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This is the Puzzle Index for Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. It lists all puzzles that are in the game.

You can also browse the puzzles by category.

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Story Puzzles[]

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001Party CrasherUS: Party Crasher
UK: A Party Crasher
ArrangePrologueCity Square10
002The Clock ShopCircle AnswerPrologueMidland Bus Stop15
003Bus SchedulingPress ButtonPrologueMidland Road10
004Moving Day Write AnswerPrologueMidland Rd. 15
005The TimepieceSelectPrologueClock Shop Front20
006Needling NeedlesUS: Needling Needles
UK: Eye on the Needles
Write AnswerPrologueBack Room15
007What's the Time?Write AnswerPrologueBack Room15
008The Odd ClockWrite AnswerPrologueClock Shop15
009Cogged DownPress ButtonPrologueBack Room25
010What Day Is It? 1US: What Day Is It? 1
UK: Day Dreaming
Select and SubmitChapter 1Anita's Place15
011The Professor's HatHatgramChapter 1Old Bus Stop30
012Follow the ArrowsArrangeChapter 1Southern Street30
013Pick the PenPress ButtonChapter 1Hotel Lobby30
014Find the Station!US: Find the Station!
UK: Find the Station!
Circle AnswerChapter 1Hotel Room20
015Boxes of MatchesUS: Boxes of Matches
UK: How Many Boxes?
Write AnswerChapter 1Hotel Room30
016What Day Is It? 2US: What Day Is It? 2
UK: Day Dreaming 2
Select and SubmitChapter 1Hotel Room20
017The Messy NoteUS: The Messy Note
UK: The Scrawled Note
Write AnswerChapter 1Restaurant 30
018Slippery Trip 1US: Slippery Trip 1
UK: Slippery Trip
Banana SlipChapter 1Arcade East Exit30
019Checkerboard BridgeUS: Checkerboard Bridge
UK: Chequerboard Bridge
Write AnswerChapter 2Flatstone St. 235
020Making the RoundsWrite AnswerChapter 1Reception30
021Medicine TimeDraw LineChapter 1Patient Room25
022X-ray VisionCircle AnswerChapter 1Patient Room25
023The Secret NumberUS: The Secret Number
UK: The Hidden Number
Write AnswerChapter 1Back of Hospital35
024No-Go ArrowsSelectChapter 2Arcade Entrance30
025Back and ForthUS: Back and Forth
UK: How Long?
Write AnswerChapter 3Back of Hospital20
026Upon ReflectionWrite AnswerChapter 2N. Flatstone St.30
027A Game of CardsCircle AnswerChapter 2Casino Entrance30
028Slot Machine Gun!PlacementChapter 2Casino Lobby40
029Our Dream HouseUS: Our Dream House
UK: Four Rooms
Draw LineChapter 3Flatstone St. 140
030Cookie ConundrumUS: Cookie Conundrum
UK: Biscuit Baffler
Write AnswerChapter 3Southern Street30
031False MemoryUS: False Memory
UK: Pair-Shaped
Press ButtonChapter 3Southern Street20
032Broken LancePress ButtonChapter 3Statue Plaza20
033Brothers 'n' SistersWrite AnswerChapter 3Statue Plaza35
034The Mysterious MemoWrite AnswerChapter 3Alley25
035Twisted TunnelsTap AnswerChapter 3Behind the Casino40
036Hide-and-Goon-SeekUS: Hide-and-Goon-Seek
UK: Henchman Hunt
Write AnswerChapter 3Chinatown Gate30
037Cat RomancePress ButtonChapter 3Black Market25
038Cluttered Bag (UF)US: Cluttered Bag
UK: Cluttered Case
SlidingChapter 4Black Market40
039Coat ConfusionUS: Coat Confusion
UK: Where's My Coat?
Tap AnswerChapter 4Casino Storage30
040Missing TilesWrite AnswerChapter 4Casino Storage40
041Carrying GlassesUS: Carrying Glasses
UK: Thirsty Work
Press ButtonChapter 4Anita's Place20
042Create the KeyUS: Create the Key
UK: Shape of the Key
HatgramChapter 7Casino Storage40
043Making the CutDraw LineChapter 4Clock Shop Front20
044Find the Clock TowerUS: Find the Clock Tower
UK: Clock the Tower
Circle AnswerChapter 4Casino Storage25
045How Many People?Write AnswerChapter 4Midland Road30
046A Heartfelt HeartTap AnswerChapter 4Midland Bus Stop30
047The Shady TrioSelect and SubmitChapter 5Gressenheller U40
0481/1000MatchstickChapter 5Gressenheller U25
049The Missing BlockPress ButtonChapter 5Gressenheller U30
050A Dangerous PlaceUS: A Dangerous Place
UK: Where Is This?
Circle AnswerChapter 5Reception20
051Park the CarDraw LineChapter 5Police Archive15
052The CheckerboardUS: The Checkerboard
UK: The Chessboard
Tap AnswerChapter 5Midland Road30
053Making Another CutDraw LineChapter 6Clock Shop Front30
054Lunchtime!PlacementChapter 6Anita's Place30
055Picky MoviegoersUS: Picky Moviegoers
UK: Six Whiny Spectators
PlacementChapter 6Old Bus Stop30
056Five StampsSelect and SubmitChapter 6Arcade20
057Mispainted PlatesPlacementChapter 6Restaurant30
058Gravity MazeGravity MazeChapter 6Park Gate30
059LeapfrogsFroghopChapter 7Alley30
060The InheritanceCircle AnswerChapter 7Arcade East Exit40
061A Tunnel OutRotate and ArrangeChapter 7Behind the Casino40
062Lunar LeapfrogsFroghopChapter 7Alley30
063Which Finger?Circle AnswerChapter 7Chinatown Plaza20
064Who Broke It?US: Who Broke It?
UK: Break Time
Tap AnswerChapter 7Chinatown Plaza30
065Strange ShapesUS: Strange Shapes
UK: Funny Shapes
Circle AnswerChapter 7Scarlet Street30
066Faces on VasesUS: Faces on Vases
UK: Flower Vases
Tap AnswerChapter 7Scarlet Street30
067Noodling AroundUS: Noodling Around
UK: Pork Noodle Line-up
Write AnswerChapter 7Noodle Shop30
068Paper CutsDraw LineChapter 7Toy Shop40
069Which One's White?US: Which One's White?
UK: Pearl Diving
Tap AnswerChapter 7Toy Shop50
070The Third YoungestTap AnswerChapter 7Belltower Gate25
071Peculiar Paint JobUS: Peculiar Paint Job
UK: Wall Paint Problem
Select and SubmitChapter 7Neighborhood Wall25
072Tricolor TemplateUS: Tricolor Template
UK: Tricolour Template
Circle AnswerChapter 7Neighborhood Wall30
073Tricky TileworkRotate and ArrangeChapter 7Neighborhood Wall40
074Slippery Trip 2Banana SlipChapter 7Azure Avenue40
075Create the ChickUS: Create the Chick
UK: The Chick's Shadow
HatgramChapter 7Edge of Chinatown40
076Around the TableWrite AnswerChapter 8Bookshop40
077Timely ArrivalsWrite AnswerChapter 8Chinatown Gate40
078Rabbit HopsUS: Rabbit Hops
UK: Bunny Hop
Write AnswerChapter 8Riverside Area20
079Five SwimmersTap AnswerChapter 8Riverside Area40
080Making a SceneWrite AnswerChapter 8South Bank40
081Diced DatesCircle AnswerChapter 8Thames Arms30
082Wheat StashUS: Wheat Stash
UK: Flour Power
Tap AnswerChapter 9Black Market30
083Shelve the BooksUS: Shelve the Books
UK: A Tidy Bookshelf
Rotate and ArrangeChapter 9Bookshop30
084Crossing the RiverUS: Crossing the River
UK: Four Cross the River
Write AnswerChapter 9Noodle Shop30
085More Noodling AroundUS: More Noodling Around
UK: Noodlin' Around
Write AnswerChapter 9Noodle Shop30
086The Impassable GateSlidingChapter 9Belltower Gate60
087Sam's AllowanceUS: Sam's Allowance
UK: Pocket Money Poser
Write AnswerChapter 9Toy Shop30
088The DiscountSelect and SubmitChapter 9Toy Shop30
089Photo FinishCircle AnswerChapter 9Warehouse Area40
090Eye of the DragonTap AnswerChapter 9Towering Pagoda50
091Strange GlassesCircle AnswerChapter 9Mechanical Door40
092Cave Cover-UpUS: Cave Cover-Up
UK: Stolen Goods
Draw LineChapter 9Dragon Walkway40
093The Mirror MazeSelect and SubmitChapter 9Room of Mirrors50
094The Dragon BridgeUS: The Dragon Bridge
UK: The Dragon Walkway
SlidingChapter 9The Dragon Bridge60
095Looking UpTap AnswerChapter 9The Boss's Room30
096The Right ButtonUS: The Right Button
UK: First Step?
Select and SubmitChapter 9The Boss's Room40
097A Blind EscapeDraw LineChapter 9The Boss's Room30
098Slippery Trip 3Banana SlipChapter 10Warehouse Area50
099An Odd InvitationSelect and SubmitChapter 10Scarlet Street20
100The Lost NumberWrite AnswerChapter 10Toy Shop50
101Shy Guys and GalsUS: Shy Guys and Gals
UK: Shy Lads and Lasses
Draw LineChapter 10Chinatown Plaza30
102Balance Your BooksUS: Balance Your Books
UK: Balance your Books
Select and SubmitChapter 10Bookshop30
103Pool ProblemUS: Pool Problem
UK: Fill the Pool
Select and SubmitChapter 10Behind the Casino25
104The Cake GobblerCircle AnswerChapter 10Statue Plaza30
105The FingerprintTap AnswerChapter 10Flatstone St. 215
106Four StampsSelect and SubmitChapter 10Arcade East Exit20
107Chicken RaceUS: Chicken Race
UK: The Henclucky Derby
Circle AnswerChapter 10Southern Street60
108Dogs and CatsUS: Dogs and Cats
UK: Dog, Dog, Cat!
Write AnswerChapter 10Black Market30
109Three Blocks Gravity MazeChapter 10Black Market40
110A Zero-Sum GameTap AnswerChapter 10South Bank30
111Follow the CodeUS: Follow the Code
UK: Puzzling Legend
Tap AnswerChapter 11North Bank40
112Beams and LaddersUS: Beams and Ladders
UK: Ladder Puzzle
Select and SubmitChapter 11North Bank30
113One Step at a TimeSelect and SubmitChapter 11Service Entrance30
114Roped InUS: Roped In
UK: Rope Puzzle
PlacementChapter 11Facility Warehouse60
115Hidden in Plain SightUS: Hidden in Plain Sight
UK: Plus Key
Draw LineChapter 11Central Research50
116Which Way Is Up?US: Which Way Is Up?
UK: Which Direction?
Tap AnswerChapter 11Tunnel50
117Where's the Arrow?US: Where's the Arrow?
UK: The Secret Letter
Circle AnswerChapter 12South Bank60
118Scrutinized ScrewsUS: Scrutinized Screws
UK: Scrutinised Screws
Circle AnswerChapter 13Riverside Hill40
119Swap to UnlockRotate and ArrangeChapter 13Fortress Door60
120A Cryptic ComboSelectChapter 13Elevator Door50
121Arrow FlowSelectChapter 13Ventilation Room40
122Password PiecesUS: Password Pieces
UK: Key Code Puzzle
Write AnswerChapter 13Elevator60
123Cat's-Eye ViewWrite AnswerChapter 13Surveillance Floor50
124The Final TileSelectChapter 13Surveillance Room70
125Connect the BotsSelect and SubmitChapter 13Surveillance Room50
126Ten-Step SolutionSlidingChapter 13Generator Room50
127A Real Heart SwapperPlacementChapter 13Surveillance Room70
128Reverse RotationRotate and ArrangeEpilogueSurveillance Room80
129Block BlockadeSelect and SubmitEpilogueSurveillance Room70
130The Final PuzzleTap AnswerEpilogueSurveillance Room30
131A Pricey PenUS: A Pricey Pen
UK: The Price of the Pen
Write AnswerChapter 10Surveillance Room30
132Calendar CollageWrite AnswerChapter 10Arcade South Exit40
133The Two NecklacesSlidingChapter 12Black Market30
134A Question of TasteTap AnswerChapter 6Gressenheller U30
135Four JamsUS: Four Jams
UK: Jam Weight
ScaleChapter 6Anita's Place25
136Destination StationCircle AnswerChapter 12Warehouse Area30
137Pieces of ChocolateUS: Pieces of Chocolate
UK: Choc-hole-ate
Write AnswerChapter 6Southern Street30
138Quirky ClockworkTap AnswerChapter 10Casino Lobby30
139Bricks 'n' BullionArrangeChapter 8Flatstone St. 250
140Ripple EffectWrite AnswerChapter 12Warehouse Area25
141A Roll of the DieRotate and ArrangeChapter 10Casino Floor35
142The Marked CupTap AnswerChapter 12Casino Floor30
143Double DigitsUS: Double Digits
UK: Boards into Numbers
Draw LineChapter 10Clock Shop Front40
144Mr. 8:20US: Mr. 8:20
UK: Mr 8:20
Circle AnswerChapter 2Casino Entrance20
145Time CardsWrite AnswerChapter 8Thames Arms30
146Birds on a WireWrite AnswerChapter 1Green Hospital15
147Paving the GardenUS: Paving the Garden
UK: Paving the Way
Tap AnswerChapter 3Shady Grove20
148Matchstick MathUS: Matchstick Math
UK: Mathematchsticks
Write AnswerChapter 7Azure Avenue25
149Strange SymbolsWrite AnswerChapter 3Casino Storage30
150Half as OldUS: Half as Old
UK: Sisterly Sums
Write AnswerChapter 11Service Entrance15
151A Difference of 39Write AnswerChapter 9The Boss's Room15
152Cluttered CansUS: Cluttered Cans
UK: Tinned Trouble
MoveChapter 3River Thames30
153An Extra BlockCircle AnswerChapter 3Chinatown Gate30
154A Stacked DeckWrite AnswerLayton's Challenges50
155Three More BlocksGravity MazeLayton's Challenges60
156ABCs ... and DsSlidingLayton's Challenges50
157The Crazy KeyholesSelect and SubmitLayton's Challenges50
158From A to DWrite AnswerLayton's Challenges40
159The Impassable Gate 2SlidingLayton's Challenges70
160Dirt PatchworkWrite AnswerLayton's Challenges50
161Black Hat, White HatRotate and ArrangeLayton's Challenges50
162Cluttered Cans 2MoveLayton's Challenges50
163Time Times ThreeWrite AnswerLayton's Challenges60
164Calendar ConundrumCircle AnswerLayton's Challenges60
165One Big NecklaceSlidingLayton's Challenges80
166Perplexing ProduceRotate and ArrangeLayton's Challenges80
167Impassable Gate 3SlidingLayton's Challenges90
168The Time MachineSlidingLayton's Challenges90

Weekly Puzzles[]

W01Ten-Cent IncrementsSelect and Submit
W02Sporting GoodsSelect and Submit
W03A Dicey Treasure MapPlacement
W04Analog AnglesPress Button
W06Underground EscapeSliding
W07Packed InSliding
W08Ski-Slope SketchCircle Answer
W09It Works Both WaysPlacement
W10Bandage BonanzaSelect and Submit
W11Legs and LivestockWrite Answer
W12Clever CalculationRotate and Arrange
W13Souvenir PhotoPress Button
W14Carpet PileSelect and Submit
W15The Crown JewelsWrite Answer
W16Crazy BirdWrite Answer
W17Academic ArithmeticWrite Answer
W18Blocked InSliding
W19Stained Glass Press Button
W20Gelatinous DessertPress Button
W21Spades and ClubsWrite Answer
W22Ten CandlesWrite Answer
W23Books on a TablePress Button
W24Rearranged NamesSliding
W25The Messed-Up MapDraw Line
W26The Top-Hat SocietyDraw Line
W27A Trio of HeartsSelect and Submit
W28Cave BlockadeSliding
W29Phone BoothsPress Button
W30Double VisionSelect and Submit
W31Massive GemstonesWrite Answer
W32It All Adds UpWrite Answer
W33Black and White BallsWrite Answer

Hidden Door[]

No. Name Type
??? The Diabolical Box Reopened Sliding