A Perilous Adventure is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


This little purple ant wants to cross a sea of pencils to join its red friend. It always walks on top of the pencils and can only go along each pencil once. It's too small to climb up from one pencil to another.

As the situation is now, the ant will not be able to get from its starting point to its goal at the red arrow. However, by moving just one colored pencil, you can help it reach the goal. Which colored pencil should you move? Circle your answer.


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The layout of the pencils is complicated, to say the least.

Don't just think about which colored pencil you could move. Also consider where you could move it to.

You can't move any of the plain pencils that make up the sea of green, but you are allowed to move any of the colored pencils.

Look very carefully, and consider your options.

You can pick any colored pencil at all and move it wherever you like. No one can raise any objections, because the puzzle doesn't specify any colored pencils you can't move or any places you can't put them.

If you can move whichever colored pencil you like, then you should be able to move the one with the ant on top straight to the bottom-right corner. The ant can then just saunter along to the goal without any hassle.

Which colored pencil should you move if you want to carry the ant along with it?



Well, that was anty-climactic...

Are you wondering if you can move the ordinary pencils as well? Sadly, you can't!


You're sharp!

It's the pink pencil the ant is standing on. If you can move it to the bottom-right corner, the ant can walk straight to the goal and be reunited with its friend. So much for that sea of pencils!

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