Cluttered Bag (Cluttered Case in the UK version) is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.


A red garnet has fallen to the bottom of a downright-cluttered bag. Can you slide around the other items in the bag to move the gem to the top?


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

All that clutter got you confused? Well, here's a hint. You can't just move the garnet straight up. Looks like you'll have to bring it up from the right.

Move the following pieces up: the corner-shaped pieces above the gem, the T in the upper right, and the piece below it that looks like an L on its side.

Then you can move the gem up to the middle row and then all the may over to the right.

When you've completed Hint Two, put the garnet in the cavity of the U-shaped piece in the lower right. Then you can move the pieces above it to the left out of the way.

From there, move the garnet all the way to the upper-right corner.

If you've made it all the way to Hint Three, the rest should be simple. At this point, the gem should be in the upper-right corner. If you move the three pieces that are below the bag's opening, a path out will appear.

The key is not to move any items besides the initial three already moved.




Just look at the sparkling gem!

  • Initial position
  • Slide the backward "L" up
  • Slide the "T" up and left
  • Slide the "L" on its side up
  • Slide the Gem in the "U" block's opening
  • Slide the "L" on its side down and left
  • Slide the Gem into the top space
  • Slide the "L" on its side right
  • Slide the backward "L" down
  • Slide the "T" down
  • Slide the Gem out of the bag

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