Acorn Allocation is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


These three squirrels are on their way home, picking up acorns along the way. The forest is dotted with clearings that contain piles of acorns, and every time a squirrel passes through one, it takes all the acorns it finds. The number on each clearing indicates how many acorns it contains.

The three squirrels set off one after the other, starting from the top and by the time they each get home, they all of the same number of acorns. Which route does each squirrel take?


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If you count the acorns in every clearing, you'll see that there are a total of 71 acorns in this forest. Divide this total between the three squirrels and you'll get 23, with a remainder of two. You therefore know that each squirrel collects fewer than 24 acorns.

The first squirrel is the one who takes the acorns from the clearing right in the middle of the grid.

The second squirrel only visits one clearing from which acorns have already been taken.

The third squirrel passes through two clearings from which acorns have already been taken.

Each squirrel collects 22 acorns in total.



Too bad.

Take another look at how many acorns each squirrel picked up.



By taking these routes home, the squirrels each collect 22 acorns on the way.

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