A Day at the Races is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


Hurray! The races are on! Three groups of tradespeople have been invited to watch: tailors, winemakers and upholsterers.

The seating areas for each group have been arranged so that the sponsors can tell at a glance which is which.

Can you tell which group of tradespeople is sitting in the yellow area?


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

The seats are divided up in quite an intricate way, aren't they? Perhaps the number of seats has something to do with it?

No, that can't be it. You can tell just by looking, so there's no need for math or chair counting.

It really is quite a peculiar way of dividing up the seats. Why not try looking at it from a different angle?

Oh, and you'll find some hints on the lower screen too.

This just in!

Apparently, the sponsors' seats are off to the right of the area shown on the top screen. If you look at the image from the angle of the sponsors, you'll be able to tell which group's sitting where at a glance.

Turn the Nintendo 3DS system so that the right-hand side is on the bottom. Doesn't the red seating area look a bit like a chair? The blue area looks like a bottle, and the yellow area looks like a shirt as well.

A shirt? Well then, that should tie up the loose ends of the puzzle!



Too bad.

You can tell just by looking, remember.



The red seating area is shaped like a chair, so that's where the upholsterers will sit. The blue seating area is in the shape of a bottle, so the winemakers will be sitting there. And finally, the yellow seating area is shaped like a shirt, just right for the tailors.

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