Carriages of Justice is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


"We had this case a while back where three fugitives were trying to escape on board a train. They each got into different carriages, but none of them hid in the first or last one. When we boarded the train in pursuit, the plan was to trap them by having a man in each carriage where a fugitive was hiding, as well as in the carriages on either side. In the end, the team we needed was the smallest it could have possibly been."

How many officers were in the team?


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One officer would be needed in each carriage containing a fugitive, as well as each adjacent carriage. That would mean three officers were required for each fugitive, which makes nine officers in total.

But is it really that simple?

What if the three fugitives were all situated with an empty carriage between them? Deploying an officer in the carriage between two fugitives would allow him to man the carriage behind one fugitive and the carriage in front of another simultaneously, killing two birds with one stone.

If they was the case, maybe seven officers would do the trick...

How about if all three fugitives got into adjacent carriages? What would the number of required officers be then?

If all three fugitives got into adjacent carriages, you'd only need one officer in each of the three carriages containing fugitives, then one officer in front of these three carriages, and one officer behind.



Too bad.

Think about which carriages the criminals may have been hiding in.


Justice prevails!

Only five officers were needed to ensure the fugitives had nowhere to run. Maybe those crooks should have spread themselves out a bit more!

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