A Question of Taste is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.


Professor Layton and Luke are chatting a clothing store:

You know, Luke...there's something here that really appeals to me. I think I might just try and negotiate a purchase!"

What has caught Professor Layton's eye?


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Well, for starters, Professor Layton isn't really into clothes...

Something Professor Layton likes is hidden among the clothes...

Well, we all know how much Professor Layton loves puzzles. So, look around for something puzzlelike...

Professor Layton loves his puzzles. A symbol for puzzles is hidden somewhere.



Too bad!

It's Professor Layton's favorite thing...

You know what that is, right?


Keen eye!

The answer is C.

However, did you realize that the item Professor Layton likes is actually the hanger? It's shaped like a question mark!

"Whenever I see a puzzle, Luke, I can't help but take action!"

"But, Professor...that's not a puzzle, it's a hanger!"


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