Bibliofiling is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


This library has such a confusing system for arranging books, even the librarians often give up and leave them in a trolley.

The numbers next to and above each shelf indicate how many books should be in that row or column. Some books are part of a series, so they're bundled together to make them easier for people to find. You can rotate these bundles if you need to.

Can you shelve the books so that every row and column has the right number?


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Start out by placing books on the shelves that have the biggest numbers.

There are only a few places where the red bundles can be placed. You should start by focusing on those places.

Place one of the red bundles on the second row from the top, as far left as it can go, and place another one vertically in the bottom-right corner.

Once these bundles are in place, it should be much easier to work out where the last red bundle should go.

Once you've placed the red bundles as specified in Hint 3, the next stop is to place one of the blue bundles on the top right, in the second and third columns from the left. There should be a place for another one of the blue bundles to be place vertically in the second column from the right.

With these in place, it's just a matter of slotting in the remaining books and the library will be back to its tidy self again!



Too bad.

Make sure that each row and column has the correct number of books in it!


A job well done!

All the books are right back where they're supposed to be.

Well, at least until the next borrower comes along!

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