Boat to Boat 2 is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


Layton has taken a liking to this somewhat creative approach to crossing the lake, and needs your help so he can do it again!

Each boat travels in a fixed direction and at a fixed speed: red boats move one square at a time; blue boats move two; purple boats, three; and orange boats, four.

Remember, Layton can only jump to boats adjacent to him, so try to get him across without making a splash!


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Start off by moving once on the first orange boat, then cross over to the purple boat that's above it.

Follow the steps listed in Hint 1, then have Layton make one move on the purple boat.

You'll notice that there are now four boats lined up next to each other. You need to move Layton over to the orange boat furthest away.

Following on from Hint 2, make one move aboard the orange boat, then have Layton hop over to the red boat. Make three moves aboard this red boat, and there'll be three boats lined up below it.

Moving downwards at this stage may seem like a bit of a detour, but the boat you have Layton cross over to next is crucial.

If you followed the steps listed in Hints 1-3, Layton should be on a red boat, with three other boats lined up beneath him. The blue boat is your next stop.

Move four times aboard this boat, and you'll end up with two boats lined up above Layton. Jump him over to the red boat and have him ride it for two moves. Then you just need to cross over to the orange boat, followed by the purple boat, and that's it!



Plain sailing!

Crossing that lake was no problem!

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