Busted Umbrella (The Broken Brolly in the UK version) is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


A friend of yours is having a bit of trouble in a shop.

"A sudden gust of wind broke my umbrella!

"It was my favorite too!

"I was hoping to buy a new one with the exact same design. All the umbrellas here look pretty similar, so it's hard to find one that matches my broken one."

Which umbrella should he pick?


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Let's start by comparing the handles. They all seem to have a J shape, although A has a more angular design. We can rule out A, then.

What other differences can you find? How about the part directly above the bit we were just looking at?

Next, compare the decorations on the handle guard just above the handle on each umbrella. C doesn't have any decoration, and you can't see D's. Is it hidden? You won't be able to know for sure, then.

Hang on--which parts of your friend's umbrella were the most badly broken? Try counting those.

Umbrella D has quite a lot of spokes. A lot more than the broken umbrella, that's for sure. That just leaves B and E.

You can just make out a white polka-dot pattern on the broken umbrella, so does that mean you can rule out B, which has different colors? No, it doesn't. It's possible that the whole pattern on the broken umbrella is hidden from view.

Take another look at the broken umbrella. Which part is the most visible? The inside.

Looking at the inside of the umbrella, you'd be forgiven for thinking the whole thing is patternless.

Now take another look at B and E. Which umbrella looks completely different on the inside?



Too bad.

If you look carefully, you'll spot the parts that are clearly different.



The answer is umbrella B.

A's handle is different, C's handle has no decoration, D has more spokes, and E has a design on the inside as well as the outside.


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