Chip Champions is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


Six people are talking at the casino.
A: "i'm only left with a quarter of the chips I started with!"
C: "If you add up the number of chips that B and F lost, you'll get the amount that I started with."
E: "I had the same amount of chips as B did at first, but now I've got more left.
D: "I'm completely out of chips!"

Draw lines from the people (A to F) to the stacks of chips (1 to 6) to identify which chips belong to whom.


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Let's start with what we know for sure.

You can tell right away which stack of chips is D's.

E says he and B started with the same number of chips. That means their stacks must have been the same size. But at the moment, E has more chips left, so...

You should be able to work out which stacks of chips D, B and E have just based on what D and E said.

Now let's look at what C said. The number of chips C started with is equal to the amount B and F lost, but you already know how many B lost. Once you do the sums, you should be able to narrow it down to one possibility.

From the previous hints, you should have worked out that D has stack 2, B has 3, E has 6, and F has 1. That leaves A and C, and stacks 4 and 5.

A says he only has a quarter of his starting amount left. Which stack is A's?



Too bad.

You could probably say that for the people at the casino too...



Stack 4 belongs to A, stack 3 to B, stack 5 to C, stack 2 to D, stack 6 to E, and stack 1 to F. D's and E's comments are the key to solving this puzzle.

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