Cave Cover-Up (Stolen Goods in the UK version) is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. The puzzle must be solved in order to progress the story.


US Version

A couple of rapscallions have hidden some stolen goods in a cave. To protect their stash, they're planning to seal off the entrance with some wood. To do so, they need to cut the board shown below into two equal pieces.

Where should the thieves make their cut?

Draw the answer with your stylus.

UK Version

Two criminals want to use this board to seal off the cave where they store their smuggled goods.

If they cut the board into two pieces of identical size and shape, they'll be able to seal the cave entrance completely.

Draw lines on the board to indicate where it needs to be cut.


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Try counting the squares on the board. For two pieces to be equal, they have to have the same number of squares.

The board is composed of 14 squares, so each of your two pieces will have seven squares. And you need to make two equal shapes. And you can't stray too far from the middle when making your cut.

Try to visualize what the two shapes will look like. That should help.

First off, look for two rectangles containing six squares each.

There are only two ways of cutting out two separate six-square rectangles from the board. The important point is figuring out how to integrate the two remaining squares.

If you make a one-square cut between the bottom-right square and one above it, you'll be close to solving this puzzle.

Look for two bootlike shapes.



Too bad!

The cut they need to make isn't all that complicated. Simplify your thinking.


US Version

Nice cut!

You're exactly right.

To seal the cave, the thieves flipped one of the piece upright as shown above.

UK Version

Good job!

The board needs to be cut as shown above.

As you can see, the criminals have flipped one of the pieces and sealed the cave entrance tight.


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