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A String of Jewels is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


"Here, lads, would you listen to this! Some would-be thieves have chosen tonight to break in and steal the jewels. Proper lemons, eh? You know what? I reckon I can catch them all with just this single coil of rope. And I won't let them put their grubby paws on any of the jewels, neither."

Using every post in the exhibition room, trap all the thieves within a single loop of rope. Just make sure that all the jewels are on the outside. Note that some of the rope loop is already marked.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Connect posts as shown below, making sure that the blue jewel ends up outside the loop.


Connect posts like this to ensure the silver and gold jewels remain on the outside of your loop.


Continue connecting posts as shown here, paying special attention to the locations of the thieves you're trying to catch!


Connect the posts like this to exclude the orange jewel from your loop. If you've made it this far, the rest should be easy!




Too bad.

Make sure you've used every post!


A glittering success!

That's all the thieves tied up tight!