This page lists the Mysteries from Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask
Major spoilers are present regarding the game's plot. You should only read this page after finishing the game.

1. The Miracle of Monte d'OrEdit

Monte d'Or is well known because it started out as an oasis with one small inn and expanded into a large and prosperous city in the space of just 18 years. How could such a city develop so fast?

Layton's Thoughts
First: Monte d'Or is quite impressive. Especially considering that Henry built it from nothing.
Second: The gallery plaza in the center of town was built on top of an oasis. The city no doubt developed around this water source.
Third: It seems that many of the former inhabitants of Stansbury have moved to Monte d'Or. That must have also boosted the population.
Solved: It seems that Monte d'Or owes its whole existence to the prize money Henry offered to find Randall.
Mystery solved
Some 18 years ago, Henry offered a hefty reward for Randall's return, attracting entrepreneurs and fortune-seekers from all parts to the Reunion Inn. Many stayed and set up businesses, and the little settlement grew into a full-blown city. Thus, it could be said that Monte d'Or was built upon Henry's devotion to his friend.

2. The Petrification MiracleEdit

A number of people were turned to stone during the parade on Celebration Boulevard. Some members of the crowd appear to have witnessed the petrification as it occurred. Was this really some sort of miraculous act?

Layton's Thoughts
First: The crowds deserted Celebration Boulevard, leaving forlorn stone statues that were seemingly living people just moments before...
Second: The stone figures have now been cleared from the street, but as far as I know, the petrified victims have yet to be identified.
Third: It seems the police were examining the trail left by a horse-drawn cart in the street. Was it just a part of the parade?
Solved: All the culprits had to do was place statues then claim they'd watched them turn to stone. This created panic among the crowd.
Mystery solved
The petrification miracle was nothing but an elaborate trick. The perpetrators created a distraction while they placed stone statues all around. With a few panicked shouts, they then convinced the crowd that the statues were real people turned to stone.

3. The Mask of ChaosEdit

It is said that the Mask of Chaos grants its wearer tremendous magical power. Could this power be behind the Masked Gentleman's so-called miracles?

Layton's Thoughts
First: It's odd. I always thought the mask's powers were just part of the legend...
Second: The mask apparently allows the Masked Gentleman to perform impossible feats. Can a simple mask possess such a power?
Third: The Mask of Chaos was first studied by the historian Donald Rutledge, but its purpose has never been understood.
Fourth: Only the Mask of Order can counter the power of the Mask of Chaos, they say. That sounds quite fantastical.
Fifth: When Randall first acquired the mask, he thought it was the key to finding the ruins. He believed it to be some sort of map.
Solved: The Mask of Chaos, a mysterious and highly evocative artifact, proved a valuable prop in Randall's deception.
Mystery solved
Randall used the myth behind the Mask of Chaos to convince everyone of its magical power. It was a key part of his plan to take revenge on Henry by destroying Monte d'Or.

4. The Masked GentlemanEdit

A mysterious person calling himself the Masked Gentleman is parading around town performing ever more dramatic and miraculous feats. He must have some agenda, but it's not clear what he wishes to achieve.

Layton's Thoughts
First: The Masked Gentleman appeared around a month ago and started staging his unsettling miracles. What is he after?
Second: The Masked Gentleman is likely the one who stole the Mask of Chaos from the Ledores' study, but for what purpose?
Third: When the Masked Gentleman's letter of warning was delivered to Dalston, a similar letter was handed to me.
Fourth: The incidents so far indicate that he has a number of accomplices. He must wield quite some influence...
Solved: Randall assumed the role of a masked villain and engineered this whole masquerade just to get back at Henry...
Mystery solved
The Masked Gentleman was revealed to be the long-missing Randall. Enraged by his friend Henry's apparent betrayal, he set about frightening away the inhabitants of Monte d'Or with his malevolent "miracles."

5. Traces of Another CivilizationEdit

Although Monte d'Or is a new city, built in the latest architectural fashion, traces can be found here and there of a very ancient civilization. Where do these come from, and what could it mean?

Layton's Thoughts
This area of desert is known to be the site of various ancient ruins. Monte d'Or must also have its share of relics.
Solved: Even I had no idea that Monte d'Or was built over the Akbadain ruins. It was quite an astounding discovery!
Mystery solved
Directly below Monte d'Or lay the heart of the ancient ruins of Akbadain, a vestige of the once great Azran civilization. The remnants found above ground were just a small part of that vast structure.

6. The Mask of OrderEdit

Donald Rutledge's "Ancient Histories" tells of a Mask of Order, a counterpart to the Mask of Chaos that can negate its power. This mask could be the key to stopping the Masked Gentleman, but how to find it?

Layton's Thoughts
First: I have my doubts about the Mask of Chaos and its special powers, so a mask that can counter it? Dubious...
Second: Randall said he had failed to find the twin to the Mask of Chaos. He must have meant the Mask of Order....
Solved: The masks were never two separate entities, but one and the same. They belonged together from the start.
Mystery solved
The Mask of Order and the Mask of Chaos are in fact two halves of the same artifact, which can be separated at will. Far from counteracting each other, the gain power only when used together.

7. The Levitation MiracleEdit

The Gentleman of Miracles appeared at the museum plaza and made many people float and disappear. How could this have happened?

Layton's Thoughts
First: Those people appeared to be simply swallowed up into the night sky... There must be some sort of trick to it.
Second: All the incidents so far have involved a fair number of accomplices. This one is surely no different.
Solved: This was no miracle - the Masked Gentleman had his henchmen mingle in with the crowd and then gave the signal.
Mystery solved
To create the illusion of walking in mid-air, the Masked Gentleman used wires strung between the gallery and the marquee. His "victims" were simply accomplices who were lifted up by balloon-like devices and then cloaked in black cloth.

8. Henry's Suspicious BehaviorEdit

Henry is clearly hiding something, which he cannot or will not speak about. What could his secret be?

Layton's Thoughts

Solved: Henry truly believed that Randall would return and wanted nothing more than to safeguard everything that he cared for.
Mystery solved
Henry's devotion to maintaining and expanding his estate in Monte d'Or lay in his desire to have everything perfect for Randall's eventual return.

9. Sharon's Suspicious BehaviorEdit

Angela has been acting strangely and she may be hiding something. Could her odd behavior be somehow related to the Masked Gentleman?

Layton's Thoughts

Solved: Descole was clever, but he failed to understand the real nature of Henry and Angela's relationship.
Mystery solved
At some point, Angela was replaced by Descole in disguise. Taking over her identity almost seamlessly, he hoped to manipulate Henry into revealing the Mask of Order.

10. The Vanishing MiracleEdit

The crowds of visitors in Tingly Town vanished all of a sudden, then reappeared minutes later, apparently oblivious to the whole thing. What could have happened to all those people in the meantime?

Layton's Thoughts

Solved: The concept was as simple as the execution was extravagant. The Masked Gentleman will go to any lengths!
Mystery solved
The Masked Gentleman used the darkness in Tingly Tower and a rotating floor mechanism to disorientate Layton and the others. He led them into an exact, but empty, replica of the funfair to make them think the crowd had vanished.
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