A Troublesome Tent is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


While on an expedition in the mountains, a powerful wind blew away these friends' tent, leaving them exposed to the elements. They have recovered all the pieces of canvas from the tent, but the pieces need to be stitched together so that the colours match where the pieces touch, or it will just fall apart again. To make life more difficult, they've somehow picked up a piece of canvas that wasn't part of their tent to begin with...

Can you stitch their tent back together and give them some shelter?


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

You've a one-in-nine chance of guessing the unnecessary piece, but this isn't a very difficult puzzle if you remember that the pieces need to fit in alongside each other.

Start off by selecting any eight pieces, and try to fit them into the space provided.

The white canvas piece with two stars and the purple canvas piece with two moons are both used.

Try placing these pieces in the frame then looking for pieces that can slot in alongside them.

Each coloured section needs to be located next to another section of the same colour. Since colours need to be paired up, there should be an even number of each one. If there is an odd number of sections for any particular colour, one of these sections must not be used.

There are three different colours on this tent. Try counting how many sections of each colour there are.

All right, here comes your special hint!

There are three pieces that have a white and a purple section, but the order on one of these pieces is different from the other two. This is the unused piece of canvas.

Once you leave this one out of the equation, it's just a matter of piecing together various combinations.



Too bad.

Have you worked out which piece is the unnecessary one? Maybe try doing that first.


You're a happy camper!

You've managed to repair the tent, and what a colourful tent it is!

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