Calendar Conundrum is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.


Somebody tore this calendar page in half! Rude. Anyway, the puzzle must go on.

When added together, the four circled days equal 20. The smallest of the four numbers is one.

Assuming you had the entire calendar page to work with, and you circled a square of the four numbers that added up to 88, what would the smallest of those four numbers be?


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Are you trying to reproduce the entire calendar page on a piece of paper?

You could find the answer that way, but there might be an easier method...

This is a calendar page, so there is a specific order to the way the numbers are arranged. If you can find a pattern between the numbers next to each other and above and below one another, you might discover a very unique way to solve this puzzle.

On a calendar, numbers to the left and right of each other differ by one.

Also, number above and below one another differ by seven.

Using this pattern, there's a relatively simple calculation you use to solve this puzzle.

The lower-right of the four numbers in a square that you're looking for is 26.



Too bad!

Don't go too crazy trying to add up every possible combination of four numbers that equals 88. Instead, try to be efficient in your thought process. Do you see any numerical patterns on the calendar that could help you figure out the answer?


Ding ding!

It's 18! If you look closely at a calendar, you'll see some numerical patterns. Numbers to the left or right of each other differ by one. Numbers above or below one another differ by seven. In a block of four numbers, the bottom row total and top row total will have a difference of 14 between them. So, if the sum of four numbers in a square is 88, the upper two must equal 44 - 7, or 37. And those two must differ by one, so they're 19 and the answer, 18!


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