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This is the Puzzle Index for Professor Layton and the Last Specter. It lists all puzzles that are in the game.

You can also browse the puzzles by category.

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Story Puzzles[]

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001A Secret MessageArrangePrologueRoad to Misthallery10
002Tourist SpottingSelectChapter 1Grand Bridge St.20
003Pick a PackageSelectChapter 1Wrecked Home20
004Reloading the CartJigsawChapter 1Crossroads30
005River Crossing StrategyChapter 1South Pier25
006The Mailbox PanelsUS: The Mailbox Panels
UK: Letter Box Plate
ArrangeChapter 1Triton Garden30
007Mopping UpInputChapter 1Foyer45
008Mirror BallroomUS: Mirror Ballroom
UK: Hall of Mirrors
ButtonChapter 2Parlor30
009Certain CurtainsUS: Certain Curtains
UK: Curtain Call
ButtonChapter 2Foyer20
010Rat RationsUS: Rat Rations
UK: Rodent Rations
SlidingChapter 2East District45
011Downhill from HereUS: Downhill from Here
UK: Assign the Incline
ButtonChapter 2Warped Hill10
012Room CheckUS: Room Check
UK: Hotel Rooms
InputChapter 2Hotel Lobby35
013Bucket RunUS: Bucket Run
UK: Bucket Race
Draw LineChapter 3Café Entrance30
014Cafeteria ConundrumUS: Cafeteria Conundrum
UK: Cafetaria Cruncher
ButtonChapter 3Paddy's Place20
015Eating PointCircle AnswerChapter 3Pike Lane20
016Captain's CallUS: Captain's Call
UK: Captains' Chat
ButtonChapter 3Parlor20
017Which Doll?US: Which Doll?
UK: The Same Doll?
ButtonChapter 3Murray Street30
018Faulty StreetlightsInputChapter 3Central Pier40
019Fish FeudDraw LineChapter 3Fish Lab30
020Counting CatsUS: Counting Cats
UK: Kitty Cat Count
Write AnswerChapter 3Apartment Row35
021Foggy NumbersArrangeChapter 3Hat Shop40
022Paper PairUS: Paper Pair
UK: Paper Pieces Pair
Draw LineChapter 4Room 30130
023The Cracked ClockDraw LineChapter 4North Ely Hotel30
024Moonlight MelancholyArrangeChapter 4Café Entrance20
025Taste TestUS: Taste Test
UK: Bun Gourmet
Write AnswerChapter 4Paddy's Place35
026UFO SOSSlideChapter 4North Ely Park65
027Floating CottagesUS: Floating Cottages
UK: Rainbow Cottages
Circle AnswerChapter 4Murray Street35
028Black and White CatsPlacementChapter 4Apartment Row30
029How Old?Write AnswerChapter 4Crossroads35
030Book StacksWrite AnswerChapter 4Library 35
031Light HeightWrite AnswerChapter 4Closed Factory50
032Fit for a King (LS)US: Fit for a King
UK: A Kingly Cleanup
NumberChapter 4Foyer35
033Fruit FriendsCircle AnswerChapter 4Market South25
034Apple PickingUS: Apple Picking
UK: Baskets of Apples
ArrangeChapter 4Market Center30
035Candy CounterUS: Candy Counter
UK: Sweetie Shapes
Write AnswerChapter 4Market Entrance35
036How Many Ones?Write AnswerChapter 4Market Center40
037Seven CoinsArrangeChapter 4Market West20
038Flip MazeUS: Flip Maze
UK: Double-Sided Maze
MazeChapter 4Market South40
039Raven MedalsSlidingChapter 4Market North35
040Fill 'er UpUS: Fill 'er Up
UK: The Full Reservoir
ButtonChapter 5Forest Path40
041StargazingUS: Stargazing
UK: To See the Stars
ArrangeChapter 5Grand Bridge St.20
042Angle TimeUS: Angle Time
UK: Angle Anguish
Write AnswerChapter 5Grand Plaza55
043Armor AnticsUS: Armor Antics
UK: Armour Antics
ButtonChapter 5Police HQ30
044Family PortraitsArrangeChapter 5Reservoir Wall30
045Sign FlipperUS: Sign Flipper
UK: Sign Switching
StrategyChapter 5North Pier30
046Overgrown GardenLineChapter 5Desolate Garden50
047The Terrace DoorUS: The Terrace Door
UK: The Coded Door
SelectChapter 5Sky Passage40
048Crawling the WebSelectChapter 5Atrium Stairs35
049Picture KeyUS: Picture Key
UK: The Picture's Key
ButtonChapter 5Entrance40
050Middle of the DeckUS: Middle of the Deck
UK: The 26th Card
SelectChapter 5Backstage40
051Family TidesStrategyChapter 7Market North40
052What Am I?CircleChapter 7Market West20
053Tricky TomesSelectChapter 6Lobby20
054It's in the BagJigsawChapter 6Layton's Office45
055Hat Trick JigsawChapter 6Layton's Office45
056Fortune FlowersButtonChapter 6Florist30
057Right the RoutesUS: Right the Routes
UK: Route Map Madness
LineChapter 6Bus Stop45
058Favorite UmbrellaUS: Favorite Umbrella
UK: Favourite Umbrella
ButtonChapter 6Museum Entrance30
059Lost in the MuseumCircleChapter 6Museum30
060Dinosaur BonesInputChapter 6Museum25
061Find the FileTouchChapter 6Archives30
062A Familiar FaceButtonChapter 7Grand Plaza30
063Son's SlipupUS: Son's Slipup
UK: Son's Blunder
CircleChapter 7Quiet Townscape30
064Cutting the CakeButtonChapter 7Descending Path25
065Rubble TroubleSlideChapter 7Excavation Base35
066Sorting ArtifactsUS: Sorting Artifacts
UK: Sorting Artefacts
ArrangeChapter 7Excavation Site40
067ReflectionsInputChapter 7Excavation Base40
068The Cat in the MazeStrategyChapter 7Apartment Row25
069Lanky LamppostUS: Lanky Lamppost
UK: Lanky Lamp Post
InputChapter 7North Ely Park40
070Good NeighborsUS: Good Neighbors
UK: Good Neighbours
ArrangeChapter 7Pike Lane30
071Fountain Fightin'US: Fountain Fightin'
UK: Fountain Fight
StrategyChapter 7Great Ely Street55
072Checkerboard CapsUS: Checkerboard Caps
UK: Cap Swap
ArrangeChapter 7Wrecked Hat Shop20
073Bottle GameStrategyChapter 7Hotel Lobby45
074Emergency LightingArrangeChapter 7Hotel Lobby40
075The Magic PaintUS: The Magic Paint
UK: Coats of Paint
InputChapter 7Library 45
076Swap MeetUS: Swap Meet
UK: Swap Over
ArrangeChapter 7Staircase Bridge50
077How the Bells TollStrategyChapter 7Closed Factory35
078Lucky TableclothLineChapter 7Foyer60
079Sweet SumsButtonChapter 7Market Entrance50
080Paint the PlinthInputChapter 7Black Market55
081Stick & MoveUS: Stick & Move
UK: Stick to the Plank
InputChapter 7Lobby45
082Block OstrichUS: Block Ostrich
UK: Blockwork Ostrich
JigsawChapter 7Layton's Office30
083Silver MarblesUS: Silver Marbles
UK: Silver Spinner
StrategyChapter 7Second-Floor Desk35
084Sixteen TulipsUS: Sixteen Tulips
UK: Fill the Flower Bed
StrategyChapter 7Florist40
085Bus StopUS: Bus Stop
UK: The Bus Stop
InputChapter 7Museum Entrance55
086Window BoarderUS: Window Boarder
UK: Board the Window
JigsawChapter 7Museum, 2nd Floor60
087Flip Maze 2US: Flip Maze 2
UK: Double-Sided Maze 2
MazeChapter 7Twisted Light50
088Fuel for the FireInputChapter 7Chief's Office45
089Proper StorageUS: Proper Storage
UK: Wine Wise
ArrangeChapter 7Cellar50
090Puppet MasterJigsawChapter 8Layton's Office45
091Evacuate!ArrangeChapter 8Paddy's Place50
092Key QuandaryButtonChapter 8Interrogation Cell30
093Escape RouteLineChapter 8Police HQ Hall40
094Policing the StreetsArrangeChapter 8Twisted Light40
095House HuntingInputChapter 8Grand Plaza25
096Seven TowersCircleChapter 8Grand Plaza35
097How Many Friends?InputChapter 9Quiet Townscape30
098Symbol CodeUS: Symbol Code
UK: A Secret Code
ButtonChapter 9Descending Path50
099A Watched Pot...ButtonChapter 9Excavation Base40
100Cat CatcherUS: Cat Catcher
UK: Cat Catching
InputChapter 9Apartment Row35
101Square GoldfishLineChapter 9Fish Lab45
102Window PainsUS: Window Pains
UK: Window Pain
InputChapter 9Murray Street25
103Cogs & PulleysUS: Cogs & Pulleys
UK: Cog Confusion
SelectChapter 9North Ely Park30
104Many to Cross...US: Many to Cross...
UK: Bridgathon
CircleChapter 9Pike Lake50
105Bouquet GiveawayUS: Bouquet Giveaway
UK: Bouquet Give Away
InputChapter 9Café Entrance30
106Apple BounceUS: Apple Bounce
UK: Apples Away
TrampolineChapter 9Great Ely Street45
107How Many Rooms?US: How Many Rooms?
UK: A View of the Rooms
InputChapter 9Hotel Lobby45
108Pendant PenchantUS: Pendant Penchant
UK: Pendant Pursuit
ButtonChapter 9Hotel Lobby30
109An Orderly BookcaseArrangeChapter 9Library 40
110Jumpin' MarblesUS: Jumpin' Marbles
UK: 16 Silver Marbles
StrategyChapter 9East District55
111Empty SeatsUS: Empty Seats
UK: Couple the Chairs
SelectChapter 9Triton Estate35
112Wall RepairUS: Wall Repair
UK: Repair the Wall
JigsawChapter 9Wrecked Home30
113Crystal CarafesButtonChapter 9Market South30
114Typing NumbersInputChapter 9Market Center35
115Market ShortcutLineChapter 9Market North75
116Stained Glass ArrangeChapter 9Market West30
117A Token PuzzleSelectChapter 9Black Market45
118Sketchy StarsUS: Sketchy Stars
UK: Starry Sky Sketch
ArrangeChapter 9Grand Bridge St.30
119Window DesignJigsawChapter 9Lobby60
120Gallon HatUS: Gallon Hat
UK: Juice Bottle
JigsawChapter 9Layton's Office30
121Flatfoot FamiliesInputChapter 9Second-Floor Desk45
122Balanced FruitUS: Balanced Fruit
UK: Balance the Fruits
InputChapter 9Florist35
123The Same ChainSelectChapter 9Museum Entrance35
124Snake MummiesButtonChapter 9Museum30
125The Specter's PathUS: The Specter's Path
UK: The Spectre's Path
CircleChapter 9Old Gate35
126Mirror, MirrorButtonChapter 9Police Reception40
127RedialInputChapter 9Interrogation Cell35
128Watermelon BounceUS: Watermelon Bounce
UK: Watermelon Wonder
TrampolineChapter 9Wrecked Arch60
129The Factory DoorSelectChapter 9Rear Entrance30
130The Four WeightsArrangeChapter 9First Ridge30
131Dark MazeMazeChapter 9Second Ridge30
132Paint SpinnerUS: Paint Spinner
UK: Painting Device
ButtonChapter 9Third Ridge30
133Freight CraneStrategyChapter 9Third Ridge50
134Engine PartsJigsawChapter 9Fourth Ridge45
135Blasted PlankUS: Blasted Plank
UK: Hanging Platform
ArrangeChapter 9Fifth Ridge50
136Three ChandeliersUS: Three Chandeliers
UK: The Same Again
ButtonChapter 10Foyer30
137All the SonsUS: All the Sons
UK: How Many Brothers?
InputChapter 10Old Gate45
138Wire CutterSelectChapter 10Final Battle40
139Emergency StopStrategyChapter 10Final Battle40
140The Next Attack!SelectChapter 10Final Battle65
141The Red ConnectionArrangeChapter 10Final Battle50
142EnigmachineUS: Enigmachine
UK: Switchboard Cipher
SelectChapter 10Final Battle45
143Layton's CatapultLineChapter 10Final Battle45
144Ancient CrestUS: Ancient Crest
UK: Lake Bottom Crest
ArrangeEpilogueBottom of the Lake50
145Planet CubeUS: Planet Cube
UK: Cubic Planet Map
ArrangeChapter 2North Ely Hotel60
146Seventy BooksInputChapter 2Fish Lab55
147Tricolor CubeUS: Tricolor Cube
UK: Three-Coloured Cube
SelectChapter 2Strange House50
148Glass BoxesUS: Glass Boxes
UK: Gems in a Box
InputChapter 4Closed Factory45
149Marble ThirdsUS: Marble Thirds
UK: Marble Swirl Circle
ButtonChapter 4Market East30
150Lily Pad LeapfrogStrategyChapter 4Tunnel50
151Coax the Kitty!StrategyChapter 5Twisted Light30
152Either Oar...US: Either Oar...
UK: A Convenient Tool
ButtonChapter 5Dam20
153Two PicturesUS: Two Pictures
UK: Artistic Value
InputChapter 5Upper Tower40
154Wire to WireUS: Wire to Wire
UK: The Winding Cable
JigsawChapter 5Arianna's Room60
155One WayArrangeChapter 7Descending Path30
156Which Direction?SelectProfessor's Challenge50
157Emergency Stop 2StrategyProfessor's Challenge70
158Touch StoneSlideProfessor's Challenge80
159Bomb SquadSlideProfessor's Challenge99
160Gold MarblesStrategyProfessor's Challenge75
161Lily Pad Leapfrog 2StrategyProfessor's Challenge99
162Cube HammerUS: Cube Hammer
UK: The Mallet's Design
ArrangeProfessor's Challenge50
163Mother & DaughterUS: Mother & Daughter
UK: At Cross Purposes
CircleProfessor's Challenge70
164Jewel SwapUS: Jewel Swap
UK: Red and Blue Jewels
SlideProfessor's Challenge99
165Three Blocks Draw LineProfessor's Challenge60
166Sliding PipesUS: Sliding Pipes
UK: Fixing the Pipes
SlideProfessor's Challenge90
167Bomb BounceUS: Bomb Bounce
UK: Bouncing Bombs
TrampolineProfessor's Challenge70
168Button to ButtonSelectProfessor's Challenge75
169Mysterious MazeUS: Mysterious Maze
UK: Murky Maze
MazeProfessor's Challenge99
170The Greatest EscapeSlideProfessor's Challenge99

Weekly Puzzles[]