A Pricey Pen (The Price of the Pen in the UK version) is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.


US Version

"I bought this beautiful, one-of-a-kind fountain pen from a luxury boutique for 10% off the original price of only $3,000!

When I showed it to my friend, she took one look and just had to have it! She offered to pay be 10% more than what I'd paid. I love the pen, but I couldn't say no!

Overall, how much did I gain or love by selling the pen to my friend?"

Be sure to put a minus sign (-) in front of your answer in case of a loss.

UK Version

"I bought a pen from a shop, which had 10% off the original price of £30.00. When my friend caught sight of it, she decided she had to have it for herself. She offered to pay 10% more than the price I had bought it for, so I agreed to sell it.

Overall, how much did I gain or lose?"

Enter your answer in pence. Be sure to put a minus sign (-) in front of your answer for a loss.


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Ther are often traps in puzzles that usea lot of text to describe a faily simple problem. This is one of those.

None of the information given is wrong, but there are some details meant to confuse you.

How much did the woman originally buy the fountain pen for?

If you focus on that, you'll be on the right track.

The woman bought the fountain pen from the boutique for 10% off the original price. This has no bearer on whether or not she made a profit by selling it to her friend.

Her friend offered 10% more than what she paid for the pen, so she's definitely going to make a profit.

The woman bought the pen from the boutique for $2,700 and sold it to her friend for $2,970.

Now just figure out how much of a profit she made. Don't worry at all about the original discount.



Too bad!

Don't freak out. This puzzle isn't too tricky if you just think it through.


US Version

You got it!

She will make a profit of $270.

The pen was originally bought for 10% off of $3,000. Which is $2,700, and sold for 10% more than $2,700, which is $2,970. This makes for a profit of $2,970 minus $2,700, which is $270!

UK Version


"It was a £2.70 gain.
The initial 10% discount I got in the shop determines the price I had to pay for the pen (£30.00 - £3.00 = £27.00), but it doesn't affect the 10% gain I made later when I sold it on to my friend.

I bought the pen for £27.00 and sold it for 10% more (£27.00 + £2.70 = £29.70), making a profit of £2.70, or 270 pence."


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