A Knightly Trial is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. The puzzle must be solved in order to progress the story.


This country's national flag has the same design on its front and back. Would-be knights in this land undergo a series of gruelling tests, one of which involves counting the number of squares there are on the national flag.

Prove yourself worthy of knighthood by working out how many squares are on this national flag!


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Before you get carried away, remember that a square is only a square if it is closed off on all four sides.

Bear this in mind while you count all the small squares, and you should get a total of 17. This isn't the answer, though.

Don't just focus on the individual squares. You need to look much deeper than that.

Have you noticed that you can combine square to create larger squares?

For example, you can create one of these right in the middle of the flag, made up of four yellow squares, four green squares and one white square in the centre.

You've found the central square made up of four green squares, four yellow squares and one white square, have you? If you look again, you'll see this large square actually contains four other, smaller squares, each one containing one white square, one yellow square, and two green squares.

Add the five larger squares at the centre of the flag to the 17 individual squares you've got already counted, and you'll have a total of 22. But is this really the right answer?

Two of the knights on the top screen appear to be looking at the flag from a different perspective to the other knight - and to you. Remember - the design is the same on both sides, so you need to double that total of 22 to get the real answer!



Too bad.

Counting along won't do the trick here.


Chivalry isn't dead!

The same design is shown on both the front and the back of the flag, so the answer is 44, not 22!

Knights need brains as well as brawn, you know!