A Hat of Tiles is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


You have a stack of thin titles that are 3 x 3 in size. There are three colors, and each tile is a solid color. Use the available tiles and stack them on top of each other to construct a top hat like the one above.

How should you layer them? Take the tiles from the right and place them inside the border on the left.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Each tile has a size of 3 x 3, and you can place tiles anywhere, but they have run all the way around the edge.

Start by placing the eight white tiles so they run around the edges.

Place the black tiles along the brim of the hat so that you end up with a 3 x 5 rectangle. Now we have the problem of how to make the sides of the brim look right.

Although Hint 1 told you to place all the white tiles first, try bringing two of them to the front and see what you can do.

Do you now have a black, upside-down T shape? Look at the model to see how to proceed from here.

There's a fully visible 3 x 3 black tile positioned at the top of the hat. That has to be the last tile you place.

If the last tile to place is a black one, then the tile for red of the hatband must come before it. position it exactly in the center and then place the last black tile. You know where it goes.



You did it!

That's some expert tile laying right there!


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