Ancient Arti-Facts is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. The puzzle must be solved in order to progress the story.


These explorers each found a unique object at a different depth in the ruins. Use the following statements to fill in the facts about each artifact, its material, and its depth.

1. The doll is made of wood.
2. B dug 100 cm deeper than D who found something made of stone at 50 cm deep.
3. An item made of blue-tinged metal was found deeper down than the wooden one.
4. The pot is made of sandy clay.
5. The coin was found in a shallower place than the sword.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

You'll see that the first row notes the item, the second row notes the item's material, and the bottom row notes the depth at which the item was found.

The following details have already been filled in: B found a doll, D found a stone artifact, and A found something at 200 cm deep.

Based on the first statement, you can note that B's doll was made of wood.

The second statement tells you that B dug to 150 cm, which was 100 cm deeper than D. D thus dug to 50 cm deep.

The third statement compares the depths at which the metal and wooden artifacts were found. You already know the material of B's and D's artifacts, so use those to work out A's and C's.

From the previous two hints, you should have all the materials and depths filled in. Now to work out who found which artifact based on the remaining clues...

From the fourth statement, you can now deduce that C found a clay pot. As for A and D, look at the fifth statement and compare the depths at which the coin and sword were found. You already know the depths for each person.

The fifth statement tells you that the coin was found at a shallower level than the sword.

A's discovery was much deeper than D's. So did A find the coin or the sword?



Too bad.

Read over the statements carefully, and make sure everything fits.



A found a metal blade at 200 cm deep.
B found a wooden doll at 150 cm deep.
C found a clay pot at 100 cm deep.
D found a stone coin at 50 cm deep.

Quite a successful expedition!


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