Boat to Boat is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. The puzzle must be solved in order to progress the story.


Uniformed villains are on the prowl all over Kodh, but if our heroes can hop from boat to boat quickly enough, perhaps they can get to the other side without being spotted!

Each boat travels in a fixed direction and at a fixed speed: red boats move one square at a time; blue boats move two; purple boats, three; and orange boats, four.

Bear in mind that the group can only jump to boats adjacent to them, so try to get them across without making a splash!


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

If you use the Memo Function to note where the boats pass each other, solving this puzzle will become a little easier.

For example, it seems there are two spots where Layton can across over from first boat, the blue one, onto the purple boats in the row above.

Have Layton stay aboard the first boat for four moves, and then cross over to the purple boat in the row above.

He then needs to stay on the boat for two moves.

Follow the steps listed in Hint 2, and then have Layton hop over to the red boat in the next row and stay on it for two moves.

Once you've done that, he should be able to jump to the blue boat in the next row.

From the blue boat, the next step is to move him over to the orange one. But be careful: if you have from cross at the first available opportunity, he'll be in all sorts of trouble!

As implied in Hint 3, if you cross Layton over to the orange boat straight away, he'll be left nowhere to go after only making one move.

Keep him on the blue boat for three moves before crossing over. After crossing, keep him on the orange boat for two moves, then have him hop over to the purple boat, and then finally the blue boat.



Full steam ahead!

Layton was able to evade those pesky pursuers after all.

Now it's time for everyone to follow suit and return to the Bostonius!

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