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This is the Puzzle Index for Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. It lists all puzzles that are in the game.

You can also browse the puzzles by category.

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Story Puzzles[]

001Stumble's BalloonsSwitchPrologueCarnival Square20
002Where's Mother?US: Where's Mother?
UK: Where's Mum?
SelectionChapter 1Carnival Arcade30
003Stumble's BannersSelectionChapter 1Gallery Plaza30
004Bumper PerspectiveCircle AnswerChapter 1Knickknack Alley20
005Robot FactoryArrangeChapter 1Knickknack Alley35
006Bunny-Hop SwapSolitaireChapter 1Ledore Parlor20
007A Toasty ToastSelectionChapter 1Carnival Arcade30
008Carnival ColorsUS: Carnival Colors
UK: Carnival Colours
Write AnswerChapter 1Carnival Square20
009Stamp Stumper Multiple ChoiceChapter 1Madame Lapushka's35
010The Place To BeUS: The Place To Be
UK: The Long Wait
Write AnswerChapter 1Madame Lapushka's30
011Backstage BlunderCircle AnswerChapter 1City Monument30
012Sharing the BurdenArrangeChapter 1Dromedary Lobby35
013Ancient Arti-FactsSelectChapter 2Classroom35
014Bite of Bygone DaysButtonChapter 2Classroom30
015Fix the FossilArrangeChapter 2Classroom30
016Wandering WatchesWrite AnswerChapter 2Classroom20
017Busted UmbrellaUS: Busted Umbrella
UK: The Broken Brolly
ButtonChapter 2Kingsbrook Academy35
018That's Juicy!Write AnswerChapter 2Living Room30
019Spinning MaizeMaze EscapeChapter 2Pebble Lane25
020Nine Red BricksWrite AnswerChapter 2Market Street40
021A Lick of PaintSelectionChapter 2Old Towne30
022Poke 'em TotemsArrangeChapter 2Hershel's Room30
023Fairway FibberMultiple ChoiceChapter 2Living Room35
024Patterned ApronArrangeChapter 2Living Room25
025Brave the CavesSelectionChapter 2Academy Gate40
026Mangled MathWrite AnswerChapter 2Pebble Lane25
027That Rings a BellArrangeChapter 2Randall's Room40
028Bunny-Hop Swap 2SolitaireChapter 3Layton's Room30
029Tenth-Round AceMultiple ChoiceChapter 3Merchant District30
030Big Cake, Little CakeArrangeChapter 3Gallery Plaza35
031Emperor's ThroneSlideChapter 3Carnival Arcade35
032Target PracticeSlideChapter 3Carnival Square45
033Chained CircleSlideChapter 3Knickknack Alley35
034The Cat's TrophySlideChapter 3Henry's Study30
035Guess StarsSlideChapter 3Ledore Mansion Gate40
036Going Dough-nuts!SelectChapter 3Gallery Plaza30
037Spin ShenanigansWrite AnswerChapter 3City Monument40
038Pattern PendingArrangeChapter 3One-Ring Circus25
039A Hat of TilesTile LayingChapter 3Reception30
040Crossed ConnectionsDraw LineChapter 3Reception35
041From the SidelinesCircle AnswerChapter 3Briefing Room40
042Couple at the CaféCircle AnswerChapter 3City Hall Steps40
043Evenly MatchedDraw LineChapter 3Madame Lapushka's35
044Suit CratesArrangeChapter 3Dromedary Plaza25
045From Left to RightSlideChapter 3Montsarton Gallery55
046Toppings Up!FlipChapter 3Montsarton Gallery30
047Trial By TennisMultiple ChoiceChapter 3Costume Boutique35
048Lighting ActionArrangeChapter 3Big Top45
049Floor SeatsUS: Floor Seats
UK: A Whinger's Tale
Write AnswerChapter 3Big Top30
050Kitty SolitaireSolitaireChapter 3Big Top35
051Dandy BearsMultiple ChoiceChapter 3One-Ring Circus30
052Spectacular ViewsArrangeChapter 3Dalston Mansion40
053Poke 'em Totems 2ArrangeChapter 4Randall's Room35
054Archaeological FeetDraw LineChapter 4Randall's Room30
055Spinning Maize 2Maze EscapeChapter 4Pebble Lane40
056Clear-Cut ContrastsSelectChapter 4Living Room40
057Stitching SquaresSelectChapter 4Living Room45
058Sorting BlocksWrite AnswerChapter 4Market Street30
059Flowery FootpathArrangeChapter 4Old Towne40
060Dangerous HolesUS: Dangerous Holes
UK: A Ropey System
Draw LineChapter 4Old Towne45
061Padlocked FenceUS: Padlocked Fence
UK: Padlock Gate
ArrangeChapter 4Edge of Town40
062Shattered SignArrangeChapter 4Signpost35
063A Muddy MessWrite AnswerChapter 4Winding Path25
064Norwell's SecretArrangeChapter 4Norwell40
065Kitty Solitaire 2SolitaireChapter 5Big Top45
066A Trip to the HospitalWrite AnswerChapter 5City Monument40
067Language of LoveSelectChapter 5Merchant District30
068Days of RestSelectChapter 5Madame Lapushka's30
069Toppings Up! Part 2FlipChapter 5Monsarton Gallery35
070A Perilous AdventureCircle AnswerChapter 5Ledore Mansion Gate30
071Evenly Matched 2US: Evenly Matched 2
UK: Pawn Portions 2
Draw LineChapter 5Reception45
072A Cup of TilesTileChapter 5Reception40
073Ancient ArithmeticUS: Ancient Arithmetic
UK: Rock Hard Sums
ArrangeChapter 5Briefing Room45
074Bunny-Hop Swap 3SolitaireChapter 5Racetrack40
075Grand Horse RaceArrangeChapter 5Racetrack30
076Painstaking PackingWrite AnswerChapter 5Oasis Street35
077Mishmash MapArrangeChapter 5Knickknack Alley40
078Three ClownsMultiple ChoiceChapter 5Merchant District30
079The ShopkeepersDraw LineChapter 5City Monument45
080Sharing the Burden 2ArrangeChapter 5Dromedary Lobby30
081King Arthur's SwordWrite AnswerChapter 5One-Ring Circus30
082Rainbow RepairTileChapter 5Dalston Mansion35
083Settle the ScoresWrite AnswerChapter 5Chance Avenue40
084Neon OrangeSelectChapter 5Casino Entrance40
085Slot Sequence (US)US: Slot Sequence
UK: Slot Sequence
SelectChapter 5Casino30
086Even DealArrangeChapter 5Casino30
087Merry-Go-TilesArrangeChapter 5Carousel45
088Glass ArrowsMultiple ChoiceChapter 5Carousel40
089Pumpkin SpinnersArrangeChapter 5Pumpkin Spinners30
090Loose ConnectionSlideChapter 5Pumpkin Spinners70
091Totem TumblerArrangeChapter 6Ruins B240
092Ancient ArtistryWrite AnswerChapter 6Ruins B330
093Hershel vs Mummies!SlideChapter 6Ruins B450
094Cursed CaseArrangeChapter 6Ruins B540
095Snakes and KeysMultiple ChoiceChapter 6Ruins B540
096Arach-attack!SelectChapter 6Ruins B630
097Tilt to TraverseMaze EscapeChapter 6Ruins B640
098Watertight CodeSelectChapter 6Ruins B740
099Ancient Artistry 2Write AnswerChapter 6Ruins B745
100Gate to the RuinsUS: Gate to the Ruins
UK: The Last Door
ArrangeChapter 6Ruins B850
101Wonky WiringArrangeChapter 7Dromedary Lobby45
102Dice CratesArrangeChapter 7One-Ring Circus30
103Stars of the StageSelectChapter 7Big Top50
104Undercover CodeUS: Undercover Code
UK: A Cracking Read
Write AnswerChapter 7Dalston Parlor40
105Free Lunch!Multiple ChoiceChapter 7Monument30
106Confusion CubedArrangeChapter 7Merchant District50
107Toppings Up! Part 3FlipChapter 7Monsarton Gallery50
108Balls and BoxesArrangeChapter 7Carnival Arcade40
109Fishy TriangleDraw LineChapter 7Knickknack Alley45
110Cosy CabinsArrangeChapter 7Knickknack Alley30
111Holiday SnapsSelectChapter 7City Hall Steps35
112A Duck of TilesTileChapter 7Reception70
113Chip ChampionsDraw LineChapter 7Racetrack Entrance40
114Emperor's Throne 2SlideChapter 7Chance Avenue50
115Slot Sequence 2SelectChapter 7Casino35
116Ferris LettersUS: Ferris Letters
UK: Fair Lettering Ferris
ArrangeChapter 7Pumpkin Spinners25
117Ride RotationSelectChapter 7Pumpkin Spinners30
118Evenly Matched 3US: Evenly Matched 3
UK: Pawn Portions 3
Draw LineChapter 7Reception50
119Fairly Shared SquaresDraw LineChapter 7Oasis Street40
120Stumble's Balloons 2SwapChapter 7Gallery Plaza50
121Ball-Dart Bull's-EyeUS: Ball-Dart Bull's-Eye
UK: Ball Dart Bullseye
Multiple ChoiceChapter 7Dromedary Plaza40
122Kitty Solitaire 3SolitaireChapter 7Big Top60
123Weighted MarblesArrangeChapter 7Casino45
124Stumble's Banners 2SelectChapter 7Carousel45
125A Day at the RacesMultiple ChoiceChapter 7Racetrack40
126Mystery RoomUS: Mystery Room
UK: Room 2134 Mystery
Multiple ChoiceChapter 7Front Desk40
127Ace of DiamondsMultiple ChoiceChapter 7Henry's Office20
128Faded PhotosSelectChapter 7Henry's Office40
129A Sweeping SolutionSelectChapter 7Sapphire Suite30
130Water, Wood, FireMultiple ChoiceChapter 7Emerald Suite50
131Jewels to the LockSelectChapter 7Grand Hall30
132Stealth NightArrangeChapter 7Auditorium40
133Grand Hall RescueSelectChapter 7Grand Hall50
134Breaking the SealArrangeChapter 8City Monument45
135Mask PedestalUS: Mask Pedestal
UK: Wind-Up Chamber
RotateChapter 8Mask Pedestal60
136A Pattern of TilesTileLayton's Challenges60
137Cursed Case 2ArrangeLayton's Challenges70
138Poke 'em Totems 3ArrangeLayton's Challenges60
139Emperor's Throne 3SlideLayton's Challenges70
140Evenly Matched 4US: Evenly Matched 4
UK: Pawn Portions 4
Draw LineLayton's Challenges80
141Fix the Fossil 2ArrangeLayton's Challenges80
142Spinning Maize 3Maze EscapeLayton's Challenges55
143Flowery Footpath 2ArrangeLayton's Challenges60
144Grand Hall Rescue 2SelectLayton's Challenges60
145Merry-Go-Tiles 2ArrangeLayton's Challenges80
146Tilt to Traverse 2Maze EscapeLayton's Challenges60
147That Rings a Bell 2ShootLayton's Challenges50
148Mummies' Revenge!SlideLayton's Challenges70
149From Right to LeftSlideLayton's Challenges90
150Back to the ChamberRotateLayton's Challenges70

Daily Puzzles[]

To be added