Big Cake, Little Cake is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


A, B, and C each ate one of the three differently sized slices of strawberry cake.

A:"C ate the medium slice, and B had the large one."
B:"A had the large slice, and I had the medium one."

A and B have each made one statement that is true and one that is false. Can you work out who ate which slice? Move the slices onto the plates to answer.


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A and B each stated two things, one of which is true and on false. Start with one of A's statements, assume it's a lie, and see how that affects the rest of the statements.

Let's assume that A's statement that "C ate the medium slice" is false. That would mean that the statement "B had the large on" must be true.

If that were true, however, both of B's statements would be false. You know for sure that one of B's statements is true so the original assumption is faulty.

Since the assumption in Hint 2 was proven faulty, A's statement that "C ate the medium cake" must be true.

This should tell you which of B's statements is false. Look at each in turn.

The previous hints have shown that C ate the medium slice, so B's statement that "I had the medium one" is false. That must mean that B's other statement "A had the large slice" is true. The rest is easy!



Too bad.

Take another look at the statements, and consider them one at a time.



The small slice was eaten by B, the medium slice by C, and the large slice by A.

A must have been wanted to cover up her greed, but why did B bother to lie?

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