Be My Guest is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


Taking a look at this hotel's guest book, you see that 13 guests checked in. 25 guests stayed there that night.

On the 27th, 19 guests checked out and 11 checked in. On the 26th, 12 guests checked out and 18 checked in. Finally, on the 25th, 15 guests checked out and 14 checked in.

How many guests were staying at the hotel on the night of the 24th?


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Start by focusing on the 28th, 16 guests checked in that day, and 13 guests checked out, which means the hotel had three more guests that night than it did the previous night.

Since you know that 25 people stayed in the hotel on the 28th, you consequently know that 22 people stayed in the hotel on the 27th.

Continue applying the method given in Hint 1 to work out how many guests stayed in the hotel on other night.

On the 27th, 19 people checked out and 11 people checked in, which means that eight fewer people stayed there that night than on the previous night.

In other words, 30 people stayed in the hotel on the 26th.

18 guests checked in on the 26th and 12 checked out. This means there were six more guests on the 26th than there were the previous day, so the number of guests on the 25th was 24.

14 guests checked in on the 25th and 15 checked out, meaning there was one fewer guests than on the previous night, the 24th. You should now know exactly how many guests there were on the 24th!

There's actually an even easier way of solving this puzzle. The total number of guests who checked out of the hotel over this period was 59. The total number of guests who checked in was also 59, which means that the number the guests who checked out and checked in is the same.

In other ways, there was no overall increase or decrease in the number of guests in the hotel between the 28th and the 24th.



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Check you out!

25 guests stayed there on the 24th - the 24th of December, in fact, which means there may have been another visitor at some point as well!