Cards on the Table is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. The puzzle must be solved in order to progress the story.


"Now, see here, li'l missy, here's the game. Don't worry - it's simple enough, even if you ain't never played it before.

Look at hands 1, 2 and 3. Each time I've lined up the same four cards, some of them face up, some face down. On the Touch Screen, you'll see I've lined up the four cards once again.

If you turn over one of these cards and produce a diamond, you win. Well, li'l lady? Which card you gonna flip?"


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Look at the symbols you can see on the various cards: a space, a heart, a club, a diamond...and a joker.

That's five different symbols. Across the four cards, there must be five surfaces with symbols printed on them.

Look at the cards that are lined up on the Touch Screen: a club, and three cards with their patterned sides face up.

Now consider the information provided in Hint 1: these four cards have five faces. You can see here that there are also three patterned surfaces. Since there are only eight surfaces on the four cards, this means that there is only one spade, one club, one heart, one diamond, and one joker.

Hands 2 and 3, shown on the top screen, should make it apparent that the club is not printed on the same card as either the space, heart, or joker.

Look at the cards lined up on the Touch Screen. The three cards other than the club have their patterned sides turned face up. Hint 3 informed you that the space, heart, and joker are on different cards to the club, meaning that these are the tree cards with the patterned sides showing on the Touch Screen.

In which case, there's only one place the diamond could be...



Aw, shoot.

Don't automatically assume that every card has a symbol on one side and a green pattern on the other, gunslinger!



The club is the card you need to turn over. Once you realise that one of old Derringer's cards is double-sided, this puzzle becomes a lot easier. Ain't that right, miss?"

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