Archaeological Feet is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


An archaeologist uncovered six artifacts at this dig site, at the points marked A to F.

Unfortunately, in the heat of discovery, he completely forgot to make a note of where each artifact was found. On the plus side, he did at least have a record of the order in which they were found: jug, necklace, dish, axe, sword, and woodblock.

Can you work out where they were found?


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There are a lot of footprints around the site. Compare the footprints found around points A to F. You should be able to tell which footprints arrive at each point and which ones leave.

Try to find the place where the first artifact was discovered. That should be the only place where there is a set of footprints leaving and none arriving.

Perhaps the ground was dry until the archaeologist found the first artifact, and then it started to rain...

B is the only place without footprints leading to it. You can follow the prints that leave B to find the rest in order.

It's a little hard to follow, but there is definitely a trail. It seems to lead to D first...

B is the first place, and D the second. Keep following the trail of footprints to find the next one.

There are only four footprints between D and the next artifact in the trail.



Too bad.

Take another good look over the dig site.



You can trace the footprints to work out the order: B, D, C, A, F, and E.

Careful note taking is essential on digs like this!

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