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Brownie Points is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


After upsetting his girlfriend, a young man goes to her boutique to apologise, but finds only a box of brownies and a message:

"Arrange these brownies to make the thing I like the most, and maybe I'll forgive you. There are five you can't move, though, and you can't have two toppings of the same colour next to each other."

Can you make the thing she likes the most? The boutique's sign may give you a clue as to what that is.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Simply arranging the brownies so that the colours don't match up isn't enough. You need to work out what the thing that the young man's girlfriend likes best is. What could it be?

The fact that she owns a boutique with a cute pink cat on its sign may be a clue...

Start by placing the five brownies topped with dark chocolate in the locations indicated here, creating the cat's ears and nose.

The central row and column should be filled with brownies that have an X-shaped pattern, as shown below.

The brownies near the cat's ears should be placed as shown. After that, it should just be a case of rearranging the brownies around the cat's nose.



Big brownie points!

The young man's girlfriend is clearly a big cat lover. This should cheer her up and put the man back in her good books!