Arach-attack! is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. The puzzle must be solved in order to progress the story.


The shovel's fallen in a pit! Hershel needs to retrieve it, but there are poisonous spiders coming up the poles. The spiders change direction any chance they get while still moving upward. They somehow manage to never bump into each other, but if they bump into Hershel, he'll be in trouble!

Which of the marked spots is the only safe place for Hershel to avoid the spiders as they climb out of the hole?


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Take one spider at a time, and trace the route it will take out of the hole.

If you're finding it tricky, try using the Memo Function. If you use a different color to trace each spider's route, the answer should become clear.

There are more spiders on the right-hand side of the hole than on the left. The safe spot is likely to be on the left.

If you trace all of the ropes that a spider will cross on its way out of the hole, you'll be left with the only safe rope to stand on.



Too bad.

One of these spots is definitely safe. Stay calm and find the right one!


The answer is A!

Phew. Looks like Hershel is safe! He'd better get out of that hole before those creepy crawlies come back!

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