store20
052Hat WeatherUS: Hat Weather
UK: Hat Weather
PlacementChapter 2Tree-Lined Path30
053Boys ClubUS: Boys Club
UK: Boys' Club
Circle AnswerChapter 2Town Hall Plaza30
054Painting the FlagWrite AnswerChapter 2Wheat Field25
055Sammy's NecklaceWrite AnswerChapter 2Station Platform30
056The Door's CodePlacementChapter 3Car 340
057Smell the RosesTap AnswerChapter 3Deluxe Room30
058In the TunnelSlidingChapter 3Deluxe Room35
059A Ticket to Where?Write AnswerChapter 3Deluxe Room40
060Plaza PuzzleWrite AnswerChapter 4Folsense Station25
061Where's the Hotel?Tap AnswerChapter 4Outside the Hotel30
062Smell the Roses AgainPlacementChapter 4Hotel Room40
063Numbered CardsWrite AnswerChapter 4Antique Shop25
064Stones in a VaseWrite AnswerChapter 5Antique Shop20
065The Ancient MapWrite AnswerChapter 5Antique Shop25
066The Locked BoxWrite AnswerChapter 6Mine Entrance30
067Sammy's Work WeekUS: Sammy's Work Week
UK: Sammy's Working Week
Write AnswerChapter 6Outside the Hotel40
068Hat Trick (DB)US: Hat Trick
UK: Hat Etiquette
Circle AnswerChapter 4Eastern Side Street25
069Copying the MenuWrite AnswerChapter 5Eastern Side Street25
070The Jeweled NecklaceUS: The Jeweled Necklace
UK: Jewelled Necklaces
Write AnswerChapter 4Cabaret30
071How Old Is She?Write AnswerChapter 5Cabaret30
072Scrambled PhotosTap AnswerChapter 4Photo Studio35
073Can ConundrumTap AnswerChapter 5Clock Tower Plaza30
074PU!US: PU!
UK: Sealing Off the Smell
Tap AnswerChapter 5Grocery Store30
075Candy for FiveUS: Candy for Five
UK: Sweets for Five
Draw LineChapter 5Western Path25
076Top of the TowerCircle AnswerChapter 4Watchtower20
077Balancing OrnamentsPlacementChapter 6Mine Machine Room30
078A Maze of DoorsCircle AnswerChapter 6Mine Room25
079The Gear SwitchSlidingChapter 6Mine Machine Room20
080The Elevator SwitchUS: The Elevator Switch
UK: The Puzzling Lift
SlidingChapter 6Mine Lift40
081The Old SafeMoveChapter 6Mine Safe Room50
082Restarting the LiftMoveChapter 6Mine Safe Room30
083Pancake Stacks 2US: Pancake Stacks 2
UK: Piles of Pancakes 2
MoveChapter 5Northeast Alley30
084Pancake Stacks 3US: Pancake Stacks 3
UK: Piles of Pancakes 3
MoveChapter 6Northeast Alley40
085The Missing ShapeTap AnswerChapter 4Western Path30
086Perplexing FiguresWrite AnswerChapter 5Alley End Room35
087Different SuitsWrite AnswerChapter 6Fork in the Road 40
088The Frog's PathWrite AnswerChapter 7Machine Room30
089Flower Bed FunWrite AnswerChapter 4Clock Tower Plaza40
090The Unusual FountainCircle AnswerChapter 6Fountain20
091Sharing the WealthDraw LineChapter 6Outside the Hotel30
092Precious MetalsTap AnswerChapter 5Hotel Foyer40
093How Old Am I?Write AnswerChapter 4Promenade30
094The Mystery CubeUS: The Mystery Cube
UK: Puzzling Cubes
Write AnswerChapter 6Museum 1st Floor40
095Box of BooksWrite AnswerChapter 6Museum 2nd Floor30
096A Ghostly PuzzleMoveChapter 5Photo Studio30
097A Starry SkyMoveChapter 6Dark Forest 240
098Jars and Cans 1MoveChapter 5Grocery Store25
099Jars and Cans 2MoveChapter 6Grocery Store30
100A Rickety BridgeWrite AnswerChapter 6Rickety Bridge30
101Disappearing Act 1Peg SolitaireChapter 5Clock Tower Plaza30
102Disappearing Act 2Peg SolitaireChapter 6Northeast Path35
103Disappearing Act 3Peg SolitaireChapter 6Folsense Station40
104Disappearing Act 4Peg SolitaireChapter 6Western Path45
105Disappearing Act 5Peg SolitaireChapter 6Fork in the Road 60
106The Knight's Tour 1ChessChapter 4Herzen Museum40
107The Knight's Tour 2ChessChapter 6Herzen Museum50
108The Knight's Tour 3ChessChapter 6Herzen Museum70
109Walking the DogDraw LineChapter 6West Y-Road50
110Chelmey's RouteDraw LineChapter 4Hotel Foyer35
111How Many Turns?Mark AnswerChapter 5Hotel Foyer50
112Turn On the LightUS: Turn On the Light
UK: Turn on the Light
Write AnswerChapter 5Museum Gate40
113A Stack of DiceWrite AnswerChapter 5Northeast Path30
114Fair CompensationWrite AnswerChapter 6Hotel Room40
115Tricky DigitsTap AnswerChapter 4Hotel Foyer40
116The Torn PhotoRotate and ArrangeChapter 5Broken Gate60
117Three CouplesTap AnswerChapter 4West Y-Road30
118Garbage DisposalUS: Garbage Disposal
UK: Cleaning Up 2
SlidingChapter 5Garbage Heap80
119The Fake CoinsTap AnswerChapter 4Watchtower 1st Floor30
120Tug of WarTap AnswerChapter 5West Y-Road30
121Light the Forest 1US: Light the Forest 1
UK: Light the Way 1
PlacementChapter 6Dark Forest 120
122Light the Forest 2US: Light the Forest 2
UK: Light the Way 2
PlacementChapter 6Dark Forest 130
123Light the Forest 3US: Light the Forest 3
UK: Light the Way 3
PlacementChapter 6Dark Forest 240
124UFOs Spotted!Tap AnswerChapter 5Seed Alley30
125Forest MushroomsDraw LineChapter 6Dark Forest 250
126Slippery Crossings 1SkatingChapter 6Dark Forest 320
127Slippery Crossings 2SkatingChapter 6Dark Forest 330
128Slippery Crossings 3SkatingChapter 6Dark Forest 340
129The Slobbish MoleUS: The Slobbish Mole
UK: The Messy Mole
Circle AnswerChapter 4Granny R.'s40
130The Strange PaintingCircle AnswerChapter 7Guest Room30
131How to Escape?Mark AnswerChapter 7Storage Room40
132Sharing PaintingsPress ButtonChapter 7Great Room40
133Grab the KeySlidingChapter 7Storage Room60
134Steam PowerWrite AnswerChapter 7Machine Room40
135The Magic LockArrangeChapter 7Secret Room50
136The Hidden DoorSelect AreaChapter 7Dining Room40
137One True SwordCircle AnswerChapter 7Great Room50
138The Elysian BoxRotate and ArrangeChapter 7Castle Ruins60
139Coast to CoastWrite AnswerLayton's Challenges70
140One Extra BlockMultiple ChoiceLayton's Challenges70
141Disappearing Act 6Peg SolitaireLayton's Challenges99
142The Scholar's LifeWrite AnswerLayton's Challenges60
143Letter CalculationsArrangeLayton's Challenges60
144Super PancakesMoveLayton's Challenges99
145500 PearlsWrite AnswerLayton's Challenges70
146Angles in a BoxWrite AnswerLayton's Challenges70
147Sliding LabyrinthSlidingLayton's Challenges80
148Eight CardsArrangeLayton's Challenges70
149Number CycleWrite AnswerLayton's Challenges70
150The Knight's Tour 4KnightLayton's Challenges99
151Colin's ScoreUS: Colin's Score
UK: John's Score
Write AnswerLayton's Challenges99
152The Card TournamentWrite AnswerLayton's Challenges80
153The Diabolical BoxUS: The Diabolical Box
UK: Ultimate Escape
SlidingLayton's Challenges99

Weekly Puzzles[]

W01Trash DaysUS: Trash Days
UK: Sweeping Up
W02Moving TilesUS: Moving Tiles
UK: Tile Equation
W03Wrong ClocksPlacement
W04Cut and SpliceDraw Line
W05A Wall of DiceUS: A Wall of Dice
UK: Stacked Dice
Write Answer
W06Paper and ScissorsWrite Answer
UK: AB + B = BA
Write Answer
W08What Number?Write Answer
W09Mouse EscapeSliding
W10Different ChickensTap Answer
W11Territory WarCircle Answer
W12A Sure WinArrange
W13The Mobius PuzzleTap Answer
W14Too Many BridgesTap Answer
W15The Rotating ArrowTap Answer
W16A Row of DiceTap Answer
W17Mouse on the LooseSliding
W18The Ant Takes a WalkTap Answer
W19Rupert and BillUS: Rupert and Bill
UK: John and Bill
Write Answer
W20The Tape's ShapeCircle Answer
W21The Long FormulaWrite Answer
W22How Many Gems?Write Answer
W23Who's Married?Mark Answer
W24MiscalculationWrite Answer
W25Three LadiesPlacement
W26The Lion's EscapeCircle Answer
W27Pattern RecognitionTap Answer
W28Suits in a RowWrite Answer
W29The Cleaning RobotWrite Answer
W30Cracking the CodeWrite Answer
W31Crazy DiceWrite Answer
W32Number TilesRotate and Arrange
W33The Bus's RouteDraw Line

Hidden Door[]

No. Name Type
??? A Curious Present Sliding